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Aleutsk Valley

You might need to take into account placing Liara onto your Squat at this level if you have not already. She’ll have a number of further dialogue on the finish of Noveria, and that is the final handy time for you to take action.

Once you are outdoors within the Mako, you may rapidly witness firsthand the horrible blizzard everybody’s been speaking about. Clearly, with a degree one hazard (for coldness), you will not be capable of enterprise outdoors of the Mako for too lengthy, or enterprise away from the car too far, however that is okay. The Mako offers the one cheap solution to make your method from level A (the storage) to level B (the different storage) on the map above.

Eventually, as you method the primary of two main tunnels on the passageway, you may run into some Geth resistance (remember to seize the Crate earlier than heading in direction of them). Powerful gun turrets complement the cell fireplace of Geth troopers working across the terrain. Try to maintain your distance, focusing first on the highly effective gun turret, after which turning your consideration to everybody else, remembering in fact that your Mako takes harm simply as you do… solely, it will probably take much more of it. While rockets can hit the Mako with out a lot occurring, ultimately your craft will actually be hurting. So watch out.

When the enemies outdoors of the tunnel are slain (together with the pesky shields that have been guarding them), it is time to head into the tunnel. Before you do flip round and get the crate and medical equipment on the bottom of the burned out Mako. Because the tunnel leaves little room to maneuver, we suggest braving the chilly, getting out of the Mako and gunning the enemies forward the outdated-usual method. Keep a watch out for rockets coming from forward, dodging them the most effective you possibly can, and take out the Geth ready for you there. Once they’re killed, you possibly can then backtrack to the Mako, bounce in, and drive it by way of the remainder of the tunnel, however not earlier than grabbing the 2 Upgrade Kits from inside.


You needs to be fairly ready for all the remaining that is ready for you. More enemies will probably be strewn across the panorama as soon as outdoors of the primary tunnel, so methodically and punctiliously eradicate all of them earlier than continuing, utilizing your radar to the most effective of your capacity with the intention to be sure that each final Geth enemy is slain. Two Locked Crates can be discovered en path to the second tunnel the place, once more, extra enemies will should be killed on the entrance. Utilize the identical strategies on this tunnel as we did on the final to in any other case get by way of it safely.

Once by way of the second tunnel, it is time to energy your method down the remainder of the trail in direction of the doorway to Peak 15‘s Garage. Grab the contents of the Medical Kit in your left as soon as out of the final tunnel, after which velocity alongside the pathway. Use our map to determine stray enemies as you go, most of which being gun turrets nestled onto the rockface lining the snowy path. The final of the substantial enemy resistance will then be discovered guarding the doorway to the storage itself. Like you probably did so many instances earlier than, use the Mako’s two weapons to take them out in the way in which deemed greatest for you. Then, head into the storage. Finally — we’re at Peak 15.

Inside Peak 15

Run down the preliminary pathway in direction of the precise storage itself, as seen within the map above. When you do, you’ll rapidly develop into conscious that you just’re not alone. Far from it. Not solely are some lesser, weaker Geth roaming across the storage, however so too is a big Geth (referred to as a Juggernaut, fittingly) that packs an especially highly effective punch. Taking out this foe needs to be your major goal right here, earlier than you even take into consideration doing the rest.

The Geth Juggernaut shouldn’t be solely highly effective, however he is aggressive as properly. This necessitates that you just take him out rapidly, as a result of it solely takes a few hits from his highly effective arsenal to ship you to the subsequent life. There are explosives strewn all through the realm that you need to use on him, however essentially the most sensible method of eliminating him is to easily purpose all weapons on him and fireplace away. Just do not let these weapons overheat, and, in fact, take correct cowl to keep away from being injured or killed.

When the Juggernaut is downed, you possibly can then run round and take out the remainder of the smaller enemies. The aforementioned explosives are a good way to kill them as properly. Keep a watch in your radar for pink dots — once they’ve disappeared, so too has the enemy menace. You can then use the map above to seek out merchandise-holding options within the space, all of that are on the raised platform adjoining to the storage’s important flooring. Run up the steps to achieve this pathway, and discover it totally to seek out all the pieces you want.

Eventually, you may depart the storage space, however not earlier than you are able to do some extra merchandise-searching. Using the map above, remember to find not solely the Secure Crate and Upgrade Kit from the pathway, but in addition the Secure Storage Locker and one other Upgrade Kit from the room off of this pathway. Then, you possibly can head as much as the administration degree of Peak 15. You higher consider extra preventing will probably be discovered up right here.

It will not take lengthy for hostilities to erupt as quickly as you emerge from the hall after the elevator brings you up. The Geth occupying this flooring, nevertheless, are fairly weak (although the enemies you may face shortly are rather more highly effective), and you should have no issues taking this preliminary onslaught out.

On the decrease flooring the place you start, there’s loads of cowl to make use of, together with plenty of overturned tables and different objects that you may conceal behind. As you start working your method up in direction of the second flooring (the place a majority of the objects are discovered, in line with our map above), the enemies will develop into a lot more durable. You’ll combat aggressive and highly effective Rachni up right here, and you will should be prepared for them. You’ll must combat them in equally aggressive methods with the intention to fell them earlier than they harm you. And once they harm you, additionally they poison you, so be further cautious.

The second flooring has some items to seize, together with these from a Secure Weapons Locker and a Medical Kit. A pc terminal, the Gravitic Weapons Research, can be examined for some further expertise factors, in addition to a brand new Codex entry. Another Terminal  is situated within the southwest nook of the northernmost room. After decryption, it reveals a message log from administrator Tartakovsky in regards to the location of Dahlia and the mercs and thus updates the UNC: Asari Diplomacy aspect quest in your journal. Consider grabbing all of this loot as quickly as you possibly can, however you may want to observe your again as you exit these rooms on the second flooring.

Why watch your again? Well, the final of the Rachni on this flooring will probably be ready for you, offended and hungry. They’re simply as aggressive as the primary time you met them on this room, and sure, their melee assaults will harm you and poison you, so gamer beware! When you’ve got lastly felled the final of the enemies, you possibly can then make solution to the subsequent elevator that’ll lead you even larger into Peak 15.

Computers Damaged

As you’re employed your method into this small space, you may be greeted nearly instantly by Rachni Workers, small mechanical creatures that can explode once they get too near you. Because of this, you may want to verify to kill them from afar. Though they’re small, the pink focusing on system in Mass Effect will give away their location, as will the pink dots in your radar. When they’re eradicated, you possibly can then go and examine the VI unit on the far aspect of the hall. You’ll rapidly notice, if you do, that there is extra to this puzzle than you thought.

To activate the VI (which stands for Virtual Intelligence on this case, not the quantity six), you may have to look at the Power Junction close to the elevator. Once you try this, you possibly can then work with the VI to activate it totally, although you also needs to seize the contents of the Technician Kit en route.

How to Solve the Memory Core Puzzle – Puzzle Solution

Once you’ve got labored your method into the Memory Core of the Mira VI, you may be offered with considerably of a quandary. Will you squander 100 Omni-Gels to activate the VI mechanically? Or will you attempt to hack it your self? Well, in case you weren’t utilizing this information that will help you, the previous would nearly undoubtedly be the answer.

But since you might have our information, we are able to provide the hacking answer (which is in depth). Don’t fear about how the method works. Just insert the next button sequences, urgent two after which ready a second, then urgent two extra, and so forth and so forth. So, if it says X, Y, X, B, as an example, then press X, then Y, then wait a second, then press X, then B, and so forth. Now, this is the answer:

  • Xbox: X, Y, X, B, Y, B, X, Y, B, X, B, Y, X, Y, X, B, Y, B, Y, X, B, X, Y, B, X, Y, X, B, Y, B
  • Playstation: Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle
  • PC: 1 > 2, 1 > 3, 2 > 3, 1 > 2, 3 > 1, 3 > 2, 1 > 2, 1 > 3, 2 > 3, 2 > 1, 3 > 1, 2 > 3, 1 > 2, 1 > 3, 2 > 3

After placing in that sequence (or utilizing your Omni-Gels), the Mira VI will probably be accessible from the core, and you will truly be capable of communicate with “her” extensively consequently. Pick her mind about all the pieces earlier than transferring onward. You have a selection right here. You can both head to the roof or to the reactor. Both have to be visited with the intention to get off of Peak 15.

This walkthrough heads to the roof first, after which the reactor, however take note you are able to do it in whichever order you select.

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