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How to Increase Stronghold Level and S Rank Rampages

  • Complete Sub-Assignments
  • Repel As Many Monsters As Possible
  • Faint lower than thrice
  • Slay the Apex or Boss

The key to S+ Ranking Rampage quests is finishing sub-assignments. Completing these secondary goals will assist to enhance your Stronghold Level all through the hunt, unlocking progressively stronger and higher installations, too. Regardless of sub-assignments, repelling as many monsters as potential must be a principal objective that persistently provides factors to your rank and Stronghold Level. These duties are certainly simpler when in multiplayer.

How to Prep for a Rampage

Check the Sub-Assignments below the mission’s Quest Info to see how closely they’re weighted within the rank equation – and consider, although Slay the Apex, Complete with 3 Faints or Less, and Defend the Gate are at all times sub-assignments, the remainder change relying on the hunt. Now, prep for the sub-assignments earlier than leaving.

Rampage Equipment and Items


There aren’t many sub-assignments you possibly can put together for upfront, however you possibly can put together your gear for the chief of the horde, which is essentially the most harmful enemy of all. Max Blight Resistance will be helpful typically. The Mizutsune Armor set would work effectively towards Apex Mizutsune, and max Poison Resistance is helpful towards Apex Rathian, which inflicts a robust Noxious Poison.

As for gadgets, dusts like Life Powder are useful in group missions, and since an enormous vary of monsters invade, most healing gadgets may very well be helpful in addition to a further Farcaster to simply journey between areas. Unfortunately, Poison Smoke Bombs do not work on Rampage monsters.

Palico or Palamutes

Bring a Palico as an alternative of a Palamute for its superior help abilities. Palicoes can even assist with the sub-assignments to Inflict an Elemental Blight and Inflict a Status Ailment. Look for Palicoes which have the Assist or Gathering Type, as these often have abilities that inflict Blights, like Shock Tripper, or Ailments like Poison Purr-ison. Though, you possibly can’t completely depend on your Palico to do the entire job for you.

Note on Blights and Ailments

And as a fast reminder, Blights have “blight” within the title, and wish to be inflicted by different monsters, Palicoes, Endemic Life, or particular gadgets. Ailments, like Poison, Paralysis, and Sleep, will be inflicted by your personal weapons and Palicoes with sure abilities. Blight and stun results will be inflicted with the instruments given to you throughout a Rampage Quest pretty simply, however you’ll positively need to put together to inflict Ailments, as choices for these are extra restricted. And, sadly, Poison Smoke Bombs don’t work right here.

Horde Incoming! Setting Up the Stronghold

At the start of a Rampage, and in-between hordes, you’ll have the chance to arrange Installations. Setting up a sure variety of these is usually a Sub-Assignment.

Know that eradicating an set up after which Installing one other one counts towards this Sub-Assignment – and you ought to be doing this typically, as a result of eradicating and reinstalling it doesn’t value you something and it refills its HP! If an set up is destroyed by a monster as an alternative, it can take some time earlier than a brand new one will be constructed there.

Which Installations to Use

Some Sub-Assignments instruct you to Repel monsters utilizing sure installations. Pay consideration to the precise wording of every sub-task, as they aren’t at all times clear about which installations you want to use. If it says “Repel using a Cannon”, you want to use the mountable cannon – not an Auto-Cannon – so make certain to set up what you want for the duty at hand.

Cooldown the Dragonator and Wyvernshot with Power Kilns

Don’t waste your prep time, both – when you’ve acquired a Dragonator or Splitting Wyvernshot, that are unlocked at Stronghold Level 3 and 5, respectively, you possibly can scale back their cooldowns on the Power Kilns – and you’ll simply maintain A to constantly feed these flames, which scale back the cooldown for all the things on the sector. If you’re in a gaggle, one in every of you may want to do that even whereas combating monsters, as a result of the Dragonator and Splitting Wyvern shot are simply that highly effective.

Limited: Dragonbait Warrior

The Dragonbait Warrior attracts monsters to it, and is then destroyed after struggling sufficient harm from monsters.

If put within the unsuitable place, don’t uninstall a Dragonbait Warrior – this may take away your alternative to use it. Instead, go to the right spot and set up it there. It will merely transfer.

Save the restricted Dragonbait Warrior and put it proper in entrance of a readied Dragonator when an enormous horde is incoming to goal as many monsters as potential!

It can be utilized for the Splitting Wyvernshot as effectively: put a Dragonbait Warrior down in an open space when the Wyvernshot is prepared to fireplace to hit as many monsters as potential.

Comboing these installations is a good way to repel monsters, and even often clear Sub-Assignments. And sure, you’ve got to totally repel monsters for it to rely, not simply land a success.

Limited: warriors of kamura

Don’t set up the Limited Warriors of Kamura Village in between hordes. These NPC’s typically unleash their first assault on the first signal of a monster, and are solely round for a brief time frame, so it’s higher to look ahead to a gaggle of monsters to already be current.

Prepare Other Strongholds

Lastly, in some Rampages, you progress onto a second space – you’ll know from the hunt particulars – the place all set up limits and cooldowns are separate, so don’t really feel such as you want to save the restricted installations for the tip. Expect the boss monster to at all times simply break by the primary gate pretty rapidly, if there’s a second space, so do spend time earlier than the ultimate horde to set that space up, assuming you succeed at retaining them repelled till then. Farcasters are notably helpful for simply shifting between the 2.

During the Rampage – Installation Tips

Once the monsters arrive, use the guide installations and the instruments offered to you to the very best of your means.

Basic Installation Controls

Remember you possibly can maintain R to guard towards assaults whereas utilizing Installations, which additionally protects the set up.

Alternatively, press B and a course to rapidly dodge away, which you might have considered trying to do when focused by poison.

Monster Icons: Target Advice

The recreation suggests specializing in the blue-icon monsters (Gate Crashers) that b-line it to the gates, however I like to knock the inexperienced-icon monsters (Targeter) out of the air first – they’re an enormous ache that focus on installations. Focus on the crimson-icon monsters (Stalkers) final, or change your goal to no matter is giving your staff essentially the most hassle.

When a blue icon seems beneath a monster’s sort icon, meaning it is shut to being repelled.

Ballista (Mountable)

You can simply Stun monsters by aiming a Ballista’s Crag Shot at its head – however consider you possibly can solely reliably do that as soon as per monster. Further alongside within the mission, beautiful a monster could require two crag photographs to the pinnacle, however by then it is best to have unlocked the improve to shoot two Crag Shots earlier than initiating a cooldown.

Use the Retreat Shot to push again a monster. Good to use on a monster wailing on a gate, or on one that will not cease attacking you.

Cannons (Mountable)

Inflict Thunderblight on a large variety of monsters directly with a Cannon’s Thunder Shot, which you’ll be able to cost by holding down Y whereas persevering with to shoot the traditional cannons. Thunderblight has the added bonus of creating it simpler to stun monsters, too!

Hold the X button to cost a Piercing Shot, which can transfer by all monsters in a line, dealing harm to all. You can even cost this whereas launching regular cannons.

Bamboo Bomb (Auto)

Usually, set up Bamboo Bombs up entrance and in-between hordes to get harm accomplished instantly to incoming hordes on the ground. However, when this can be a sub-task, set up them subsequent to monsters on their final breath (indicated by a blue icon beneath their sort icon) to guarantee a Bamboo Bomb is the ultimate blow.

Wyvernfire Artillery (Auto)

Aim Wyvernfire Artillery installations after setting them by mounting them for a brief second. If a monster is available in contact with the crimson laser, they’ll get hit! Align them to cross the trail of a excessive-trafficked space, like proper earlier than a gate.

These Auto Installations can even inflict Fireblight, which offers harm over time and causes monsters to flinch extra simply.

Dropped Items: Elemental Barrel Bombs

Inflicting the identical blight twice on one monster is troublesome (except it’s the boss), however fortunately selecting up the materials Monsters drop solves that. Some of the shiny objects dropped by monsters are elemental Barrel Bombs, which inflict blight on contact. You can even choose up Explosive Kunai, which deal a good quantity of injury.

Plant these elemental Barrel Bombs inside a mass of monsters, and detonate it with a fearless assault or a kunai to have an effect on as many monsters as potential. Of course, you possibly can at all times set them subsequent to Bamboo Bombs – however it’s simpler to assure a multihit should you’re prepared to get down and soiled. Or, use the Wirebug Dash and press Y with the bomb prepared in your merchandise bar to throw it down beneath you.

Limited: Warriors of Kamura

Most of the villagers do huge harm to the monsters round them at fairly a protracted vary, and we already advised ready to set up these when there’s already a gaggle of monsters current, however know that Master Utsushi makes the encompassing monsters rideable. Wyvern Riding is one other nice alternative to strive to inflict illnesses or blights, like with a Pukei-Pukei’s poison or Mizutsune’s waterblight (often by performing a Mounted Punisher), so select properly after initiation Master Utsushi.

Iori and Buddies inflict a blight on surrounding monsters. The relaxation deal huge harm.

Counter Signal – What Does it Do?

The Counter Gong set up is what creates a Counter Signal. When activated, hat’s your queue to drop all the things and repel monsters up-shut and personally, as your weapons will do huge bonus harm.

Do not destroy a Counter Gong – you will be unable to rebuild it.

How sturdy the Counter Signal buffs your social gathering relies on the extent of your Stronghold.

List of Sub-Assignments and How to Complete Them

Most of this recommendation is detailed within the full information above, however for fast reference, here’s a record of Rampage sub-assignments for a fast reference.

  • Defend the Final Gate: Don’t let monsters destroy the ultimate gate. You can see its well being on the display. It additionally adjustments in look primarily based on how broken it’s. Set Wyvernfire Artillery on both aspect of the ultimate gate to simply inflict numerous auto-harm on monsters right here.
  • Faint Less than Three Times: Try defensive Dango Skills like Dango Moxie and Dango Defender. Wear acceptable armor and heal as typical.
  • Slay the Apex: Bring weapons and armor particularly to counter the Apex monster. Use your personal weapons when the Counter Signal is displayed.
  • Repel Using a Weapons: Switch to utilizing your personal weapons when the Counter Signal is activated. Know that slaying the Apex / Boss with a weapon doesn’t rely towards this sub-task.
  • Repel Using Wyvernfire Artillery: The Auto Wyvernfire Artillery (appears like a dragon that shoots fireplace) should land the final hit when repelling a monster. Remember to goal these after setting them up – like crisscrossing within the path earlier than a gate.
  • Repel utilizing Machine Cannon: These are mountable installations which might be unlocked after hitting a sure stage of Stronghold, and deal huge harm. Inflict the ultimate shot with a mountable Machine Cannon.
  • Repel utilizing Ballista: Inflict the ultimate shot with a mountable Ballista when repelling a monster.
  • Repel utilizing Cannon: Inflict the ultimate shot with a mountable Cannon when repelling a monster.
  • Inflict a Status Ailment: Bring a Palico with an assault that offers Poison or Paralysis, and equip it with a weapon with that standing ailment as effectively. Equip your hunter with a weapon with a standing ailment. (We discover Poison to be best to inflict, Paralysis subsequent, Sleep essentially the most troublesome.) Choose monsters that inflict standing illnesses, like Wroggi or Pukei-Pukei for poison, and unleash Mounted Punishers on different monsters.
  • Inflict an Elemental Blight: These are Fireblight, Waterblight, and Thunderblight, as the commonest. Cannons inflict Thunderblight, and Wyvernfire Artillery inflicts Fireblight. Use the basic barrel bombs that monsters drop on the bottom (shiny materials) in teams. Bring a Palico with a ability that inflicts a blight.
    Some distinctive Armor abilities inflicts blight on monsters when sure circumstances are met, just like the Magnamalo and Mizutsune armor units. We have but to affirm if these rely torward the “Inflict and Elemental Blight” sub-task. Have you tried it?
  • Stun a Monster: Use the Ballista’s Crag Shot at a monster’s head to stun it. Sometimes requires two Crag Shots to succeed. Can solely reliably stun every monster as soon as.
  • Gather Dropped Materials: Pick up the shiny materials that scatter on the ground throughout the rampage.
  • Village Defender Repels a Monster: The Auto Canon or Auto Ballista (Village Defenders) should land the ultimate shot to repel a monster.
  • Set up Hunting Installations: Breaking down and rebuilding a searching set up counts in direction of this sub-task. Make certain to do that typically (it prices nothing), particularly when there’s downtime between hordes.
  • Repel Using Bamboo Bomb: Usually, set up Bamboo Bombs up entrance to get harm accomplished instantly. However, when this can be a sub-task, set up them subsequent to monsters on their final breath (indicated by a blue icon beneath their sort icon) to guarantee a Bamboo Bomb is the ultimate blow.
  • Use a Dragonator or S. Wyvernshot: Repel a monster utilizing these. You should repel the variety of monsters indicated, which is why we advocate utilizing these together with a Dragonbait Warrior to group monsters collectively to make for straightforward targets.

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