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Welcome to the Tips and Tricks web page of the official IGN Wiki Guide and Walkthrough for Returnal on PlayStation 5. Returnal is a rogue-lite-like sport set on the mysterious and at all times-altering planet of Atropos. It’s a troublesome sport the place every run is rarely the identical because the one earlier than it and whether or not you are a rogue-lite veteran or somebody new to the style, there is a studying curve on Atropos.

54 Tips and Tricks to Help You Survive Atropos in Returnal

We’ve compiled some Tips and Tricks to make that tackling that curve only a tad simpler. Please click on or faucet the hyperlinks beneath to leap to totally different sections of our Returnal Tips and Tricks:

Stuck on a particular a biome? Be positive to take a look at our Returnal Walkthrough Guide and if you end up struggling to defeat a boss, IGN’s full Bosses Guide has you coated.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Die! Seriously, die and don’t really feel dangerous about doing it. Much of the sport’s story is advised within the flashbacks and fast cutscenes that play in between dying and your subsequent run.
  • Practice dashing in your first few runs: Dashing is so, so, so necessary in Returnal. It’s a transfer that may make or break a run as a result of messing up one sprint in the course of some severe in any other case-excessive-injury assaults can finish with you useless. You’ll wish to change into a dashing professional as rapidly as attainable.
  • Dashing has a short cooldown: within the warmth of battle, it is easy to get caught up mashing the sprint button over and over however there is a temporary cooldown in between dashes and it is necessary to study the timing.
  • There is a short window of invincibility when dashing — a particularly necessary tactic to surviving Atropos is making the most of the invincibility granted when dashing. While dashing, you possibly can’t take injury so sprint by means of enemy melee assaults, ranged assaults, and extra.

  • Stop and really feel the rain if you start the sport. Seriously. The DualSense’s haptic suggestions actually shines in Returnal in lots of methods and the primary time you’ll seemingly really feel that’s the sport’s rain, which is closely current in Returnal’s first biome, the Overgrown Ruins.
  • Take a while to get used to the pace of Returnal if you first start: Returnal is a particularly quick-paced sport. Selene’s commonplace motion pace is as quick as some video games’ working pace and her working pace (press L3 to run) is even sooner. Aiming whereas working round — to not point out dashing — might be fairly jarring at first so take a while to get used to how this works.
  • Most items usually are not everlasting — if one thing’s description sounds non-everlasting (will increase integrity by X p.c) or if its merchandise kind sounds non-everlasting (assume “Consumables”), there’s a great probability it’s not everlasting. When you die, you’ll now not have it so don’t fret over utilizing it.

  • On that very same be aware, some items are everlasting. If an merchandise’s description sounds everlasting, it in all probability is. To be certain that, head to IGN’s Which Items in Returnal Are Permanent? to verify your suspicions.
  • Going by means of home sequences within the sport unlock particular memento-like items. What the sport doesn’t let you know is that these items are literally tremendous useful. For instance, finishing the primary home sequence unlocks the Astronaut Figurine and in case you die with this in your stock, you’ll instantly be dropped at life within the actual space you died. Other items enhance weapon injury when integrity is low or full. Search for Artifact to study extra.
  • The memento-like items described above which can be discovered after finishing the home sequences in Returnal are one-time use solely.


  • There is not any saving in Returnal: in case you’re in the course of an incredible run, however have to go away or do one thing else, you possibly can’t save your progress. However, you possibly can put your PlayStation 5 into Rest Mode in order that the subsequent time you boot the console up, it’s going to deliver you proper again to the place you left off.
  • Integrity and Health are two various things: Resin restores well being, as indicated by your inexperienced well being bar going up upon use, whereas Silphium restores swimsuit integrity, which might be gauged by the three inexperienced bars on the left of the well being bar. Both Silphium and Resin seem inexperienced on the bottom.
  • If an merchandise is glowing purple, it is in all probability malignant: because of this the merchandise has an opportunity to induce a swimsuit malfunction on you which regularly interprets to a adverse impact resembling “Obolites disappear 1.5 seconds faster.”
  • Pay consideration to the malfunction likelihood with Malignant containers and items: each Malignant container and merchandise has a malfunction likelihood and that may be seen below the outline of the merchandise when it is floating as a hologram. The greater the likelihood, the extra seemingly you might be to obtain a malfunction for opening the container or selecting up the merchandise.

Combat Tips and Tricks

  • After discovering the Atropian Weapon Charger within the Overgrown Ruins, apply utilizing your pistol’s commonplace weapon fireplace and alt-fireplace mode.
  • Alt-Fire Mode: In order to make use of the alt-fireplace mode of your weapon, you could pull L2 all the way in which down, or not less than previous the set off’s midway level. You’ll really feel the set off “unlock,” because it had been, and you’ll see the reticle on display screen change to mirror the alt-fireplace firing mode.
  • Standard Fire Mode: In order to make use of the usual fireplace of your weapon, you could both fireplace from the hip by urgent R2 with out urgent L2 or by pulling L2 down about midway — if you really feel the set off lock, that’s so far as you possibly can go earlier than activating the weapon’s alt-fireplace mode.
  • Give the enemies a while to assault if you first start Returnal — it’s straightforward to instantly assault an enemy on sight, however doing so will usually set off an animation from them that forestalls them from attacking. Give your self a while to view what an enemy’s assault seems to be like since you received’t have time to do that if you’re being slammed with a number of enemies on display screen later within the first biome.

  • Search for the Atropian Blade within the first biome: that is the sport’s melee and if you discover this blade, you’ll unlock it completely. It’s essential to advance by means of the sport’s first biome and it’s essential to destroy partitions which can be usually blocking you from getting items like Silphium pickups and extra.
  • Ignore enemies with pink shields round them in case you don’t but have the Atropian Blade: you received’t be capable of destroy them.
  • Give every of the weapons you discover within the first biome of Returnal, the Overgrown Ruins, a spin. There is not any set weapon that’s higher than the remainder — all of it relies on how proficient you might be at utilizing a weapon and you received’t be capable of determine that out till you give every weapon a great attempt.
  • You want an Atropian Blade to melee enemies. If you’re enjoying the sport and questioning why not one of the buttons are making Selene carry out a melee assault, it’s since you don’t but have the Atropian Blade melee weapon.
  • The Atropian Blade has a cooldown: do not count on to have the ability to swipe this very-lightsaber-esque blade over and over once more. It has a short cooldown and it is necessary to study the timing of it in order that you do not end up urgent Square over and over once more questioning why the blade is not working.

  • The pistol you could have at first of each run is definitely computerized — simply maintain down R2 and the pistol will fireplace all of its bullets routinely. 
  • When attempting to find out the place finest to shoot an enemy, search for one thing that glows — many enemies have weak spots close to or on their heads. These weak spots usually glow pink, orange, or blue so search for that glow earlier than capturing.
  • Most enemies have an in depth-vary assault and a protracted-vary assault: It’s straightforward to jot down off an enemy as strictly a protracted-vary enemy, however in case you allow them to get too near you, there is a good probability you may study in addition they have a brief-vary assault too so be cautious of that.
  • Some enemies in Returnal can teleport so preserve an eye fixed out for that and look ahead to the place they teleport too. Sometimes it may be throughout the room and typically it may be proper behind you. Always be ready.
  • There is not a single set gun higher than the remainder — some weapons work higher for gamers, however that does not imply it is the most effective. Practice utilizing every gun to get a really feel for what works finest for you. We suggest the Spitmaw Blaster a attempt as a result of that is one in all our private favorites.

  • Just as a result of a weapon has the next degree does not imply you must change to it: in case you’re utilizing a Level 1 Spitmaw Blaster and come throughout a Level 2 pistol, it is not at all times a positive factor that you must change to the pistol. While the pistol can have higher attributes, in case you’re higher with the Spitmaw Blaster (versus the pistol), it is likely to be smarter to stay with the gun you are higher at utilizing as that profit would possibly outweigh the higher stats on the opposite weapon.
  • An effective way to apply preventing in opposition to enemies is by enjoying the Daily Challenge every day: as soon as inside your ship, work together with the pc to by the Ship Log to seek out the Daily Challenge part. This is nice for difficult associates, nevertheless it’s additionally nice for apply in opposition to enemies as this mode is basically a fast run by means of a biome in opposition to an onslaught of enemies.
  • Assume all the things is hostile…as a result of it in all probability is: you are on an alien planet and the creatures and animals there usually are not comfortable about it. If you see an alien animal or creature, or perhaps a liquid substance or highlight roaming about, assume it is hostile as a result of there is a good probability that it’s going to damage you.

Exploration Tips and Tricks

  • Look for the Atropian Weapon Charger tools piece if you start the sport. This is a permanent equipment piece that unlocks the Alt-Fire mode for each weapon you could have in your particular person and each weapon you decide up sooner or later.
  • Get aware of the sport’s many items and merchandise icons on the mini-map if you start the sport. Returnal can get frantic fairly quick and in these moments, you’re seemingly going to be working round in search of Resin to extend your well being or a consumable. Knowing precisely the place that merchandise you want is on the minimap will make issues a lot simpler.
  • Observe the sport’s map if you first start: press the massive contact button on the DualSense to drag up the map. Look at what the map seems to be like and work out how that interprets to the minimap. You must also attempt and memorize every of the minimap symbols (that are additionally current on the map) — it’s necessary to know that teal rectangular “door” symbols mark golden path doorways whereas purple triangular “door” symbols mark elective areas.
  • Explore each nook and cranny of the primary biome. Doing so will introduce you to how the sport’s biomes work and how they’re laid out. It’ll additionally show to you ways crucial it’s to discover each room in a biome at first. Many necessary items might be present in these rooms.

  • Explore your ship after you die a few occasions — finally, after you die a few occasions, you’ll be in your ship with a primary-particular person view. Check out your ship’s log, ignore the open gap on the left (this begins your subsequent run), and give the Daily Challenges part a glance if you unlock that.
  • Look for something and all the things on the bottom glowing purple: that is greater than seemingly an Atropian Key (assuming it is not a malignant or spoiled merchandise), which is a key used to unlock pink locked doorways scattered all through the primary biome within the sport.
  • Read any and each entry in your private log. There are a ton of items and enemies in Returnal and you’ll wish to familiarize your self with every of them. The finest manner to try this (aside from studying IGN’s Returnal Wiki Guide and Walkthrough), is by studying the entries in yoru log.
  • Check out the Cthonos pillar by the ship after dying. The small circle on the entrance of it would glow white. When it does, work together with it.
  • Don’t stress out over Datacubes if you first start the sport: you’ll decide these up throughout your first few runs in Returnal and you would possibly end up confused with what they do. That’s okay since you received’t study extra about them till after beating the primary boss.
  • Reconstructors are one-time use resurrection factors. If you employ a Reconstructor within the sport, it would appear to be it did nothing. A fast cutscene performs and that’s it. However, when you die, you’ll understand that as a substitute of beginning your subsequent run at your ship, you’ll begin your run on the Reconstructor. This is extraordinarily useful, however it will possibly solely be used as soon as so use it properly. To use it once more, you may must reactivate it with six Ether.

  • You can not open the homes in Returnal with out first discovering the House Key. If you’re like us, we stumbled upon the primary dwelling within the sport with out having discovered the House Key. We tried to enter the home, however couldn’t get in…that’s till we discovered the House Key in a distinct part of the primary biome in Returnal.
  • You can full home sequences in a single biome a number of occasions: after finishing a home sequence in a biome, you would possibly assume you needn’t discover mentioned home once more if you see it on one other run. That’s not the case and in truth, we encourage you to roam by means of the home each probability you possibly can as a result of what occurs inside is usually totally different every run.
  • Ether is a collectable useful resource in Returnal and you possibly can carry a most of 30 Ether. You would possibly think about hoarding this useful resource, and that’s completely alright to do, however don’t hoard an excessive amount of of them as a result of after 30, you’ll nonetheless be capable of decide Ether up however you received’t enhance your whole Ether collected. It simply disappears into the…ether (we’re sorry).
  • There is a store and whereas it doesn’t precisely seem like one, it’s there. It’s the half-circle of pillars you’ll come throughout that glow with merchandise holograms if you get near it.

  • The store is at all times positioned within the first biome of Returnal, the Overgrown Ruins.
  • Translocators are the sport’s model of Fast Traveling. You can teleport from translocator to translocator, everywhere in the biome you’re in, though you possibly can solely teleport to translocators you’ve been to already.
  • Obolites might be discovered strewn about biomes or by destroying Obolite Chunks, however they can be discovered in vegetation or throughout the statues which have yellow glowing eyes.
  • Parasites might be discovered strewn about biomes laying round, however they can be discovered contained in the purple vegetation discovered all through the sport.
  • If you fall by means of one thing akin to a entice door, you may find yourself in a room the place your minimap would not work. Don’t sweat although — these rooms are normally a great factor. Instead, get able to run round as a result of you’ve got seemingly dropped right into a room stuffed with Obolites. Run round and seize as many as you possibly can earlier than they disappear. Other rooms have hostile lasers that should be dashed by means of, or a number of containers to open, or, in case you’re unfortunate, a troublesome enemy to take down.

  • Water and in any other case mysterious-trying liquid isn’t your good friend — you are free to check it your self, however throwing Selene into the liquid of Atropos will greater than seemingly see her take injury.
  • Remember the place items you do not want are positioned: there can be a lot of cases the place you come throughout a consumable, parasite, Silphium, or one thing else you do not need in the mean time. You ought to go away mentioned merchandise there and keep in mind the place it is positioned in order that in a while, do you have to want it, you need to use a translocator to return to it.
  • Red = dangerous. You’ll in all probability study this the exhausting manner like we did, but when one thing is pink, it will possibly in all probability injury you. The exception is the pink locked round doorways. Those are pink as a result of they’re locked, however lasers which can be pink, and even turrets which can be pink, will injury you.
  • Green = good. If you see one thing that is inexperienced, there is a good probability that it’s one thing useful like Health or Integrity. If you see inexperienced, go see what it’s as a result of there is a good probability it is one thing you need or one thing useful.

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