North Korean Defector Shares Her Story

Is America spiraling into totalitarianism? All the indicators are there, suggesting we’re nicely on our method. Naomi Wolf, a former adviser to the Clinton administration, has been warning us about this for nicely over a decade.

In May 2021, I interviewed her about the 10 steps of tyranny, described in her 2007 ebook, “The End of America.” While we have been inching our method towards tyranny for a few years, Wolf warns we are actually at Step 10. Soon, there shall be no turning again — until we break away, assert our rights beginning with our freedom of speech, and put a cease to this transformation.

As famous by Benjamin Franklin, “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” Similarly, Samuel Adams said, “For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous.”1

In the video above, Yeonmi Park, a human rights activist and writer of “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” talks in regards to the clear parallels she sees between the United States and North Korea, some of the repressive international locations on the planet.

Although she’s been offered in a important mild by an Asia-Pacific owned publication,2 I’m an enormous fan of Park as she is such an inspiration to warn us of what is going to occur if we neglect to protect our hard-won freedoms. Please make sure and watch the for much longer second video under. I think you too shall be moved by what she and hundreds of thousands of others have suffered and are enduring in North Korea.

Park thankfully was capable of defect from North Korea to China in 2007 on the age of 13, ultimately settling in South Korea two years later, however solely after first falling into the arms of human traffickers and being bought into intercourse slavery for lower than $200. Her mom was bought for $65. Park and her mom had been ultimately capable of escape to South Korea by Mongolia.

In 2016, she transferred from a South Korean college to Columbia University in New York. In a June 14, 2021, interview with Fox News,3 Park said she believes “America’s future may be as bleak as North Korea,” including that “even North Korea was not this nuts.”

“I expected that I was paying this fortune, all this time and energy, to learn how to think. But they are forcing you to think the way they want you to think,” she instructed Fox News. “I realized, wow, this is insane. I thought America was different but I saw so many similarities to what I saw in North Korea that I started worrying.”

Not Having Problems Is a Problem

In the video above, Park explains why she instructed her story to Fox News fairly than a extra mainstream media outlet. The reply? They had been the one one which requested her to share her views.

While the Fox News interview went viral each within the U.S. and South Korea, not a single legacy information outlet picked up the story. This is sensible, contemplating company media are a part of the tyrannical community liable for the implementation of this brainwashing.

In North Korea, the day-to-day issues are life and loss of life issues. The every day risk of hunger, torture, imprisonment with out trigger, and figuring out that the utterance of 1 improper political assertion will get three generations of your loved ones killed.

“I would rather die a free person than live as a slave,” Park says on the finish of her video. “You cannot even fathom what it’s like when you don’t have freedom … America is falling into tyranny … Let us stop this before it is too late.”

Real-World Socialism

In the video above,4 Park is interviewed by Valuetainment host Patrick Bet-David. I do know 90 minutes is an extended video, however belief me, your life might change if you happen to watch the complete video. If you do not have time now, simply watch it as an alternative of some film or TV sequence. I think only a few of you have got any concept that one of these tyrannical oppression and unethical human habits is rampant in North Korea.

In this hour-and-a-half interview, she delves loads deeper into what life is like in some of the oppressive regimes on the planet, and what it actually means to lose your freedoms. Even sure phrases have been censored from the North Korean language.

There are not any phrases for “depression” or “stress” for instance. The absence of such feelings is additional indoctrinated by the one and solely out there TV channel, the place each program highlights the rightness, magnificence and good thing about the socialist system, and the way improper capitalist Western methods are. Here are another examples in actual life:

Government tells you what garments and colours you might be allowed to put on

Government tells you what haircuts you might be allowed to have, with selections being restricted to fewer than 20

Government tells you what sort of make-up you might be allowed to make use of

Government decides what sorts of songs you might be allowed to sing and what music you may take heed to

Government dictates what sort of dance strikes are allowed

Government tells you what sort of films you may watch

Your occupation is dictated by the political class of your mother and father

Who you may marry is dictated by the political class you had been born into

Public executions are routine and everybody within the neighborhood is required to attend, together with kids. Crimes punishable by loss of life embody watching banned films, studying banned books and criticizing the regime

Every single factor about your life is dictated by the regime. You don’t have any individuality. You don’t have any “personal choices.” Guaranteed, you may say goodbye to gender pronoun preferences. That’s simply being pushed proper now to lure you into this false concept that the socialist system really gives you with extra of all the things — together with individuality and particular person rights — fairly than much less.

But if you consider it logically, how can we create an “equitable” society until all individuality is eliminated? How are you able to and I find yourself in the identical place and be handled precisely the identical until all the things that separates us — our particular person traits — are eradicated? The finish result’s the oppression of everybody and the losing of everybody’s pure skills.

Corruption can also be assured. Regardless of your occupation, your wage won’t be able to feed you, not to mention pay for the rest. As a end result, corruption is the norm. Food can also be at all times scarce. Park routinely caught and ate grasshoppers. That was her major supply of protein rising up.

In truth, Park admits that it was starvation that drove her to threat loss of life to flee North Korea along with her mom. “I didn’t know I wasn’t free,” she says. “I didn’t know what freedom was. I risked my life for a bowl of rice.”

Reject the ‘New Normal’

The excellent news is, the would-be tyrants haven’t received. That stated, we’ve got no time to spare. Time is of the essence and we’ve got no time to stay idle, hoping it is going to all simply return to regular by itself. I can confidently guarantee you it’ll not, and you will have to take motion. I imagine one of many solutions is peaceable civil disobedience.

In the U.S., we do have the Second Amendment, which permits residents to personal and bear arms. That stated, peaceable disobedience remains to be the first and most popular technique. We should additionally rally behind laws that stops the alteration of legal guidelines that safeguard our freedoms.

I imagine that we are going to finally cease the globalists’ drive towards international tyranny. It’s not going to be straightforward. It might take years, and it could get far worse earlier than it will get higher.

The founders of the U.S. fled repressive societies or had been kids or grandchildren of those that did. They needed to personally reckon with criminalized speech, arbitrary arrests and state sanctioned torture and even homicide. The males who signed the Declaration of Independence knew that in the event that they misplaced the conflict, they’d be executed for treason.

The forefathers of the United States had been radicals, combating for liberty and private freedoms. They had a imaginative and prescient of actuality that was an absolute slap within the face of what the remainder of the world tolerated. They had been prepared to sacrifice their lives to show that imaginative and prescient right into a actuality.

Park discusses this within the featured video on the prime of this text. How the story of our Founding Fathers — who cared sufficient about equality and human rights to sacrifice all the things to attain it — has been twisted.

It requires an illogical mindset to get our historical past so backwards. But every of us, individually, should additionally settle for our share of the blame, for as Thomas Jefferson stated, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”5

We should additionally notice that the present cancel tradition development is just not about tossing a dusty previous into the trash bin and highlighting extra nice facets of our historical past. Far from it. As famous by The Most Important News:6

“An enormous nationwide debate about our most essential nationwide symbols has erupted, and it’s quickly changing into certainly one of our hottest political points. But what most individuals do not realize is that this is not actually a debate about our previous.

Rather, it’s a debate about what our future goes to seem like. Those which are demonizing the American flag, the nationwide anthem, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution usually are not doing so for the aim of successful a historic debate.

Their true aim is to ‘cancel’ these symbols and exchange them with new ones, as a result of our present nationwide symbols signify values and ideas which are diametrically against the values and ideas that they want to impose upon society.

If they finally get their method, the United States will ultimately turn out to be an especially repressive excessive tech dystopian society the place completely no dissent is tolerated.”

Focus on Taking Action Locally

Get concerned in your kid’s college, and make it possible for what’s being taught is in step with your values which, hopefully, if you happen to’re studying this, this consists of private freedom, which is what the United States was certainly based upon. Remember, the American system of governance locations the majority of the ability on the native stage, not on the federal stage.

Government is presently combating to centralize energy on the prime, however they’ll solely do this if we allow them to. In the United States, native motion can ultimately have nationwide impression, and that’s how we peacefully take our energy again and guarantee our freedom. We’ve had this energy all alongside. We might have simply forgotten the way to use it.


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