The Surprising Reason for Bill Gates' Divorce

After 27 years of marriage, Bill and Melinda Gates are calling it quits. The May 3, 2021, divorce submitting cites the wedding as “irretrievably broken,”1 which is commonplace authorized jargon in a no-fault divorce.

The philanthropic mission of the Bill & Melinda Gates basis, price an estimated $50 billion regardless of having doled out $45 billion since its inception, will proceed as earlier than. Combined, the couple has a complete web price of about $146 billion in private property, together with giant swaths of prime farmland.2,3

Gates’ Halo Is Starting to Tarnish

A variety of rumors started swirling after the couple’s divorce announcement, a lot of that are sure to be off-target. What we might be pretty sure about, nonetheless, is that any information popping out about Bill and Melinda sooner or later is sure to be rigorously crafted PR, and if my suspicion is appropriate, we’ll begin seeing Melinda being portrayed because the saint within the relationship, as Bill’s halo will get walloped off his head.

I think the break up might have much less to do with irreconcilable variations and much more to do with defending the Gates Foundation and different property as the reality about Bill’s true character begins seeping out.

Facing mounting criticism and probably embarrassing publicity on a number of fronts, it could be only a matter of time earlier than his fame turns to filth, identical to it did a bit over a decade in the past when his heartless, unethical enterprise dealings4 and abuse of monopoly energy5 turned recognized.

Gates’ state of affairs was just like that of John D. Rockefeller, the widely-disliked oil baron who reworked his fame from ruthless industrialist to beneficiant philanthropist by creating the Rockefeller Foundation. Gates adopted the identical playbook when reestablishing his picture. He created the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and began shopping for favorable press, as detailed in “Gates’ Keepers of Journalism.”

If I had been to enterprise a guess, Gates’ divorce would possibly effectively be a preemptive maneuver to salvage the household legacy in case Bill will get ensnared in too many main scandals. I might be flawed, in fact, however I wouldn’t be shocked if sooner or later, as Bill’s star fades, Melinda’s will rise and she or he’ll develop into the brand new face of the Gates Foundation’s philanthropic wheeling and dealing.

Sadly, I don’t foresee the targets of the Gates Foundation bettering. It’ll most likely stay a self-serving enterprise, dispensing “solutions” to issues that make the Foundation numerous cash whereas making the state of affairs they’re attempting to repair all the more serious.

Gates — The Father of Health Apartheid

So, what are a number of the scandals which may knock Bill off his self-made pedestal as the worldwide savior? For starters, Gates is more and more being blamed for the introduction of well being apartheid around the globe. He’s been a major spokesperson for vaccine passports, repeatedly stating that the entire world should get vaccinated or else we’ll by no means get again to any semblance of regular life.

In an April 2020 weblog publish, he acknowledged, “We need to manufacture and distribute at least 7 billion doses of the vaccine … possibly 14 billion, if it’s a multidose vaccine.” He additionally stated, “I suspect the COVID-19 vaccine will become part of the routine newborn immunization schedule.”6

What he doesn’t overtly share is that he stands to make monumental quantities of cash on this international vaccination program, as he’s closely invested in COVID-19 vaccines. This is identical scheme the Gates Foundation has develop into notorious for.

Gates invests in companies and industries after which tells us one of the best or solely option to resolve an issue is by utilizing the companies and merchandise of those self same industries and companies. It’s nothing however a self-serving racket.

As famous by Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., for effectively over a decade Gates has engaged in business schemes that undermine vitality and life in all its kind, in an effort to grab management over and revenue from it. By funding analysis and financing public establishments, he’s been capable of power these establishments down a path the place they’re pressured to make use of his patented mental property.

The extra Gates tries to “save” the world — be it via GMO crops and chemical-driven monoculture, artificial beef and faux meals, or vaccines for each ailment — the nearer he drives us towards our extinction.

While mainstream media insist Gates is a goal “simply because he is rich and famous,”7 that’s hardly the case. There are many wealthy and well-known those who aren’t the goal of world outrage, and there’s a purpose for that. They didn’t get wealthy by pushing false and harmful “solutions” into the world whereas pretending to be a savior and hiding their help of eugenics.

Patent Controversy Heats Up

As reported by The Nation,8 there have been rising calls to droop COVID-19 vaccine patents and open them up in order that vaccine manufacturing might be expanded. Lifting the patent safety would open the doorways for generic variations to be manufactured, which might improve provides and decrease prices — and finally get extra vaccines to middle- and low-income nations. Not surprisingly, Gates has been an outspoken defender of Big Pharma’s monopoly management.

“The reporting has highlighted the former Microsoft CEO’s hard-wired ideological commitment to patents, intellectual property, and the private sector, but may have understated the full scope of the Gates Foundation’s interests in this debate,” The Nation writes.9

“Like the sprawling array of mental property, the charity has acquired entry to via its grants and investments. Or the truth that the muse co-owns a vaccine firm.

Last October, The Nation reported on a $40 million funding the Gates Foundation made in 2015 in a start-up firm known as CureVac, which is at present wrapping up scientific trials for its COVID vaccine …

The basis is not a number one shareholder, however its 2015 funding could also be price a whole lot of hundreds of thousands of {dollars} in the present day, as final November CureVac agreed to provide as much as 405 million doses to the European Commission — a deal that appears to lift new questions on Gates’s function in perpetuating vaccine apartheid.

While the Gates Foundation at present stands to financially profit from CureVac’s prioritizing gross sales to the wealthiest nations and preserving its mental property and patents, doesn’t the muse’s charitable mission — and associated tax advantages — require it to direct immunizations into the arms of the worldwide poor? CureVac and the Gates Foundation each failed to reply to questions on if or how they plan to take action.”

Global Health Is Another Gates Monopoly Grab

The Gates Foundation additionally has the power to affect vaccine markets — and therefore its personal income — via quite a few different networks, together with the World Health Organization, which it is among the largest funders of. According to The Nation, Gates:10

  • Directs the WHO’s vaccine supply efforts
  • Advises the G7 delegation on pandemic preparedness
  • Meets with U.S. commerce representatives to debate mental property rights associated to COVID-19 vaccines
  • Holds common calls with drug firm CEOs and Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • Has brokered vaccines offers between the University of Oxford, AstraZeneca and the Serum Institute of India. He truly talked Oxford out of its unique promise to create a patent-free vaccine and partnered them up with for-profit AstraZeneca as an alternative11

Gates additionally sits on the boards of the GlobalFund and Unitaid, has a detailed relationship with the World Bank, and personally supported and took part in Event 201, which simulated a worldwide pandemic triggered by a novel coronavirus. As famous by The Nation:12

“It is increasingly urgent to ask if Gates’s multiple roles in the pandemic — as a charity, a business, an investor, and a lobbyist — are about philanthropy and giving away money, or about taking control and exercising power — monopoly power.”

The Nation quotes Rohit Malpani, a world well being marketing consultant and board member of the worldwide well being initiative Unitaid, who stated:

“What we’re seeing is the buildup of 20 years of very cautious enlargement into each facet in international well being — the entire establishments, the entire totally different firms that always have these early-stage applied sciences, in addition to the entire advocacy teams that talk to those subject, and the entire analysis establishments.

It additionally due to this fact displays the failure of the Gates Foundation. The incontrovertible fact that they exert a lot affect and even management over so many features of the [pandemic] response… and the truth that we’re seeing a lot inequity speaks to the affect that they’ve, and [suggests] the methods that they’ve set out haven’t labored. And they must personal that failure.”

Gates — A Not-So-Equitable Technocrat

James Love, director of the advocacy group Knowledge Ecology International, advised The Nation:13

“Everything Gates has done in the vaccine area since 1999 has been to push the line to strong intellectual property rights, reliance on really big companies, secret agreements, and restrictive licensing. That’s his secret to success. And that’s the exact opposite of what we want to see happen.”

Indeed, as famous in a current Jacobin Magazine article14 by employees author Luke Savage, if the COVID pandemic doesn’t name for worldwide cooperation, nothing does. Yet, Gates is selecting “patent rights over human lives.”

Don’t get me flawed. I consider these mislabeled vaccines are a catastrophe within the making and don’t suggest them. The level right here is that Gates is exhibiting his true colours. When push involves shove, and the world is asking for true generosity — there are up to now greater than 100 international locations that haven’t administered a single dose of COVID vaccine15 — Gates affords up a agency no.

Gates is in it for the cash. It is patently apparent he doesn’t consider that vaccines are going to really save the world. If he did, and had been he a real philanthropist at coronary heart, he’d advocate for the removing of patent rights and assist blanket the world in vaccines. Instead he fights for patent rights and focuses on amassing mental property for all his international options.

Gates Is Lying About Need for Vaccine Patent Protection

TV political commentator Krystal Ball doesn’t mince any phrases when she says Gates is mendacity when he says that lifting patent protections on COVID vaccines gained’t assist creating international locations. As the self-appointed international vaccine czar, Gates says there aren’t sufficient vaccine factories accessible to guarantee security within the manufacturing course of. But that’s not true, Ball factors out.

An Associated Press investigation discovered three factories on three continents which have the capability to provide a whole lot of hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 vaccines “if only they had the blueprints and technical know-how.”16

It’s all about greed, Ball says — and conserving Pharma income as excessive as doable. The backside line is that, regardless of his insistence that he desires to get vaccines as rapidly as doable to creating international locations, Gates is purposely holding up the manufacturing and distribution processes.

Big Pharma’s objective is to maintain their income excessive. They foyer closely within the U.S. and EU to guard patent monopolies so generic variations of their merchandise can’t be manufactured. According to Corporate Europe Observatory:17

“Many pharma companies have pledged to put global health before profits during the pandemic, but documents released to Corporate Europe Observatory — after long delays — reveal that the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) lobbied against a tool designed to facilitate equitable access and pricing for pandemic treatments in Europe.”

Big Pharma Reaps Profits of Taxpayer-Funded Research

Drug firms declare that patents are needed to guard their mental property rights to allow them to proceed to analysis and produce lifesaving therapies, however they’re largely reaping the income of taxpayer-funded analysis.

In a working paper18 launched by the Institute for New Economic Thinking, it’s revealed that funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health — $230 billion in complete — contributed to analysis related to each new drug permitted within the U.S. from 2010 to 2019.

What’s extra, 22,000 patents resulted from the taxpayer-funded analysis, which allowed for advertising and marketing exclusivity for 8.6% of the brand new medicine permitted through the examine interval. “It also demonstrates the limited mechanisms available for recognizing the value created by these early investments and ensuring appropriate public returns,” the paper famous.

Even the mRNA technology that’s being utilized in COVID-19 vaccines is the results of federally funded fundamental analysis performed by the NIH and the Department of Defense.19 “This is the people’s vaccine,” Peter Maybarduk, director of Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines program, advised Scientific American.20 “Federal scientists helped invent it and taxpayers are funding its development … It should belong to humanity.”

Pfizer’s COVID vaccine has already generated $3.5 billion in income within the first three months of 2021,21 and the corporate stated it expects “durable demand” for the vaccine to proceed in coming years, just like flu vaccines. Estimates counsel income will attain $26 billion for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine by the tip of 2021.22

What Might Come Out of the Maxwell Trial?

There’s additionally the potential of shadier features of Gates’ life coming into mild. According to at least one MSN report,23 Melinda made inquiries with divorce attorneys in October 2019 — the identical month The New York Times revealed an article about Gates’ repeated dealings with the infamous baby intercourse trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.24

The New York Post25 and the Daily Mail26 just lately devoted articles to Gates’ “womanizing” methods premarriage, citing information from Gates biographer James Wallace, who claims Gates had a penchant for strippers and bare pool events.

The Washington Examiner goes a step additional, stating the “Gates divorce [is] partially motivated by dealings with Jeffrey Epstein.”27 A spokesperson for Gates responded to questions on his conferences with the pedophile ring chief, saying:

“Gates recognizes that entertaining Epstein’s ideas related to philanthropy gave Epstein an undeserved platform that was at odds with Gates’s personal values and the values of his foundation.”

While Epstein died beneath suspicious circumstances in his jail cell in August 2019, his enterprise associate, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in July 2020, charged with transporting a minor for the aim of legal sexual exercise and conspiring to entice minors to journey to interact in unlawful intercourse acts. Additional prices of intercourse trafficking and recruitment of underage ladies had been later added.

Maxwell’s trial is scheduled to start this fall. Time will inform whether or not her trial will find yourself revealing additional particulars about Gates’ involvement with Epstein. Either manner, the timing of the Gates’ break up is fascinating, contemplating how Bill’s fame as a world do-gooder is out of the blue slipping.


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