The Pandemic Cause No One Wants to Talk About

The COVID-19 pandemic has centered on a singular goal — SARS-CoV-2 — and the way to neutralize it utilizing an injection. But the problem of viral sickness is a lot bigger than a single virus or one pandemic. Humans and viruses coexist. It’s a day by day actuality that you simply’ll be uncovered to a number of of them, however not everybody will get sick.

What determines the way you fare when uncovered to any given virus is a posh mixture of genetics and poisonous stressors that degrade your immune system. Those “toxic stressor exposures,” which may be chemical, bodily, organic or psychological in nature, hinder your immune system’s skill to combat off viruses,1 and so they deserve larger recognition within the combat towards COVID-19 and future pandemics.

As famous by a crew of researchers within the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, the function of poisonous substance exposures is under-reported within the COVID-19 pandemic:2

“Coronavirus illness 2019 (COVID-19) and former pandemics have been seen nearly completely as virology issues, with toxicology issues largely being ignored.

This perspective isn’t supported by the evolution of COVID-19, the place the influence of real-life exposures to a number of poisonous stressors degrading the immune system is adopted by the SARS-CoV-2 virus exploiting the degraded immune system to set off a series of occasions finally main to COVID-19.”

Viruses Won’t Be Going Away

The notion of injecting our means out of viral sickness ignores the essential indisputable fact that viruses are throughout us, and it’s unattainable to develop an injection for each one which’s harmful. Currently, there are about 263 viruses from 25 viral households identified to infect people.3 But that is simply the tip of the iceberg. More than 1,100 viruses have been recognized in animals and people, however even this doesn’t give the complete image of what number of viruses are circulating round us.

The Global Virome Project revealed that about 1.67 million viral species might have but to be found in mammals and birds, and up to 827,000 of them have zoonotic potential, which means they’re able to being transmitted from animals to people.4 It must be famous that viruses aren’t all unhealthy.

Some of them might provide useful results, like serving to to regulate intestine microbiota and to defend towards noninfectious ailments. Further, the very publicity to viruses is a obligatory evil, one which primes, maintains and strengthens your optimum immune response:5

“The mammalian virome contains various commensal and pathogenic viruses that evoke a broad vary of immune responses from the host. A subset of the virome (particularly, zoonotic viruses that seem to be pathogenic in people) challenges the immune system regularly.

This course of seems to be a dual-edged sword. Healthy immune techniques reply optimally to viral challenges and are additional strengthened by the continuous challenges, providing extra safety towards different viral challenges.”

Chronic Conditions Linked to COVID-19 Severity, Death

According to information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, solely about 5% of COVID-19 deaths checklist solely COVID-19 on the demise certificates.6 The different 95% produce other comorbidities and underlying situations that contributed to the demise, resembling coronary heart illness, hypertension, weight problems, most cancers or diabetes.

Many of those underlying situations that improve the danger of extreme COVID-19 and demise are brought on by poisonous exposures, resembling poor food regimen, environmental chemical compounds, inactivity and stress.

“In short, it is the pervasive, constant exposure to toxic stressors in our environment, in combination with genetic factors, that cause us to develop diseases that impair our immune systems and make us susceptible to serious COVID-19 infection,” reported the Alliance for Natural Health. As the researchers famous, this contains components resembling:7

  • Lifestyle — This contains bodily inactivity, smoking, extreme alcohol consumption, poor food regimen together with ultraprocessed meals and refined grains and power sleep deprivation.
  • Pharmaceuticals and different iatrogenic causes — Among adults 65 and older, 54% take 4 or extra pharmaceuticals.8,9 Immunosuppressants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs), acetaminophen, surgical stress, anesthesia, antidepressants, antibiotics, nanomedicine merchandise, adjuvanted vaccines and ionizing radiation remedy can all degrade the immune system.
  • Biotoxins and biomaterials — These refer to mould together with aflatoxin, in addition to viruses and micro organism.
  • Occupational and environmental exposures — This sort of publicity can embody endocrine disrupting chemical compounds, microplastics, heavy metals, pesticides, air air pollution, radiation, cell telephones and Wi-Fi, heavy metals, PFAS, wonderful particulate matter, disinfection byproducts and extra.
  • Psychosocial and socioeconomic components — From melancholy to power stress, social isolation, tense life occasions and childhood adversity, these points may contribute to poor well being.

For occasion, researchers from the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna in Italy analyzed 482 COVID-19 sufferers hospitalized between March 1, 2020, and April 20, 2020.10 “Obesity is a strong, independent risk factor for respiratory failure, admission to the ICU and death among COVID-19 patients,” they wrote, and the extent of danger was tied to an individual’s degree of weight problems.

Even sufferers with delicate weight problems had a 2.5 occasions larger danger of respiratory failure and a 5 occasions larger danger of being admitted to an ICU in contrast to non-obese sufferers. Those with a BMI of 35 and over — reasonable or extreme weight problems — had been additionally 12 occasions extra seemingly to die from COVID-19.11

Also, as with many viral infections, COVID-19 seems to have a dietary part, by which you will decrease your danger of extreme outcomes through the use of nutritional vitamins and minerals therapeutically, however nutrient deficiencies proceed to be ignored as official danger components for COVID-19. COVID-19 sufferers given a mix of vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12, as an illustration, had been considerably much less seemingly to require oxygen remedy or ICU care in contrast to sufferers who didn’t.12

Focusing Only on Virology Misses the Importance of Toxicology

The COVID-19 pandemic response has centered on short-term emergency measures like quarantines, lockdowns and injections, which do nothing to deal with the long-term outlook for serving to people combat pathogenic viral ailments. Strategies that target boosting the immune system, nonetheless, are cheap, quite a few and available, and will save lives now and in future pandemics:13

“There are robust misconceptions concerning the function performed by SARS-CoV-2 within the emergence of COVID-19, particularly the severity of COVID-19 in chosen demographic teams. These misconceptions end in therapies centered on virology with no consideration of toxicology: containing/attenuating SARS-CoV-2 publicity/viral hundreds fairly than intrinsically strengthening the immune system.

These virology-based actions don’t deal with the underlying toxicology-based issues that should be addressed correctly so as to lower human vulnerability to infectious ailments, together with COVID-19.”

Infectious ailments like COVID-19, SARS and influenza have quite a bit in widespread, together with that solely a small fraction who’re uncovered develop signs and, of them, a fair smaller proportion die from the an infection, usually due to pneumonia or acute respiratory misery syndrome.14

Those probably to die from these infectious ailments embody the aged with underlying situations. Having a comorbidity resembling coronary heart illness, power respiratory illness, most cancers, weight problems or diabetes is a extra dependable indicator of impaired immunity than even chronological age amongst older adults, the Food and Chemical Toxicology researchers defined.

Toxic stressor exposures contribute not solely to these underlying situations but in addition to metabolic stress and, with power situations usually comes elevated baseline irritation, which additional will increase the danger of dying when uncovered to a virus like SARS-CoV-2. All of those components add up to elevated vulnerability to infectious illness — vulnerability that seemingly may very well be prevented:15

“The most severe consequences from COVID-19 and influenza stem from a degraded/dysfunctional immune system, and the exploitation of the degraded immune system by the virus. For a healthy immune system, the virus would be unable to overcome its strong defenses, and would be neutralized.”

The Public Should ‘Quarantine’ From Toxic Stressors

The examine used a hypothetical situation that it might take publicity to 4 hazardous parts in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic to end in deadly pneumonia. These could be pesticides, poor food regimen, wi-fi radiation and SARS-CoV-2. “Assume that any combination of three of the four hazardous elements would not be sufficient to result in pneumonia, and would result in no symptoms,” they famous.16

Yet, public well being officers focused just one potential hazard, SARS-CoV-2, ignoring the myriad different poisonous stressors that, collectively, have a a lot larger presence and influence on public well being. “The key concept here is that the virus-toxic stressors combination nexus is determining the ultimate health outcome, not necessarily any one of the constituents in isolation,” they mentioned.17

The cause that SARS-CoV-2 was singled out as the one poisonous stressor to goal, in accordance to the examine, has to do with political and monetary causes, not scientific ones, defending main manufacturing and consumption stakeholders just like the pharmaceutical business, meals business and biotech business.

In order to defend the general public, nonetheless, a “quarantine” from the toxins listed above — ultraprocessed meals, environmental chemical compounds, wi-fi radiation and far more — can be far simpler than quarantining from one virus:18

“Assigning duty for the pandemic to Mother Nature fairly than to those that bear the foremost duty for laying the pandemic groundwork ensures that these dangerous practices and their related pandemics (together with the annual deaths of essentially the most susceptible demographic associated to the so-called influenza epidemics/pandemics) will proceed unabated.

Why are usually not any of the opposite constituents of the virus-toxic stressors mixture nexus being positioned beneath efficient ‘quarantine’ from the general public? Why are usually not smoking, or air air pollution, or extra alcohol, or wi-fi radiation, or agrochemicals, or industrial chemical compounds, being positioned beneath quarantine?

There isn’t any lack of proof of linkages between these environmental pollution and immune-related ailments.”

Rather than ready for “official” recommendation to make widespread sense, constructive modifications in your life that can bolster your immune response, let this be your motivation. The extra you keep away from poisonous exposures like unhealthy meals, chemical compounds, pointless prescription drugs, social isolation, inactivity and pesticides, the higher your immune system will operate, and the more healthy you’ll be within the occasion of any viral publicity that will come your means.

For long-term pandemic prevention, the researchers imagine, and I might strongly agree, that toxicology-based approaches must be given precedence over virology-based approaches. They added:19

“Since present COVID-19 therapies globally ignore the toxicology part nearly utterly, solely restricted advantages may be anticipated from these therapies.

… A extra protecting quarantine (for the present pandemic and towards future pandemics) can be to impose efficient ‘quarantines’ for the general public towards the intrinsically poisonous constituents of the virus-toxic stressors mixture nexus (e.g., pesticides, PFOS, PCBs, nerve brokers, wi-fi radiation, and many others.).

… If such a technique had been adopted persistently previously, it might have prevented/minimized the incidence and consequence of COVID-19.”


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