To Prevent Three Deaths, COVID Jab Kills Two

If there have been any affordable security commonplace in place, the COVID injection marketing campaign would have been halted in early January 2021. The reported fee of demise from COVID-19 pictures now exceeds the reported demise fee of greater than 70 vaccines mixed over the previous 30 years, and it’s about 500 instances deadlier than the seasonal flu vaccine,1 which traditionally has been probably the most hazardous.

The COVID pictures are additionally 5 instances extra harmful than the pandemic H1N1 vaccine, which had a 25-per-million extreme facet impact fee.2,3 In a June 24, 2021, peer-reviewed article4 within the medical journal Vaccines, titled, “The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccination — We Should Rethink the Policy,” a global group of scientists warns that we’re killing almost as many with the pictures as would die from COVID-19 itself.

UPDATE: This peer reviewed article was retracted. Please see twitter thread for particulars.

For Every Three COVID Deaths Spared, Two Die From the Jabs

To examine the dangers and advantages, they calculated the quantity wanted to vaccinate (NNTV) to stop one COVID-19 demise. The information got here from a big Israeli area examine and two adversarial drug reactions databases, one with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and one with the Dutch National Register.

To stop one case of COVID-19 utilizing the mRNA shot by Pfizer, the NNTV is between 200 and 700. The NNTV to stop one demise is between 9,000 and 50,000, with 16,000 as a degree estimate.

Meanwhile, the variety of folks reporting adversarial reactions from the pictures is 700 per 100,000 vaccinations. For critical unwanted side effects, there are 16 reviews per 100,000 vaccinations, and the variety of deadly unwanted side effects is 4.11 per 100,000 vaccinations.

The remaining calculation means that for each three COVID-19 deaths prevented, two die from the pictures. “This lack of clear benefit should cause governments to rethink their vaccination policy,” the authors state in conclusion.

Understand that doesn’t even issue within the anticipated far higher demise toll from the COVID jab within the fall, on account of paradoxical immune enhancement. These numbers will escalate to surprising ratios because the deaths begin to enhance within the fall.

Toxicologist Calls for End to COVID Vaccination Program

Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., a outstanding toxicologist and molecular biologist who works with M.D. Anderson Cancer Center-Houston, says the present COVID-19 injection marketing campaign is a “massive clinical trial” utilizing the overall inhabitants as topics, and is asking for this system to finish.

Lindsay, described by investigative journalist Jennifer Margulis as having “extensive experience in analyzing the molecular profile of pharmacologic responses,”5 advised the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) that Pfizer’s and Moderna’s gene therapy injections have a number of security considerations and shouldn’t be given to kids or ladies of childbearing age.

You can hear her remark within the video above. A transcript of her three-minute remark will be discovered on

She identified “there is a credible reason to believe that the COVID vaccines will cross-react with the syncytin and reproductive proteins in sperm, ova and placenta, leading to impaired fertility and impaired reproductive and gestational outcomes,” and that there are sufficient being pregnant losses reported so far to warrant stopping the vaccines. Lindsay ought to know, seeing how she labored on a vaccine again within the ‘90s that unexpectedly ended up inflicting everlasting sterility.

Margulis contacted Lindsay after the assembly to see what extra information she had that she was not allowed to current as a result of three-minute time restriction. In a written response, Lindsay mentioned:7

“There is strong evidence for immune escape and that inoculation under pandemic pressure with these leaky vaccines is driving the creation of more lethal mutants that are both newly infecting a younger age demographic, and causing more COVID-related deaths across the population than would have occurred without intervention. That is, there is evidence that the vaccines are making the pandemic worse.”

Spike Protein Linked to Heart Inflammation and Much More

The podcast, A Shot within the Dark, additionally interviewed Lindsay for almost an hour about her considerations, June 24, 2021, which you’ll be able to hearken to above.8 Importantly, she factors out that regulatory companies and vaccine makers feigning shock that the COVID pictures are inflicting coronary heart irritation is totally absurd, as there are “hundreds of studies” linking coronavirus spike proteins to this impact.

She additionally dismisses the declare that coronary heart irritation is in some way solely affecting youthful folks. Heart assaults in adults are additionally a transparent signal of this impact, she says. Additionally, scientific proof given to her by well being care professionals who’re treating sufferers injured by these pictures recommend the spike protein your physique produces in response to them have poisonous results in your bone marrow.

Disturbingly, like many others, Lindsay says there’s proof that the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is deleting reviews of unwanted side effects, particularly deaths, post-COVID injection. So, not solely does VAERS usually seize only one%9,10 to 10%11 of unwanted side effects, however additionally they look like manually wiping reviews.

Brain Tumors Have Developed Post-COVID Jab

In associated information, a peer-reviewed case report12 revealed June 15, 2021, evaluations two neurosurgical instances during which sufferers developed new onset of neurological signs shortly after their COVID pictures. The two sufferers had been discovered to have two several types of mind tumors.

The authors level out that regardless that these processes are thought of “unrelated to vaccination,” their speculation is that the COVID pictures “may induce an inflammatory cascade with the ability to uncover underlying sinister pathology.”

For this motive, they strongly advocate “careful evaluation in the setting of new-onset neurologic symptoms after COVID-19 vaccination.” Of course, by then, it’s going to be too late, so in my opinion, folks must fastidiously contemplate these dangers earlier than they submit to those pictures.

The first case was a 58-year-old girl who eight years beforehand had surgically eliminated melanoma on her proper arm. Within two weeks of her second dose of a COVID-19 injection, she developed slurred speech, facial droop on the left facet and left arm and leg weak point. Computed tomography (CT) of the top revealed a 3.4 centimeter intraparenchymal hemorrhage in her proper lobe, inflicting a 3-millimeter shift within the midline of the 2 lobes.

No overt abnormalities had been present in her bloodwork. Contrast-enhanced MRI of the lady’s mind additional revealed a big hemorrhagic cavity in the suitable frontal lobe and a hemorrhagic mass. Surgical biopsy recognized it as a metastatic malignant melanoma.

The second case was a 52-year-old girl with a historical past of hypothyroidism and breast most cancers. About 4 days after her first dose of COVID “vaccine,” she developed a extreme headache, neck stiffness and intermittent high-grade fevers.

CT imaging and contrast-enhanced MRI of her head revealed a 5.8 cm mass in her corpus callosum. No apparent issues had been detected in her blood work. Biopsy revealed the mass to be an IDH-wildtype Grade IV glioblastoma. According to the authors:13

“Administration of those vaccines was unrelated to the oncologic diagnoses themselves. However, these two unbiased processes each got here to the scientific forefront following vaccination. We hypothesize that the inflammatory response to the COVID vaccine could have performed a task in rising scientific signs in these sufferers, probably in relation to the COVID-19 spike protein …

Although the exact mechanism of post-vaccination irritation is unknown, it’s recognized that spike proteins can provoke inflammatory cascades and cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in COVID-19 infections.

It is feasible that encoded spike proteins post-vaccination subsequently cross the BBB and improve inflammatory responses to nascent pathology throughout the mind following vaccine administration.

We consider that an augmented inflammatory response following vaccination referred to as consideration to those neuro-oncologic illnesses by exacerbating peritumoral edema and worsening scientific signs.”

CDC Is Hiding Breakthrough COVID Infections

VAERS shouldn’t be the one place the place information are being manipulated to cover issues related to the COVID pictures. The CDC can also be manipulating its information assortment and reporting of breakthrough instances, which means individuals who contract COVID-19 after being partially or totally “vaccinated,” to make the pictures seem simpler than they are surely. In a June 24, 2021, Trial Site News article, Joel Hirschhorn writes:14

“How well does the artificial immunity provided by experimental COVID vaccines really work to protect people from getting infected? The answer is revealed by how many ‘breakthrough’ infections develop two weeks or more after full vaccination. But can we trust the federal government to collect comprehensive data on them? Now, the answer is NO.”

Originally, the CDC beneficial labs use a PCR cycle threshold (CT) of 4015 when testing for SARS-CoV-2 an infection. This, regardless of CTs above 35 had been recognized to create a false optimistic fee of 97% or extra.16 By utilizing an exaggerated CT, wholesome folks had been deemed to have COVID-19. The pandemic fraud was additional propped up by falsely claiming that asymptomatic carriers had been accountable for a big portion of the unfold.

Now, in what seems to be a transparent effort to cover COVID-19 breakthrough instances, the CDC has lowered the CT significantly — from 40 to twenty-eight or decrease17 — when testing “vaccinated” people. So, as vaccinated people are contracting the sickness, they’re now far much less prone to register as optimistic instances.

But that’s not all. To increase the looks of vaccine efficacy even additional, the CDC additionally will not file gentle or asymptomatic infections in vaccinated people as “COVID cases.”

The solely instances that now depend as COVID instances — if the affected person has been vaccinated in opposition to COVID-19 — are people who lead to hospitalization or demise.18 Meanwhile, should you’re unvaccinated and are available down with a gentle case, or should you take a look at optimistic at a better CT and haven’t any signs, you continue to depend as a COVID case.

As of April 30, 2021, the CDC had obtained a complete of 10,262 reviews of vaccine breakthrough infections,19 which it admitted was a “substantial undercount,” as they’re utilizing a passive surveillance system that depends on voluntary reporting from state well being departments.20 May 17, 2021, that quantity was slashed to 1,949, as the brand new steerage took impact.

Alas, breakthrough instances proceed to quickly accumulate, even with the laxer reporting guidelines. By June 21, 2021, the CDC reported 4,115 breakthrough instances leading to hospitalization and/or demise.21

Hospitalized or fatal COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases

COVID Shot Increases Your Susceptibility to COVID Death

As famous by Hirschhorn,22 a number of medical doctors are actually reporting that almost all of COVID-19 instances they see are totally vaccinated people. Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale, for instance, claims the totally vaccinated account for 60% of his COVID caseload.23 This scientific remark stands in stark distinction to what you’ll learn within the mainstream information. Lately, a slew of articles has been revealed declaring that almost all COVID deaths are actually occurring in unvaccinated folks.

U.Ok. information additionally present vaccinated individuals are at considerably increased risk of dying from the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 than unvaccinated ones, which suggests antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) is perhaps at play.

A June 11, 2021, report24 by Public Health England exhibits that as a hospital affected person, you’re almost six instances extra prone to die of the COVID Delta variant in case you are totally vaccinated, than should you acquired no COVID pictures in any respect. The information exhibits up in Table 6 on web page 15, which lists emergency care and deaths by vaccination standing and confirmed Delta instances from February 1, 2021, to June 7, 2021.

Of 33,206 Delta variant instances admitted to the hospital, 19,573 weren’t vaccinated. Of these, 23 (0.1175%) died. But, of the 13,633 sufferers who had been vaccinated with both one or two doses, 19 (0.1393%) died, which is an 18.6% larger demise fee than for the unvaccinated sufferers.

Seven of the 5,393 sufferers who had obtained one dose 21 days or extra earlier than admission died (0.1297%). Of the 1,785 sufferers who had each vaccine doses 14 days or extra earlier than admission, 12 (0.6722%) died. This demise fee is 5.72 instances larger than that for unvaccinated sufferers. To put this into perspective, if all 33,206 sufferers had been totally vaccinated, there would have been 223 deaths as an alternative of 42.

COVID Shots Are Clearly Far Riskier Than Advertised

As famous in a June 22, 2021, Wall Street Journal article,25 whereas VAERS can not inform us whether or not the pictures had been causative in any given facet impact report, if you see clusters of reviews that type a development, it’s time to research.

Four critical adversarial results which can be at the moment trending are thrombocytopenia (low platelet depend), noninfectious myocarditis (coronary heart irritation), particularly in these below 30, deep-vein thrombosis and demise.26

For such results to be tolerable, even when uncommon, the vaccine (or drug) would have to be completely essential for survival. That shouldn’t be the case for COVID-19 nonetheless, which has a lethality fee on par with the seasonal flu for all however the aged and people most frail. The vaccine would additionally have to be an precise vaccine — one thing that gives immunity. COVID-19 gene remedy injections don’t try this both.

Overall, it’s clear that deaths and accidents from these pictures are being swept below the rug, and we can not enable that to proceed. We should preserve pushing for transparency, honesty and accountability.

If you missed my interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, I encourage you to hearken to it now. In it, we evaluation protocols you should utilize to guard your self, your loved ones or people who you like who now remorse getting the COVID jab.

If you’ve gotten the shot and are struggling unwanted side effects, please report it to VAERS. In the video beneath, National Vaccine Information Center cofounder Barbara Loe Fisher discusses the significance of submitting a report in case your physician gained’t, and the information you’ll want to supply.


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