Valheim: How To Summon The Elder And Find The Swamp

If you checked out our starter guide for the Viking survival game Valheim, you’ve most likely already crushed Eikthyrnir and began engaged on a cheerful homestead for you and your fellow Norse explorers. Your subsequent mission duties you with taking up the a lot larger and badder boss The Elder and tackling the challenges of the Black Forest and Swamp biomes. After beating the primary boss, the sport opens up in a number of essential methods that may take you in several instructions. While Valheim is completely pleasant as a solo expertise, I like to recommend dealing with the journey forward with a number of good mates.

After Eikthyrnir’s demise, you’ll have the chance to style your first pickaxes from its antlers to mine stone, copper, and tin. These gadgets will be discovered within the second biome within the sport that spawns adjoining to your beginning zone, the Black Forest. The Black Forest is far more harmful than the Meadows, and consists of Trolls, Skeletons, and a wide range of lethal Dwarves. As you discover the Black Forest, be conscious about your environment and hear for the rumblings of Trolls. Trolls can kill you in a single or two hits together with your Meadows-tier armor, and corpse working via the Forest is a dangerous endeavor.

The Black Forest And Surtling Cores

You can create many highly effective gadgets and instruments out of your newfound ores. However, you’re going to want a smelter, forge, and different further facilities that you simply need to arrange at your principal base. For these, you’re going to want to gather surtling cores. Now, there are a number of methods you possibly can go about getting the surtling cores you want, however we’ll goal the normal means first, after which get to an alternate technique later.

The Black Forest incorporates two totally different sorts of core “dungeon delves”. Keep a watch out on rocky outcrops with a door main into the earth. One of those that may seem are Troll Lairs. You gained’t want these as each incorporates a Troll and a few treasure in a single room, however you possibly can be happy to farm these for amber, gold cash, rubies, and Troll hides. You can exploit the sport’s synthetic intelligence right here by going right into a Troll Lair, capturing the Troll with a number of arrows, and zoning out of the cave. Rinse and repeat till the Troll is useless and stroll away with some nice loot safely, and make your self a Troll cape!

The second type of dungeon delve is the one you’re searching for. These Burial Chambers embody a wide range of risks and treasures, and comprise a number of rooms. You will face many skeletons in these areas, together with some extra harmful archers and magic-imbued creatures. This is a superb time to discover ways to parry assaults together with your protect. You may have poor visibility down within the depths, so a torch is recommended as your principal weapon right here (or you possibly can deliver extra gamers with gentle sources as you swing with a standard weapon). Be certain to open and clear every room fastidiously, cleansing up skeleton, ghosts, and skeletal spawners. In addition to discovering numerous treasures in these areas, you’ll discover rooms that comprise a variable variety of surtling cores. If you’re fortunate, you’ll find all of the cores you want for a bustling base in just some dungeon dives.

Your First Foray Into The Swamp

Alternatively, you’ll find surtling cores in nice abundance within the Swamp biome. Now, going to the swamp biome at this level within the sport is a harmful prospect, as it’s house to poison blobs, leeches, enhanced skeletons, and extra. Depending in your world seed, it might be doable to get to the swamps naturally or with some gentle swimming, however you’ll possible have to style a raft and head to the sides of your Meadows and Forests, and set out on a brief journey via the ocean. An even bigger, broader ship is suggested when you have the farming inclination to set it up. Extreme warning is recommended to your first foray into the Swamp. I extremely advocate making an encampment with a mattress spawn level on the sting of the biome however not within the biome, so on a Meadows tileset adjoining to the Swamp is right. The cause for that is that you do not need swamp creatures invading your property or, even worse, destroying it. Your home-away-from-home will have the ability to deal with the deer and boars that come knocking, however not the swamp fare. Additionally, your first precedence upon making a settlement adjoining to the Swamp is to create a portal right here that hyperlinks again to your principal base, however you are able to do that after your beds and partitions have been safely secured.

One creature that you’ll find in huge numbers within the Swamp is surtlings. These fiery foes will be fairly harmful in packs. My recommendation is to choose them off at vary together with your bow in relative security. At all instances within the Swamp, and particularly when looking surtlings, regulate your atmosphere and keep out of the numerous water patches when shifting round. Water patches are a hotbed of leeches and so they can sneak up on you and kill you simply while you’re in any other case occupied. Surtlings are an unimaginable supply of each surtling cores and coal, so if you’re an adventurous kind, it is a much better technique of gathering these sources than searching for and filter the Black Forest dungeon delves. High danger, excessive reward!

How To Spawn The Elder

The Swamp incorporates a variety of different harmful pursuits that you simply’re welcome to discover instantly, however your main concern presently within the sport must be placing collectively a set of substances and techniques to tackle the second main boss within the sport, The Elder. This huge tree is far more troublesome and lethal in comparison with Eikthyrnir and will be positioned at extraordinarily inconvenient places for a corpse run. First, how do you spawn The Elder? There’s a clue at his summoning level (one thing that’s constant throughout all Valheim boss encounters) that tells you to burn the younger. In this case, we’re speaking concerning the Graydwarves younger. 

Now, it’s possible you’ll be considering that you’ve seen tons of Grayling dwarves, however by no means gotten a trophy from them to make use of as a sacrifice within the burning bowl. It’s true, that’s not the best way to spawn The Elder. Instead, you will have to seek out some Ancient Seeds (The dwarves right here in Valheim develop from seeds, so these are principally… unborn child dwarves. ew…). Ancient Seeds will be present in The Black Forest space by looking down and destroying a Graydwarf Spawner. Look for a purple glow as you wander across the Forest and it is best to discover one very quickly. Place these seeds within the burning bowl at The Elder spawnpoint to make him seem. The Elder can hearth extremely highly effective vines, summons lethal root spawns, and can completely annihilate you in case you wander into melee vary with a strong stomp. Make no mistake, this boss is way, far more highly effective than Eikthyrnir and may simply kill you and your folks, so I like to recommend you deliver glorious armor and meals, follow working and gunning, and convey a mountain of fireplace arrows to gentle The Elder up.

The Swamp and Black Forest are meaty zones with far more to discover than the Meadow, and broaden the Valheim expertise considerably, each when it comes to the risks you face and the choices you wield to fight enemies and the atmosphere. Have you tried Valheim yet? Are you enjoying solo or with mates? Let us know within the feedback!

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