NHL 2021-22 preseason schedule: Times, TV and live stream to watch exhibition games

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The preparations for the NHL’s 2021-22 season have begun and, in contrast to final season, followers will get a peek behind the scenes. For the primary time in two years, there shall be preseason games.

Running from Sept. 25 to Oct. 9, groups will hit the ice throughout North America, together with in a variety of non-NHL cities. The Seattle Kraken, holding off on their first official house sport at Climate Pledge Arena till the common season (Oct. 23), would be the house group at three impartial website games: Sept. 26 vs. Canucks in Spokane, Wash.; Oct. 1 vs. Oilers in Everett, Wash.; Oct. 2 vs. Flames in Kent, Wash. 

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Quite a few rivalries shall be reignited within the preseason because the Battle of Alberta will get two tilts, the Maple Leafs and Canadiens go toe-to-toe 4 occasions, and the Islanders and Rangers hit the ice twice, together with a match-up in Connecticut.

Below is every thing you want to know to watch all of the preseason motion, from the primary puck drop live on Saturday night time till the NHL season formally will get underway on Oct. 12.

NHL 2021-22 preseason schedule, time, TV channel

Sat., Sept. 25Canadiens at Maple Leafs7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV, SN ONE
Sat., Sept. 25Wild at Blues8 p.m. 
Sun., Sept. 26Predators at Panthers (split-squad doubleheader)2/6 p.m. 
Sun., Sept. 26Bruins at Capitals5 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Sun., Sept. 26Islanders at Rangers7 p.m.ESPN+
Sun., Sept. 26Senators at Jets8 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV, TSN
Sun., Sept. 26Sharks (ss) at Ducks8 p.m. 
Sun., Sept. 26Oilers at Flames9 p.m. 
Sun., Sept. 26Canucks vs. Kraken (Spokane, Wash.)9 p.m.ESPN+
Sun., Sept. 26Sharks (ss) at Golden Knights10 p.m. 
Mon., Sept. 27Maple Leafs at Canadiens7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV, TSN
Mon., Sept. 27Blue Jackets at Penguins7 p.m. 
Mon., Sept. 27Stars at Blues8 p.m. 
Mon., Sept. 27Kings at Coyotes10 p.m. 
Mon., Sept. 27Flames vs. Canucks (Abbotsford, B.C.)10 p.m. 
Tues., Sept. 28Bruins at Rangers7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Tues., Sept. 28Islanders at Flyers7 p.m.ESPN+
Tues., Sept. 28Sabres at Blue Jackets7 p.m. 
Tues., Sept. 28Lightning at Hurricanes7 p.m. 
Tues., Sept. 28Kraken at Oilers9 p.m.ESPN+
Tues., Sept. 28Avalanche at Golden Knights10 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Tues., Sept. 28Kings at Sharks10 p.m. 
Wed., Sept. 29Devils at Capitals7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Wed., Sept. 29Blues at Blue Jackets7 p.m. 
Wed., Sept. 29Maple Leafs at Senators7:30 p.m.ESPN+, TSN
Wed., Sept. 29Panthers at Stars8 p.m.ESPN+
Wed., Sept. 29Oilers at Jets8 p.m.ESPN+, TSN
Wed., Sept. 29Red Wings at Blackhawks8:30 p.m. 
Wed., Sept. 29Kraken at Flames9 p.m.ESPN+
Wed., Sept. 29Coyotes at Ducks10 p.m. 
Thurs., Sept. 30Predators at Lightning7 p.m. 
Thurs., Sept. 30Flyers at Bruins7:30 p.m.TNT
Thurs., Sept. 30Sabres at Red Wings7:30 p.m. 
Thurs., Sept. 30Wild at Avalanche9 p.m. 
Thurs., Sept. 30Golden Knights vs. Kings  (Salt Lake City, Utah)10 p.m.TNT
Thurs., Sept. 30Sharks at Ducks10 p.m. 
Fri., Oct. 1Penguins at Sabres7 p.m. 
Fri., Oct. 1Rangers at Devils7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Fri., Oct. 1Stars at Panthers7 p.m. 
Fri., Oct. 1Hurricanes at Lightning7 p.m. 
Fri., Oct. 1Canadiens at Senators7 p.m.ESPN+, TSN
Fri., Oct. 1Blues at Blackhawks8:30 p.m. 
Fri., Oct. 1Canucks at Flames9 p.m.ESPN+, SN ONE
Fri., Oct. 1Kings at Golden Knights10 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Fri., Oct. 1Oilers at Kraken10 p.m. 
Sat., Oct. 2Devils vs. Islanders (Bridgeport, Conn.)2 p.m. 
Sat., Oct. 2Ducks at Coyotes6 p.m. 
Sat., Oct. 2Senators at Canadiens7 p.m.ESPN+, TSN
Sat., Oct. 2Capitals at Flyers7 p.m.ESPN+
Sat., Oct. 2Jets at Oilers7 p.m.ESPN+, TSN
Sat., Oct. 2Rangers at Bruins7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 2Blue Jackets at Red Wings7 p.m.ESPN+
Sat., Oct. 2Lightning at Predators8 p.m. 
Sat., Oct. 2Blackhawks vs. Blues (Independence, Mo.)8 p.m. 
Sat., Oct. 2Flames vs. Kraken (Kent, Wash.)10 p.m. 
Sun., Oct. 3Red Wings at Penguins12 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Sun., Oct. 3Jets at Canucks7 p.m.SN
Sun., Oct. 3Coyotes at Stars9 p.m. 
Mon., Oct. 4Bruins at Flyers7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Mon., Oct. 4Blue Jackets at Sabres7 p.m. 
Mon., Oct. 4Capitals at Devils7 p.m. 
Mon., Oct. 4Maple Leafs at Senators7 p.m.ESPN+, SN
Mon., Oct. 4Blackhawks at Red Wings7:30 p.m.ESPN+
Mon., Oct. 4Avalanche at Wild8 p.m. 
Mon., Oct. 4Flames at Oilers9 p.m. 
Mon., Oct. 4Ducks at Sharks10 p.m. 
Tues., Oct. 5Canadiens at Maple Leafs7 p.m.ESPN+, TSN
Tues., Oct. 5Sabres at Penguins7 p.m.ESPN+
Tues., Oct. 5Predators at Hurricanes7 p.m.ESPN+
Tues., Oct. 5Flyers vs. Islanders (Bridgeport, Conn.)7 p.m. 
Tues., Oct. 5Panthers vs. Lightning (Orlando, Fla.)7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Tues., Oct. 5Blues at Stars8 p.m. 
Tues., Oct. 5Golden Knights at Avalanche9 p.m.ESPN+
Tues., Oct. 5Kraken at Canucks10 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV, SN ONE
Tues., Oct. 5Coyotes at Kings10:30 p.m.ESPN+
Wed., Oct. 6Capitals at Bruins7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Wed., Oct. 6Devils at Rangers7 p.m.ESPN+
Wed., Oct. 6Red Wings at Blue Jackets7 p.m. 
Wed., Oct. 6Flames at Jets8 p.m.ESPN+, TSN
Wed., Oct. 6Blues at Wild8 p.m.ESPN+
Wed., Oct. 6Kings at Ducks10 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Thurs., Oct. 7Senators at Canadiens7 p.m.ESPN+, TSN
Thurs., Oct. 7Islanders at Devils7 p.m.ESPN+
Thurs., Oct. 7Panthers at Lightning7 p.m. 
Thurs., Oct. 7Penguins at Red Wings7:30 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Thurs., Oct. 7Blackhawks at Wild8 p.m. 
Thurs., Oct. 7Avalanche at Stars8 p.m. 
Thurs., Oct. 7Canucks at Oilers9 p.m.ESPN+, SN ONE
Thurs., Oct. 7Coyotes at Golden Knights10 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Fri., Oct. 8Flyers at Capitals7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Fri., Oct. 8Blue Jackets at Blues8 p.m. 
Fri., Oct. 8Jets at Flames9 p.m.TSN
Sat., Oct. 9Red Wings at Sabres3 p.m.ESPN+
Sat., Oct. 9Hurricanes at Predators4 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 9Lightning at Panthers6 p.m. 
Sat., Oct. 9Senators at Maple Leafs7 p.m.ESPN+, SN ONE
Sat., Oct. 9Penguins at Blue Jackets7 p.m. 
Sat., Oct. 9Stars at Avalanche7 p.m. 
Sat., Oct. 9Rangers vs. Islanders (Bridgeport, Conn.)7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 9Golden Knights at Sharks8 p.m.ESPN+
Sat., Oct. 9Wild at Blackhawks8:30 p.m.ESPN+
Sat., Oct. 9Oilers at Canucks9 p.m.ESPN+, SN ONE
Sat., Oct. 9Ducks at Kings10:30 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV

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