Simple Steps to Prevent Breast Cancer

In this interview, Susan Wadia-Ells, Ph.D., discusses breast most cancers as an pointless U.S. epidemic and the way to forestall it, which is the subject of her e book, “Busting Breast Cancer: Five Simple Steps to Keep Breast Cancer Out of Your Body.” This 12 months alone, an anticipated 300,000 ladies within the U.S. might be recognized with invasive breast most cancers. Another 50,000 are projected to be recognized with non-invasive breast most cancers, which in all probability is not most cancers in any respect.

Wadia-Ells has a graduate diploma in vitality economics and political growth (MALD) and a Ph.D. in ladies’s research with a concentrate on ladies’s autobiographical writing. “This really means that I am an investigative reporter,” she says, “and so I’ve come to this with a very innocent, independent mind.”

The inspiration behind the e book was Wadia-Ells’ expertise of shedding a number of pals to recurrent metastatic breast most cancers, which means most cancers that was “successfully treated” at an early stage, solely to later return as a terminal stage or metastatic illness.

“Between 20% and 40% of women who have been “successfully treated” within the United States immediately will find yourself with recurrent metastatic breast most cancers, which suggests an early demise sentence for most girls,” she says.

“And I just got very angry. I love to investigate new topics. I’ve always been a change-maker throughout my whole career. I’ve just followed and done what I wanted to do. And this, I just fell into it and wouldn’t let it go.”

Breast Cancer Treatment Is a For-Profit Industry 

The for-profit most cancers trade makes a fortune overdiagnosing breast cancer cases after which treating ladies with inflammatory and poisonous treatments that enhance your threat of creating actual most cancers. So, total, the monetary element is a motivating catalyst within the U.S. for a lot of what we’re seeing inside the breast most cancers trade, together with that so-called “Breast Cancer Awareness,” month that may be translated as: “Get Your Mammogram Month.”

“The motive I needed to do that e book was actually to train ladies how to keep away from getting breast most cancers. Once you might have a mammogram, you’ll be able to generally find yourself being unnecessarily recognized and handled. And then that turns into extremely costly and dangerous.

As I stated, 20% to 40% of ladies who’re being recognized and handled for an early stage breast most cancers find yourself being handled for recurrent metastatic breast most cancers, which suggests they’re spending an inordinate sum of money. These metastatic medicine which were developed are usually not even meant to cease the illness; they’ve been developed to prolong your life by a matter of months …

[The reason] why it is so essential for girls to learn the e book and perceive the 5 easy steps in Busting Breast Cancer is as a result of most of these steps go in opposition to all the pieces that the American Cancer Society is telling us, that Susan G. Komen is telling us, that typically, our common major care practitioners are telling us. And ladies have a a lot tougher time questioning authority than males.

And so, as breast most cancers has now turn out to be this epidemic that surrounds us … ladies have gotten to learn the way to have a look at the details, study to be courageous and query authority, and ‘take risks’ by going in opposition to these authorities. From early ages, ladies are far more fearful of going in opposition to authority.

And so as to defend ourselves and knock down the danger of breast most cancers by 80% or extra, it means a lady goes to have to get up to the American Cancer Society and say, ‘Yes, I’m going to have a clinical breast exam. Yes, I’m going to do breast self-exams again. No, I don’t want a mammogram’ — all of these items that go in opposition to what ladies are being taught proper now by the most cancers trade.”

I’ve finished in depth articles on mammography previously, a lot in order that the State of Illinois Medical Board tried to take away my license, although I wasn’t promoting something associated to breast most cancers. I was simply telling individuals concerning the risks of mammograms and disputing a research printed in The New England Journal of Medicine.

I appealed and sued the medical board within the Illinois state supreme court docket and gained, on grounds of first modification freedom of speech, which is progressively being destroyed in actual time in 2021. But that simply goes to present the lengths to which the trade will go to defend the standard narrative — a story that’s finally harming extra ladies than it’s serving to.

Cancer Is a Lifestyle Disease

As famous by Wadia-Ells, statistical research reveal there are a selection of way of life and environmental points that elevate a lady’s breast most cancers threat, together with contraception medicine and vitamin D3 deficiency. Yet, the medical trade nonetheless has no reply as for why breast most cancers happens. They deal with it prefer it’s a thriller that nobody is aware of something about, which merely isn’t true.

In 2013, Wadia-Ells found Thomas Seyfried’s e book, “The Metabolic Theory of Cancer,” which I’ve highlighted in many earlier articles. Seyfried’s principle on the origin of that first most cancers cell allowed her to lastly join dozens of statistical research on the dangers of contraception medicine, progestin menopausal medicine, mammograms, biopsies, environmental toxins and extra.

She was lastly in a position, for the first time, to develop a transparent set of biologically-based efficient breast most cancers prevention methods for particular person ladies. “Women need to understand that we can prevent this disease, probably 80%, if not more, of the time,” she says.

Lifestyle variables reviewed in Wadia-Ells’ e book embody the hazard of chemical progestin medicine, poisonous/unbalanced ranges of estrogen from extra physique fats, and excessive cortisol ranges from power long-term stress. These are all vital assaults that contribute to the suffocation of breast cells’ mitochondria. This suffocation is step one within the creation of that first most cancers cell.

Processed foods are one other offender that want to be prevented, meals excessive in refined and hydrogenated vegetable oils particularly, as they’re loaded with an omega-6 fats known as linoleic acid (LA). Minimizing LA to pre-1850 ranges, or 1% to 2% of your whole every day calorie consumption, which is 90% to 95% decrease than what the common American consumes, is essential. I imagine it is most likely essentially the most vital metabolic poison in our eating regimen.

Prevention Begins With Shedding Excess Body Fat

Topping Wadia-Ells’ checklist of prevention methods is shedding excess body fat by following a low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle. This kind of every day consuming helps decrease the manufacturing of extra or unbalanced estrogen from fats cells, which reduces long run mitochondrial injury. Unknown to many, extra physique fats creates an enzyme known as aromatase; an enzyme required within the manufacturing of pure estrogen.

You want to watch out concerning the sorts of fats you eat, nevertheless. Going on a low carb/high-fat eating regimen, will assist solely, should you restrict your consumption of poisonous omega-6 fats (linoleic acid) to lower than 5% of whole calorie consumption.

“That takes us again to Seyfried’s metabolic principle of most cancers. We now perceive that what causes that first most cancers cell to occur — be {that a} breast most cancers cell or a mind most cancers cell — is assaults on the [mitochondria], the facility batteries inside your cells … that mainly suffocate them.

So all of these items are suffocating the mitochondria, and when you might have unbalanced estrogen to progesterone, or the chemical progestin, these are all poisonous situations that suffocate, that hurt these mitochondria.

In Chapter 4 within the e book, I discuss concerning the significance of not taking contraception medicine or Prempro, a mixture of menopausal reduction medicine, and even having a progestin-laced IUD inserted, as a result of progestin has now been proven to not solely speed up breast most cancers, nevertheless it additionally has the potential of initiating breast most cancers.”

In brief, extra or unbalanced estrogen will enhance a lady’s threat for breast most cancers. That’s why many who’re recognized with breast most cancers discover they aren’t metabolizing or eliminating this processed or “used” estrogen effectively, inflicting an imbalance.

Wadia-Ells recommends getting a hormone balancing take a look at to be certain your estrogen and progesterone ranges are correctly balanced and, if not, get an estrogen metabolite take a look at finished to see if you’re effectively eliminating this now-processed or extra estrogen.

If your means to eradicate your processed estrogen is sluggish, there are dietary supplements and different methods that may also help increase your means to effectively eradicate your “used” estrogen, so that you don’t find yourself with poisonous ranges. Ideally, you’ll need to measure all three varieties of pure estrogen your physique could make: estrone, estradiol and estriol. The ratios amongst these three are additionally essential.

The Dangers of Progestin

Progesterone is a useful and essential pure hormone. Progestin, a chemical that gives a number of attributes of pure progesterone, nevertheless, can provoke and speed up breast most cancers. Intuitively, it is sensible that artificial hormones may be extra harmful than naturally-occurring ones made by your physique, and actually they’re. Wadia-Ells explains:

“In 2010, there was an extremely essential research that has gotten buried. The lead researcher was Josef Penninger. On that worldwide research workforce of about 12 individuals, one is now the CEO and president of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

The researchers spent 10 years working with mice in preclinical settings, attempting to determine why ladies who take progestin-based medicine — be they contraception medicine or menopausal medicine — have wherever from a 26% to an eightfold elevated threat of creating breast most cancers.

They lastly printed a research in 2010 that mainly defined, in some extra element, however not completely, how the progestin pulls out or prompts one thing known as RANKL, which is a protein. The RANKL, apparently — although they do not say these phrases — can suffocate the mitochondria in a lady’s breast cell, initiating that first most cancers cell.

The unhappy factor is that no researchers within the area of breast most cancers prevention ever cite this research. They’re not conscious of it for some motive. But, it was printed in October of 2010 in Nature journal, which everyone knows is a very vital, well-known scientific journal.”

Tragically, the medical and scientific professions proceed to conflate the phrases “progestin,” and “progesterone,” ignoring the truth that these substances are usually not the identical. Chemically, they’re very totally different.

So, when studying research, you might have no manner of figuring out whether or not a researcher is speaking about progestin, the chemical that causes and accelerates breast most cancers, or pure progesterone, which when balanced with pure estrogen, doesn’t trigger an issue. In reality, pure progesterone seems to work as a tumor suppressor. It’s even utilized in males with prostate most cancers, with vital success.

Proper Administration of Hormones

The supply system of estrogen and/or progesterone is a 3rd situation that performs a job. The worst supply methodology is oral supply, because the hormone should undergo your digestive system and liver earlier than it reaches your bloodstream.

Transdermal utility can be problematic as a result of, over time, your physique turns into more and more resistant to it because it builds up in your cells. The most best supply methodology is transmucosally, the place you apply the cream or suppository both into your vagina or rectum. This will bypass liver metabolism and get the hormone instantly into your blood.

The Importance of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is another crucial factor for cancer prevention. As famous by Wadia-Ells, research present a vitamin D3 stage of 40 ng/mL is protecting in opposition to prostate and liver most cancers, however for breast most cancers, you want a stage of at the least 60 ng/mL (100 nmol/L).

“That 60 ng/mL becomes the magical number when a woman is trying to protect herself from developing breast cancer,” she says. Indeed, a number of research counsel vitamin D optimization alone can knock your breast most cancers threat down by about 80%.

Sensible solar publicity is the perfect manner to optimize your stage, however for a overwhelming majority of individuals, a complement is usually required to attain and keep a stage between 60 ng/mL and 80 ng/mL (100 nmol/L to 150 nmol/L) year-round.

Latitude tends to be a limiting issue as a result of most individuals within the U.S. are unable to get vital vitamin D from the solar between September and May. Even in the midst of summer time, you might have to spend time outdoors in a washing swimsuit, not absolutely clothed, to ensure that it to work.

Regardless of the way you’re getting your vitamin D3, the bottom line is to take a look at your stage a few times a 12 months. This is the one manner to be sure that what you’re doing is offering you with the vitamin D you want for optimum well being and illness prevention. If you don’t know your D3 blood stage, you haven’t any manner of figuring out whether or not your immune system is robust sufficient to defend you from any fast-growing creating breast most cancers cells or not.

Keep in thoughts that in case you are overweight, your physique will retailer about half the vitamin D3 you ingest in your fats cells, which suggests you’ll want greater doses than somebody of regular weight.

“If you take 5,000 IUs of D3 a day, it could be that your body is only able to utilize half of that. The other half is being stored in your fat cells. What some functional medicine physicians are finding is that when women or men start to lose weight, once they lose 15% of their weight, the fat cells let loose the stored D3 and their D3 blood level goes shooting up,” Wadia-Ells says.

Many Breast Cancer Cases Really Aren’t Breast Cancer

As talked about earlier, mammograms can get you into hassle. “One simple mammogram can really take you down a bad path,” Wadia-Ells says. First of all, you’re compressing your breast tissue, which in itself may cause tissue injury, and should you do have a tumor, that tumor might probably be damaged aside, leading to metastatic breast most cancers.

“But probably the major concern that I have with mammograms is the fact that they are the only way the cancer industry can diagnose if a woman has atypical cells or a tiny indolent tumor that may never grow,” Wadia-Ells says. The time period “atypical cells” later grew to become often called ductal carcinoma in situ or DCIS — a much more horrifying time period than “atypical cells.” Fear sells, and that is true within the most cancers trade as effectively.

DCIS will not be truly a tumor. It’s not invasive. It’s not most cancers. Studies counsel solely about 5% of DCIS will ultimately, a decade or extra down the road, flip into most cancers. Yet DCIS has now been renamed but once more as “Stage 0 breast cancer.”

“I’ve met so many ladies and so they go, ‘I had breast cancer, but happily, they found it early. I’m fine.’ And I say to them, ‘What stage was it?’ Sometimes they do not know, but when they do know, they could say, ‘Stage Zero,’ and the very first thing I need to say to them is, ‘You did not have breast cancer. You never had breast cancer.’

But the issue is that they have been handled as if they’d breast most cancers. So, a biopsy, typically utilizing positive needle aspiration, was finished, which inflames the tissue, which may then create most cancers. Sometimes they’d surgical procedure. I’ve met ladies who’ve had double mastectomies as a result of they’d DCIS. It’s a travesty.”

People are being given all of those causes to be fearful about breast most cancers. My e book turns into a novel piece of merchandise within the retailer, as a result of it is saying, ‘No, you don’t have to fear it anymore. There are ways that you can stop it before it starts.’ And with recurrent metastatic breast most cancers, there truly are methods which might be unhazardous, that may actually make metastatic cells go away.

And there’s even a case research from Turkey in my e book of how they have used strictly unhazardous metabolic therapies to take away the entire metastatic cells from this 30-year-old lady. And so long as she was keen to take part and keep on her low-carb eating regimen and have her non-toxic therapies each few months, she stayed clear.”

Why Biopsies Are a Bad Idea

As talked about earlier, 20% to 40% of ladies handled for early stage breast most cancers within the U.S. go on to develop recurrent metastatic breast most cancers. The query is, what share of these instances have been truly brought on by diagnostics and/or therapy?

“Dr. Seyfried clearly describes … in his e book, ‘Cancer as a Metabolic Disease,’ the organic course of. When a tumor cell is launched from a biopsy and the irritation is going on, the immune system cells, together with macrophages, are available to try to heal this new wound that the surgeon has simply created within the lady’s breast.

That macrophage can then morph right into a hybrid cell; merged with that errant breast most cancers cell, it will possibly take off into the lady’s physique. In the majority of ladies who find yourself with metastatic breast most cancers, it goes both to the bone, to the mind or to the liver, and perhaps one different spot. It’s very clear that there is a metabolic course of concerned. It’s not a haphazard course of.

What I’m attempting to do, and I discuss this in Chapter 10, is get the state most cancers boards to launch the annual knowledge they’ve on recurrent metastatic breast most cancers. The state most cancers boards are required to acquire that knowledge inside six months of a prognosis from licensed physicians and from licensed most cancers clinics.

But the state most cancers boards, to the perfect of my information, are usually not allowed to launch that knowledge. I really feel the recurrent metastatic breast most cancers epidemic is rising exponentially. You can see this by knowledge from scientific research and from the exponential progress of earnings coming from metastatic breast most cancers medicine. More than 50% of all of the earnings within the breast most cancers trade immediately is metastatic breast most cancers drug earnings.”

Certain Drugs Impact Your Breast Cancer Risk

In her e book, Wadia-Ells additionally particulars the dangers of sure common medicine. Women who’ve been on a statin drug for greater than 10 years, for instance, have been proven to double their threat of breast most cancers. This is a drug that 1 in 4 American adults over the age of 40 is on, so it’s a major situation.

Another group of widespread however hazardous medicine are progestin-based contraception medicine and IUDs or intrauterine gadgets laced with progestin. A far safer different is the hormone-free copper coil IUD.

However, immediately, FDA laws have created a single monopoly-priced, hormone-free IUD, a lot too costly for girls who would not have well being insurance coverage. While the precise value of this tiny and easy machine is about 50 cents within the U.S., ladies or their insurance coverage should pay greater than $800 to buy and have the IUD inserted. Wadia-Ells explains:

“This is the place my graduate work in political economic system got here in, so it served me effectively. I simply stored unpeeling the onion. In the ’70s, we had a number of varieties and sizes of hormone-free IUDs. They did not have progestin-based IUDs again then. By 1999, there was all of the sudden just one IUD on the U.S. market, and that was immediately’s copper coil IUD named Paragard.

Suddenly, in a single day, the FDA determined to reclassify this 50-cent copper coil from a medical machine — what it had been for 30 years — to a pharmaceutical drug. They stated that the copper causes the effectiveness of the IUD; subsequently, it is a drug.

When they did that, they just about blocked the marketplace for all different hormone-free IUDs, as a result of … now that hormone-free IUDs have been thought of to be medicine, and so they had remained efficient for 10 years, firms had to do multimillion-dollar, 10-year, double-blind, placebo-controlled research for any IUD, i.e., “drug.”

So, many ladies within the U.S. have developed breast most cancers as a result of they have been compelled to go on the contraception drug as a result of the price of that hormone-free IUD grew to become insufferable. Low-income ladies got, and nonetheless are being given, the progestin-only contraceptive pictures that final for 3 months, which enhance their threat of breast most cancers worse than in the event that they’re taking the tablet.

These medicine are growing one’s breast most cancers threat far more than if a lady is on a hormone-free IUD, as a result of she will not be getting that progestin. I imagine that this IUD reclassification in 1999 was finished to assist the beginning management drug trade.”

What’s extra, why did nobody insist on learning contraception medicine as soon as it was found, in 2002, that post-menopausal ladies utilizing the progestin-based menopausal drug, elevated their threat of creating palpable tumors by 26% inside three years? After all, contraceptive medicine can have 10 instances extra progestin than menopausal progestin medicine.

“They didn’t do it, I am sure, because the industry did not want to destroy their birth control drug revenues,” Wadia-Ells says. “And so, there is a motive we’ve seen premenopausal ladies’s breast most cancers charges enhance within the United States.

In my e book I present the research that my little group did. We contacted a number of state most cancers boards and stated, ‘Can you send us the rate of breast cancer of women under 50 years old between 1985 — when they started to advertise birth control drugs on TV — and 2005?’

And we noticed, regardless of if it have been Florida, Colorado or Massachusetts — these have been the three states we ended up — there was a 1% to 2% annual enhance over these years in breast most cancers charges in ladies below 50.

That’s when contraception medicine actually had taken off, as a result of the Clinton administration allowed these drug adverts to be placed on tv, so that you might inform your physician what drug you needed, as a substitute of getting the physician inform you what drug you need to have.

There are seven political motion steps in my e book, and one in every of them is for girls’s teams and well being teams to go to the FDA and knock on the door and say, ‘Change it again. Make the hormone-free IUD a medical machine once more, and open up the market, flood the market with all of those inexpensive European makes and fashions.’”

More Information

To study the particulars of the 5 methods that may radically cut back your threat of breast most cancers, make certain to decide up a replica of Wadia-Ells e book, “Busting Breast Cancer: Five Simple Steps to Keep Breast Cancer Out of Your Body.” Of internet gross sales of this e book, 20% is being donated to the Foundation for Metabolic Cancer Therapies. Aside from optimizing your vitamin D and shedding extra weight, different methods embody:

  • Losing extra physique fats by utilizing time-restricted consuming and fasting, by decreasing carb consumption, and by growing pure and unprocessed fat and oils
  • Avoiding or eliminating processed vegetable oils and processed meals
  • Avoiding artificial hormones
  • Getting an annual thermogram to see in case your breast tissue is infected/precancerous, which means you want to detox instantly
  • Detoxifying your physique and thoughts by breast therapeutic massage, practising every day meditation, avoiding meals with pesticides and added hormones, filtering water for consuming and showering, and avoiding cosmetics and cleansing brokers with carcinogenic chemical substances


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