The Troubling Role of Glyphosate in COVID-19

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In this interview, Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a senior analysis scientist at MIT, opinions the well being impacts of glyphosate. She has simply completed writing a ebook about glyphosate known as “Toxic Legacy: How the Weedkiller Glyphosate is Destroying Our Health and the Environment,” which is anticipated to be printed in June 2021.

For years, glyphosate was assumed secure and claims of toxicity have been vehemently denied. But in latest years, research on glyphosate have been demonstrating toxicity even at very low ranges. Seneff additionally believes glyphosate publicity could also be a key participant in instances of extreme COVID-19, which we’ll unravel in this interview.

Glyphosate’s Mechanism of Action

The “gly” in glyphosate really stands for the amino acid glycine. The glycine amino acid in glyphosate has a methylphosphonate group connected to its nitrogen atom, which is chargeable for its results and toxicity.

After learning the analysis literature on glyphosate, Seneff has reached the conclusion that your physique typically substitutes glyphosate for the amino acid glycine when it’s developing proteins, and this will have devastating penalties in some instances. The proteins created with glyphosate as an alternative of glycine merely don’t work as a result of glyphosate is way bigger than glycine and likewise negatively charged, and as a end result this alters vital bodily traits.

Monsanto’s personal analysis, relationship again to the late Nineteen Eighties, reveals that glyphosate accumulates in varied tissues, even although they declare it doesn’t.1 The Monsanto researchers proposed that it was “incorporated into” the proteins in the tissues. This is just not broadly appreciated, even in the pure well being group.

Now, when you’ve got a distorted analog of glycine (in the shape of glyphosate), the protein constructed from it is just not going to work prefer it’s alleged to. In her ebook, Seneff particulars the amino acids in proteins which can be most vulnerable to wreck as a result of of what she calls a “glyphosate susceptible motif.”

“It’s really fascinating biology and so terrifying when you think of the potential consequences, if I’m right,” she says. “It matches so well with all the diseases that are going up dramatically in our society that I really think I’m onto something huge here.”

An fragrant amino acid known as EPSP synthase is a important enzyme that nearly certainly will get disrupted by glyphosate via this mechanism of substituting for glycine. This will get a bit technical, however it’s important. The plant model of EPSP synthase binds a phosphate group in its substrate phosphoenolpyruvate at a web site the place there’s a highly-conserved glycine residue (extremely conserved normally signifies that it’s important for correct perform). 

It has been proven experimentally that, in the event you change the DNA code in order that the glycine is substituted by an amino acid known as alanine (one further methyl group), the enzyme turns into utterly insensitive to glyphosate at any focus. It additionally takes a success on phosphate binding as a result of of the additional methyl group, however you may tweak one other amino acid close by to repair this downside, whereas nonetheless retaining its insensitivity to glyphosate. 

Researchers from Dow-Dupont did precisely this to a maize model of EPSP synthase utilizing CRISPR technology and have been capable of create synthetically a model of the maize’s personal EPSP synthase that was utterly immune to glyphosate. The title of this paper is: “Desensitizing Plant EPSP Synthase to Glyphosate: Optimized Global Sequence Context Accommodates a Glycine-to-Alanine Change in the Active Site.”2

The shikimate pathway is the pathway that produces fragrant amino acids, that are important to people as we can not create these amino acids in our physique. The argument is we’re not vulnerable to glyphosate as a result of our cells haven’t got EPSP synthase — in truth, they don’t have the complete shikimate pathway.

However, our intestine microbes do have that pathway, and so they use it to make important amino acids for the host. So, our gut microbes are certainly affected by glyphosate, and after they’re broken, our well being can undergo in any quantity of methods.

But what could be an much more devastating downside with glyphosate is the best way it most likely messes up a big quantity of proteins that bind phosphate at a web site the place there’s not less than one, and sometimes three, extremely conserved glycine residues. Glyphosate slips its methylphosphonate group into the spot that’s alleged to be the place phosphate from the substrate suits snugly. Phosphate can’t bind as a result of glyphosate is in the best way. 

The arguments for why glyphosate particularly disrupts proteins that rely on glycine for phosphate binding are described extra absolutely in a paper Seneff printed along with colleagues arguing that glyphosate is a significant factor in kidney failure amongst younger agricultural employees in Central America.3

The Importance of Deuterium

Laszlo Boros is a professor of pediatrics at UCLA and an knowledgeable on deutenomics, “the science of autonomic deuterium discrimination in nature.”4 After studying one of Seneff’s papers, he contacted her, suggesting she look into deuterium.

“I was blown away, and I immediately saw the connection to glyphosate,” she says. “This was a 12 months in the past in December, and I’ve simply been studying all the things I can on deuterium since then and hooking it to glyphosate. It’s simply astonishing what I discovered, even, in the end, [linking it] to COVID-19.

It’s been fairly a 12 months for me in phrases of main breakthroughs in my understanding of how metabolism works and the way it’s getting tousled by glyphosate, after which how that is inflicting us to not find a way to successfully cope with COVID-19.”

In regular physiology, your cells, particularly the mitochondria, perform to assist deplete your physique of deuterium. Deuterium is a naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen. If you didn’t already know, deuterium is often known as heavy hydrogen, as a result of it has a neutron in addition to the proton and electron in the hydrogen atom.

Provided your cell is wholesome, it has deuterium-depleting enzymes and organelles that assist take away deuterium out of your cells. If your mitochondria are broken by glyphosate, they’re not going to have the ability to remove the deuterium correctly.

Deuterium is like iron in the best way that it’s each important in the suitable quantities and poisonous in extra. Hydrogen is the smallest atom and by far the commonest atom in your physique. Deuterium, being a heavy hydrogen, has one further neutron, in addition to the conventional proton and electron that common hydrogen has.

Now, your cells are surrounded by structured water, which is negatively charged and contributes to your physique’s power manufacturing by supplying deuterium-depleted hydrogen to lysosomes and mitochondria. The structured water is maintained by sulfates, which makes sulfate extraordinarily vital for well being. Sulfate is made dysfunctional by glyphosate, which in flip destroys structured water, ensuing in impaired power manufacturing in the cell.5

“The mitochondria have [a] membrane, which has a part inside the membrane that’s really, really important,” Seneff says. “That’s the place you have got these protons, and you actually don’t need it to be deuterons. This is what Laszlo introduced dwelling to me.”

How Your Body Creates Deuterium-Depleted Water

Endothelial NOS (eNOS) makes nitric oxide (NO), and for each molecule of NO that it makes, it produces two molecules of water, that are deuterium depleted. Stephanie believes the NO created by eNOS might act as a sign that deuterium-depleted water has been created. Interestingly sufficient, deuterium-depleted water can be created throughout the inflammatory course of.

“The inflammation is there for a good reason, and the reason is to produce deuterium-depleted water,” Seneff says. “It’s all as a result of the mitochondria are failing in their activity of producing their very own deuterium-depleted water, which they get in half via the structured water from the sulfate [and] via enzymes which can be extremely expert at selecting hydrogen over deuterium …

NADH and NADPH are additionally fascinating. I’ve been chasing them via all of the proteins. They are fascinating as a result of they’re the carriers of that fantastic hydrogen that is not deuterium. When you hint what’s doing what, the place, you understand that the cytoplasm is producing NADH and handing it over to the mitochondria.

The mitochondria then take that H [hydrogen atom] off and throw it into the intermembrane house. So, the entire course of finally ends up with the intermembrane house being assured that that is H [hydrogen] and never D [deuterium].

This is essential as a result of then these protons, as soon as they construct up, come again via the ATPase [ATP synthase] pump. If they’re deuterons, they will wreck the pump … You launch reactive oxygen species [that] break it, and of course, then you may’t make ATP.”

For clarification, the ATP synthase pump works like a mini-motor. When a hydrogen atom with one proton goes via it, it really works flawlessly and generates ATP. If deuterium enters it, which has one neutron and one proton, making it twice the load of hydrogen, it breaks that motor.

Interestingly, deuterium is all over the place, naturally, however your physique has developed an intricate option to make it innocent by trapping it in the structured water, the place it’s useful, because it really helps the creation of structured water.

Problems come up whenever you can not make sufficient structured water to sequester all of it. Then, the deuterium will get unfastened, inflicting mitochondrial dysfunction, impairing power manufacturing and contributing to persistent illness.

Glyphosate Damages Health in Many Ways

As famous by Seneff, glyphosate harms your well being in a quantity of methods. For instance, she cites a latest paper exhibiting it causes endocrine disruption, which can result in breast most cancers, reproductive points, weight problems and thyroid issues.6

Another paper reveals glyphosate sensitizes cells to be extra receptive to most cancers after publicity to different chemical compounds.7 “Glyphosate makes everything else more toxic than it would otherwise be,” Seneff says. “It disrupts your defense system against toxic chemicals.” Other analysis reveals epigenetic and generational results, even when no obvious issues will be discovered in the primary era uncovered.8

Glyphosate additionally impairs flavoproteins — proteins that bind flavins. Many of these proteins play a vital position in transferring hydrogen from NADH or NADPH to different molecules, primarily supporting the supply of pure hydrogen to the mitochondria. Flavoproteins have a attribute GxGxxG motif on the web site the place they bind phosphate in the flavins. The ‘G’ stands for glycine and the ‘x’ is a wildcard — any amino acid, together with glycine.

This means they have not less than three vulnerable glycines at this important area of the protein. Flavoproteins are molecules that facilitate the switch of protons and electrons, and know learn how to keep away from deuterium, by exploiting a particular function of hydrogen known as proton tunneling.

All of them can be anticipated to be disrupted by glyphosate. A important flavoprotein is succinate dehydrogenase, and a number of other papers have proven it’s adversely affected by glyphosate, Seneff says. It is the one enzyme that performs a task in each oxidative phosphorylation and the citric acid cycle in the mitochondria.

In addition to fragrant amino acids, the shikimate pathway is important for riboflavin synthesis, and riboflavin, a B vitamin, is the primary precursor to flavins. This signifies that riboflavin deficiency will be triggered from glyphosate publicity as properly.
Glyphosate additionally causes harm by:

  • Increasing calcium uptake in cells, which causes toxicity to neurons
  • Interfering with the power to take glutamate out of your synapses
  • Making manganese unavailable — This in flip disrupts and prevents glutamate from being became unhazardous glutamine after it’s eliminated out of your synapses. The enzyme chargeable for the conversion can be extremely depending on glycine, which could possibly be changed by glyphosate

Deuterium-Depleted Water May Be Central to Metabolism

According to Seneff, it seems deuterium-depleted water performs a central, hitherto unappreciated position in metabolism, as your physique has so some ways to create it. For instance, deuterium-depleted water is created via:

Fatty acid synthesis and metabolism — The enzymes that synthesize fatty acids incorporate hydrogen that is carried by NADPH. This hydrogen atom has been fastidiously chosen to be assured to not be deuterium. Interestingly, lipoxygenase is a protein expressed throughout situations of stress, and in line with Seneff, it has the best skill to pick out protons over deuterons of any protein.

It is very upregulated in extreme COVID-19 an infection. It seems the virus triggers a rise in lipoxygenase as a result of the virus captures linoleic acid (LA) in pockets in the viral membrane. However, lipoxygenase is not a flavoprotein, and it additionally doesn’t bind heme — this makes it immune to harm from glyphosate. So, its activation turns into another pathway to repair the mitochondrial deuterium downside.

SARS-CoV-2 picks up the omega-6 LA because it crosses the mobile membrane, and the LA then triggers the manufacturing of lipoxygenase that modifies the LA into leukotrienes — signaling molecules that carry in damaging macrophages.

But deuterium-depleted water can be produced in this course of, by yanking two hydrogen atoms out of the fats and mixing them with oxygen to make water. Note that that is simply one more manner that extra LA damages your physique, however with an ulterior motive that we frequently fail to understand.

Sterol synthesis and metabolism — together with ldl cholesterol, vitamin D, cortisol, and intercourse hormones.

Aromatic amino acid derivatives — together with melatonin and neurotransmitters reminiscent of dopamine and serotonin, in addition to thyroid hormone.

“All these molecules that go through these complicated steps are all focused on delivering deuterium-depleted water to the mitochondria,” Seneff says. “I mean, it’s an absolute obsession that the cell has.” She goes on to evaluation how processes that might seem to don’t have anything however dangerous results are literally an effort to heal the physique. This, for instance, appears to be the case in COVID-19:

“I imagine that no matter biology is doing, it is doing it for a great purpose. There could also be harm, however there is a good purpose why you want that harm in order to outlive long run. It’s making an attempt to repair an issue that is very severe, and that is what I believe is occurring with [SARS-CoV-2].

Not solely does it induce this lipoxygenase, which produces deuterium-depleted water, it then creates this inflammatory setting, which brings in the platelets and the macrophages, the immune cells and the stem cells. All these are having a giant get together in there in all this fluid that is build up contained in the lungs.

Meanwhile, it additionally will increase the manufacturing of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is ready to entice deuterium-depleted water. It makes structured water. So, you get structured water contained in the alveoli of the lungs, after which you get fluid water in the interstitial areas.

The blood vessels are leaky, the capillaries are leaky. Everything’s popping out of the capillaries into this interstitial house the place there’s this fluid water, and you have got this lipoxygenase making deuterium-depleted water.

So, you are producing this setting of deuterium-depleted water, inviting the macrophages to come back in, and the platelets launch their mitochondria … the stem cells additionally come in and launch their mitochondria, and then macrophages sweep up the mitochondria — and all that is taking place in the interstitial house in the lungs the place the fluid is. This is why you can’t breathe. You’re drowning.

Maybe one of crucial issues platelets do is hold on to mitochondria that they’ll ship to the macrophages beneath situations of stress. So, what occurs is all these mitochondria get launched in that interstitial house, and the macrophages induce this macropinocytosis, the place they really sweep up the water and all the things that is in it and produce it contained in the macrophage, together with the mitochondria.

It’s really been proven that platelets can launch mitochondria into the setting, and macrophages can take them up and use them as completely functioning mitochondria. It’s astonishing. So, what they’re doing is restoring the mitochondrial well being to the immune cells.”

Glyphosate Damage May Be a Factor in Severe COVID-19

As defined by Seneff, your immune cells are impaired by glyphosate, so the older you might be, the extra probably you’ve been uncovered to glyphosate for many years and due to this fact have poorly functioning immune cells. Interestingly, Seneff factors out that the comorbidities of COVID-19 — weight problems, diabetes and hypertension — are additionally ailments whose prevalence goes up dramatically over time, precisely in step with glyphosate utilization on core crops.

“So, I think it’s mostly about glyphosate,” she says. “If you’ve accumulated a lot of glyphosate in your tissues, you’re not going to do well with COVID-19, and that’s because [your body] is trying to repair the mitochondria in the immune cells so that the immune cells can actually clear the virus. If they can’t make ATP, they can’t do their job, and the virus flourishes.”

The key take-home message right here is that that is but one more reason to wash up your food regimen to be sure to’re not uncovered to glyphosate. It principally wrecks your immune cells, and the cascading harm that takes place in extreme instances of COVID-19 seems to be your physique’s response to salvage or restore these poorly functioning immune cells.

Dietary Recommendations

The reply to this downside is, first of all, to eat licensed natural meals every time doable. “We won’t buy it if we can’t find certified organic, and we’ve really seen health improvements since we’ve started doing that,” Seneff says. “I really swear by it, and I try to get all my friends to do the same. I think if you can eliminate glyphosate, you can really see great improvements in your health no matter what your problems are.” Other dietary suggestions embrace consuming/ingesting extra:

Sulfur-containing meals reminiscent of natural eggs and seafood

Organic grass fed milk and butter. Butter is one of the bottom deuterium meals obtainable

Glacier water, which is of course low in deuterium

Animal fat, that are additionally low in deuterium

Molecular hydrogen

Probiotics meals reminiscent of sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar

To assist “push” glyphosate out of your physique and mitigate its toxicity, you may take a cheap glycine complement. I take between 5 and 10 grams a day. It has a light-weight, candy style, so you may really use it as a sweetener.

“It makes sense because it’s basically going to outnumber the glyphosate molecules,” Seneff says. “Remember, glyphosate’s going to compete with glycine in building the protein. If there’s a lot of glycine around, then it’s much less likely that glyphosate will get in there.”


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