Might COVID Injections Reduce Lifespan?

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In this interview, return visitor Dr. Vladimir Zelenko discusses an extremely critical concern, one shared with at the least two different extremely credible specialists — Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a life science researcher and former vice-president and chief scientist of allergy and respiratory analysis at Pfizer, and professor Luc Montagnier, a world-renowned virologist who gained the Nobel prize for his discovery of HIV.

Yeadon, Montagnier and Zelenko all imagine the COVID-19 photographs might cut back life expectancy by a number of a long time, relying on a number of components, together with whether or not you’re required to get booster photographs. In reality, there could also be cause to suspect that many who get the jabs and subsequent boosters might lose their lives inside two to 3 years, on account of pathogenic priming.1,2

Many could not understand that after I was a teenager I used to be a Boy Scout, however you would possibly know their motto is “Be Prepared.” It is an strategy that has served me effectively over time. I’m not stating unequivocally that dire final result will materialize, as my interview subsequent week with Dr. Peter McCullough goes into. However, it might appear prudent to have an excellent protocol in your arms in anticipation of a worst-case state of affairs.

So, on that notice, Zelenko and I take a deep dive into what will be carried out to stop such a destiny. Zelenko categorizes the dangers of COVID-19 “vaccines” into three classes: acute, subacute and long-term, so let’s start by reviewing the first dangers present in every of those classes.

Risk Category No. 1 — Acute Risks

The acute section of hurt begins in the mean time of injection and sure lasts for about three months or so. Based on stories filed with the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), it’s clear that many can not survive previous the acute section.

About 6,000 deaths have been reported to date, and loss of life generally happens inside 48 hours of injection. Many critical disabling occasions additionally happen quite quickly, sometimes inside a couple of days or even weeks. However, Zelenko has a really dismal perspective on the accuracy of the VAERS database. He explains:

“According to a paper printed by the Salk Institute in San Diego, they’ve found that the spike protein that is generated by the vaccination itself has damaging well being results. It’s poisonous … by itself …

There’s loads of proof that exhibits that it spreads from the injection web site and goes to the bloodstream, and mainly comes into each single cell within the physique.3,4

mRNA has a half-life of round one to 2 weeks, relying on the mRNA, and through that interim, every mRNA molecule makes round 2,000 to five,000 spike proteins. So, we’re speaking about trillions and trillions of spike proteins.

Your complete physique turns into a spike protein manufacturing unit. Several orders of magnitude greater than in case you have been to get COVID, as a result of COVID infects the higher and decrease airways primarily. Those are the cells that get contaminated and start to provide spike proteins. But right here we’re injecting the vaccine and it truly travels to each single cell in your physique and converts each single cell in your physique right into a manufacturing unit for spike proteins.”

As the mRNA disseminates by your vascular system, the cells lining your blood vessels start producing spike protein. This is why we’re seeing such a staggering variety of stories of individuals experiencing blood clots from these injections.

According to Zelenko, 40% of those occasions happen inside the first two days after injection. The danger then diminishes, however vascular occasions similar to coronary heart assaults, strokes, renal infarcts and pulmonary infarcts don’t fully peter out till about three months after the final injection.

But these occasions of the previous three months aren’t being reported to VAERS. It is, in fact, attainable that folks merely aren’t connecting them to the COVID shot they acquired a number of months earlier.

How Many Have Actually Died From the COVID Shots?

As famous by Zelenko, underreporting is a part of the issue we’re dealing with. The actual variety of uncomfortable side effects is inconceivable to find out, given the truth that the Food and Drug Administration didn’t insist on a strong post-vaccination information assortment system, nevertheless it’s most definitely greater than what VAERS is itemizing.

“If you look at the VAERS [vaccine adverse event reporting system], which in my opinion is a piece of garbage … as of today, let’s say says there’s 6,000 deaths associated with taking the vaccine. Well, we need to understand what that actually means,” Zelenko says.

“If you take a look at the 2009 Harvard research on the VAERS system, they mentioned only one% of occasions are literally reported. So, OK … regardless of the quantity is, it is not 6,000. Maybe solely 10% are being reported. I do not know. But undoubtedly it is being underreported.

And then there’s two [additional] large issues. There’s proof popping out that VAERS stories which were filed are being erased off the server, No. 1. No. 2, I personally know of two dozen instances of deaths related to the vaccine, and the physician and/or members of the family that attempted to file a VAERS report, their stories have been rejected attributable to some technicality.

The indisputable fact that all of them could not make a report, that raises my eyebrows. What proportion of the information are we truly seeing? The reply is, I estimate, there are already round 200,000 lifeless Americans, immediately associated to the vaccinations.”

To get to that quantity, Zelenko assumes solely 10%5 of adversarial results are reported. Studies have indicated it may very well be as little as 1%.6,7 That offers us a loss of life toll of about 60,000, to which he provides one other 140,000 given the truth that stories are being scrubbed and refused.

“The level is that it ought to undoubtedly elevate eyebrows and have the general public begin screaming and saying, ‘We want to know the truth. We want to know the accurate numbers. Stop suppressing the truth … I want to be able to make an informed choice whether or not I want to take this injection.’ And that is not being given to the folks.

My drawback isn’t with the vaccine. My drawback is with the federal government, governing our bodies and sure folks which might be obstructing the stream of life saving information and suppressing the reality from folks, after which utilizing coercion to pressure folks to take this vaccine. That’s the nefarious half.

The suppression is so blatant and so overt that medical doctors with impeccable credentials are being deplatformed for simply voicing an opinion. And you then couple that along with confirmed prehospital therapy approaches and protocols which were confirmed to cut back hospitalization and loss of life by 85%, and that information is being suppressed.

So right here you might have a twin censorship the place the constructive, hopeful, life-saving information is being suppressed and the damaging outcomes of the vaccination strategy is being suppressed. It’s an ideal setup for genocide.”

Risk Category No. 2 — Subacute Risks

The subacute danger section, which begins round three months’ post-injection, is exceedingly tough to quantify. At naked minimal, it’s prone to final a number of months to a few years. The major concern now could be antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), additionally known as pathogenic priming and/or paradoxical immune enhancement (PIE) because it extra precisely describes the illness mechanism.

Zelenko believes the mRNA can have degraded by this time, and your cells will hopefully now not produce spike protein. I imagine he could also be overly optimistic right here, because the artificial mRNA has been genetically modified to be much less perishable, plus it’s encased in a nanolipid to withstand breakdown.

I believe this modified mRNA could stay viable far longer than anybody suspects, because of its artificial nature. What’s extra, there’s a mechanism by which the mRNA will be reverse transcribed into your DNA, which might make the spike protein manufacturing everlasting — and possibly intergenerational. I describe this course of in “The Many Ways in Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health.”

If Zelenko is appropriate, then the first illness agent now switches from the spike protein to the antibodies produced in response to the spike protein. We don’t know the way lengthy these antibodies will final, however chances are high they’ll stick round for numerous months or years.

While antibody manufacturing is the first function of those photographs, and the response mentioned to supply you an immune profit, they’ll truly be the supply of issues.

Animal trials by which standard coronavirus vaccines have been examined have proven coronavirus vaccines routinely trigger ADE,8,9,10,11,12 so when the animals are challenged with the true virus they’ve been immunized towards, they’ll get significantly in poor health and even die. If hospitals begin filling up with vaccinated people this fall, you’ll know why. They’re struggling the results of ADE.

“In other words, those antibodies that were produced with the vaccination were pathologic,” Zelenko says. “They have been deadly and so they led to an exaggerated immune response. That’s what it means, antibody-dependent enhancement. It’s an enhancement of your immune response in a approach that it’ll kill you …

The query is, how protected is it long-term, or within the subacute [phase] from three months to 3 years? That is an enormous query mark. Based on animal fashions — and that is what Dr. Mike Yeadon is saying — it may very well be completely genocidal. It’s the largest gamble on the survival of humanity within the historical past of humanity.”

However, as a counter to this view, Dr. Peter McCullough, who’s in full settlement with the engineering of this occasion and it being one of the egregious crimes towards humanity, isn’t satisfied that there might be a large die-off within the fall.

He is well-trained within the science and has primarily accomplished a fellowship in COVID-19 together with being the senior editor of two prestigious medical journals so his opinion additionally deserves consideration. We might be posting his interview subsequent Sunday, July 11, 2021.

Why Is Humanity’s Survival Being Risked?

The questions on many individuals’s thoughts proper now are, “Why are lifesaving early treatment approaches suppressed?” “Why are the toxic side effects and death rates of the vaccines being suppressed?” and “Why are entire continents being coerced into taking a vaccine that is both medically unnecessary and unproven in terms of safety and effectiveness?”

Taken collectively, none of it makes any sense, which is why folks like Yeadon, Montagnier, Zelenko and others are elevating issues about international genocide. Is that what that is all about? Is there an alternate interpretation of what’s occurring? When you take into account the precise information, mass vaccination merely isn’t obligatory, so why the frantic push to get a needle in each arm? Zelenko explains:

“There’s one thing known as medical necessity. So, let’s analyze if there’s any medical necessity for this vaccine, and it’s important to try this in a scientific approach based mostly on demographics.

If you take a look at the CDC’s information, anybody 18 and youthful has a 99.998% likelihood of restoration from COVID-19 with no therapy. [Their risk of dying is] 1 in one million. It’s safer than influenza virus. If you gave me a alternative, I’d quite my youngsters have COVID-19 than influenza. So, why would I immunize a demographic that has near 100% likelihood of restoration with an experimental vaccine that has already killed extra youngsters than the virus?

If you take a look at the demographic between 18 and 45, people who find themselves wholesome have a 99.95% likelihood of restoration with no therapy … based on the CDC. Same query, why would I vaccinate a demographic that recovers by itself with no therapy?

Third query, if somebody has antibodies — and there is a plethora of proof [showing] naturally produced antibodies are far more efficient in clearing future viruses than vaccine-induced antibodies … Natural immunity is a lot better, simpler and safer, than vaccine-induced immunity. So, somebody who has antibodies already from having COVID earlier than, why would I vaccinate them? …

Fear is a particularly great tool in manipulating the habits of individuals. And that concern has been used to create a psychological motivation to get vaccinated with a vaccine that, for my part, has no medical necessity, has large quantity of precise and potential dangers, and really questionable efficacy.”

Risk Category No. 3 — Long-Term Risks

Beyond the two-to three-year mark are the long-term dangers, that are much more tough to foretell. One notably tough danger to foretell or quantify is infertility. It’ll take a long time earlier than we’ve the information on reproductive results. Women of their 20s who get the jab may not get critical about attempting to get pregnant till they’re of their 30s.

Teens and younger youngsters should wait a long time earlier than fertility will be ascertained. Of course, by then, it’ll be too late. The harm might be carried out, and lots of of hundreds of thousands might be in the identical boat.

Zelenko cites analysis printed in The New England Journal of Medicine, which concluded COVID vaccination throughout being pregnant had no elevated danger of miscarriage. However, a better take a look at the information set revealed that this was solely true for ladies who acquired vaccinated throughout their third trimester. Women who get the COVID jab of their first and second trimester have a 24-fold greater danger of miscarriage.

There are additionally stories of declining sperm counts and testicular swelling in males, and menstrual cycle disruptions in ladies of all ages. “There is an absolute effect on fertility,” Zelenko says. We simply don’t know to what diploma but.

Overall life expectancy is prone to be affected throughout the board however, once more, it’s very tough to foretell simply what number of years or a long time might be misplaced. Zelenko, like many different medical doctors, suspect autoimmune illnesses and most cancers charges will go up on account of the jabs. As famous by Zelenko:

“Whether you take a look at the acute spike protein-induced loss of life, the miscarriages, or the myocarditis in younger adults, otherwise you take a look at the subacute pathogenic priming concern, otherwise you take a look at the potential long-term results of infertility, auto immune illness and most cancers, you might have an absolute setup for a genocide. And that is why these world-leading thought leaders, scientists, are cautioning folks …

Let’s do a thought experiment. If COVID-19 have been to contaminate each single human being on this planet and was to not be handled, what could be the general international loss of life price? The reply is lower than 1%, and I’m not advocating for that, by the way in which. That’s lots of people nonetheless.

Now, what will be the loss of life price from international vaccination? That goes to be a number of orders of magnitude higher. And it all depends how far out you look. Because if somebody’s meant to dwell 80 years and so they dwell 60 years, how do you quantify that? …

We’re speaking about 1.5 to 2 billion folks [dying] for no cause, besides the agendas of some psychopaths or sociopaths. Why do I say that? It’s as a result of there have been folks advocating for inhabitants discount for many years. I simply noticed a video from [U.K. prime minister] Boris Johnson’s father … advocating for the discount of England’s inhabitants to fifteen million …

This sort of ideology exists. In this technology, it is not likely anti-Semitic. What it’s, is there is a small group of sociopaths that imagine … they’ve advanced right into a superhuman enlightened [state] that entitles them the suitable to dictate the course of historical past.

For instance, Bill Gates in 2015 mentioned the world inhabitants must be lowered by a sure proportion due to international warming or no matter. So, my query is a quite simple query. He’s one of many important supporters and profiteers of world vaccination. Why would I take a vaccine for my well being from somebody is advocating for the discount of the world inhabitants?

Another scary particular person is Klaus Schwab, the founding father of the World Economic Forum. He’s very influential. He wrote the e book ‘COVID-19 The Great Reset.’ In 2016, in a French interview … Schwab made an announcement that inside 10 years, all of humanity might be tagged with an identifier. If you take a look at the UN 2030 plan, which was crafted by the World Economic Forum, it says ‘America will no longer be a superpower.’

That’s a acknowledged agenda. Then, my favourite is, ‘You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy. You won’t eat any meat. Fossil fuels will be prohibited. There’ll be a billion refugees, which will have to be integrated into your societies.’ So, my query is, what sociopath feels entitled to make a press release like ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’?

What entitles this sort of particular person, or group of people, to suppose that approach? Well, they imagine that they are enlightened far past the typical human or subhuman.”

War Against God

Zelenko, a religious Jew, believes the basis of this international takeover can be a struggle towards God. The implication is that life has sanctity, and if life has sanctity, we’ve human rights, “earned” by our delivery alone. This is the supply of pure regulation. And, if we’ve human rights, handed down by God, then nobody has the suitable to determine how lengthy any certainly one of us ought to dwell, or how many individuals there must be on the planet.

“That’s God’s prerogative,” Zelenko says. “However, in case you take that out and examine folks as no totally different than an animal, a Darwinist perspective or eugenics perspective, and mainly survival of the fittest is the yardstick that you simply measure the dominance hierarchy of humanity, in that case, these folks really feel that they’re on prime of the pyramid, and that entitles them to determine in case you and me ought to dwell …

I name the [COVID] vaccine ‘Zyklon-V.’ That is the fuel the Nazis used to kill my kin. So to precise my sentiments, I name it Zyklon-V. It’s an absolute weapon of mass destruction. People are being lied to, and so they’re operating into the fuel chambers themselves due to the pathogenic concern.”

How to Protect Your Health Post-Jab

If you or somebody you recognize or love acquired the COVID jab and now have critical regrets, there are particular methods you should use to guard your well being.

It seems if you made it by the primary three months OK, then your danger for blood clots is probably going radically diminished. To counteract extreme clotting, an anticoagulant could also be applicable. A pure various with nice promise is n-acetyl cysteine (NAC), because it has each anticoagulant13 and thrombolytic results,14 which means it could each stop clots and break up clots which have already shaped. Obviously, don’t get any extra booster photographs.

In the subacute section, your No. 1 purpose might be to keep away from ADE. The key to that is to keep away from triggering a pathogenic immune response, and the one approach to try this is to implement some kind of prophylactic protocol, i.e., a COVID, widespread chilly and influenza prevention protocol.

This is particularly vital for anybody that has acquired the COVID jab as they’re at a excessive danger of getting problems and are below the misunderstanding that they’re “protected” when truly they’re at elevated danger now that they acquired the jab and must take extraordinary precautions.

Any signs of higher respiratory an infection also needs to be handled instantly, not later. COVID is a multi-phase illness. The first section is the viral section, which lasts 5 to seven days. This is when it’s most simply handled. After Day 7, the illness sometimes progresses into the inflammatory section, which requires totally different therapy.

Zinc supplementation is a vital element for prevention and early therapy within the viral stage, because it impairs viral replication. You must take it with a zinc ionophore, nevertheless, similar to quercetin, EGCG (inexperienced tea extract), hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.

“The majority of the COVID protocols concentrate on inhibition of our RNA virus replication. What which means is that for a virus to make copies of itself, it must enter the human cell. In the case of RNA viruses, all of the COVID, coronaviruses and even the influenza viruses, they use a typical pathway known as RNA dependent RNA polymerase. That’s an important enzyme.

That enzyme is what makes copies of the viral genetic materials, which then allows for brand spanking new viruses to be shaped and unfold. So, in case you inhibit the viral RNA replication course of, you may remove viral spreading, viral progress. The stunning factor about what we discovered with zinc is that zinc inhibits this enzyme extraordinarily effectively, if there’s one other zinc [molecule] contained in the cell.

But zinc can not actually get into the cell by itself. That’s the place the idea of zinc ionophores are available. Zinc ionophores opens the door within the cell membrane and permits for zinc to go from outdoors of the cell, to within the cell. And once you improve the focus of zinc contained in the cell, then it could actually successfully inhibit this enzyme, stopping most if not all, coronaviruses and influenza viruses from replicating.”

If you wish to use both hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin and dwell in a state that restricts their use, search for online telehealth choices. The American Frontline Doctors is one useful resource. They solely cost $90 for a session and it is possible for you to to get the prescription that you simply want. Do not use Ivermectin from veterinary sources as it could be contaminated and isn’t designed for human use.

In addition to zinc and a zinc ionophore, you additionally must optimize your vitamin D stage. The vary you’re searching for is 60 ng/mL to 80 ng/mL year-round. The applicable dose of oral vitamin D3 is the dose that will get you inside that vary.

Vitamin C is one other vital element, particularly in case you’re taking quercetin, as they’ve synergistic results. To successfully act as a zinc ionophore, the quercetin wants vitamin C.

In an effort to make it simpler for sufferers, Zelenko has developed an oral complement that incorporates all 4: vitamin C, quercetin, vitamin D3 and zinc. It’s known as Z-Stack and will be bought on For a downloadable “cheat sheet” of Zelenko’s protocol for COVID-19, go to

The take-home message right here is that in case you’ve gotten the jab, take into account your self excessive danger for COVID and implement a day by day prophylaxis protocol. This means optimizing your vitamin D, and taking vitamin C, zinc and a zinc ionophore each day, at the least all through chilly and flu season.

It would even be helpful to do a day by day sauna. Ideally one that may warmth as much as 170 levels Fahrenheit. The finest saunas are far-infrared and have low EMFs. Sadly, I don’t know any that go to 170 levels and are low EMF.

I take advantage of one which goes to 170 after which I flip it off and activate the SaunaSpace 4 close to IR bulb system within the sauna and go in for 20 minutes. This apply prompts warmth shock proteins which is able to assist take away the spike proteins and enhance different broken proteins in your physique.

If you’re low danger for COVID and haven’t been vaccinated, be sure to have these things readily available and start treating on the very first indicators of chilly or flu signs.

Strategies to Lower Risk in Those Who Received COVID Jab

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide 0.1%

Daily or extra regularly if wanted

NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine)

500 mg as soon as a day


15 mg as soon as a day

Vitamin C

500 mg as soon as a day or 250 mg twice a day

Eliminate ALL vegetable (seed) oils

Goal is zero

Vitamin D

Most adults want 8000 IU per day however it’s crucial to verify blood ranges 60-80 ng/ml or 100-150 nmol/l

Daily sauna

20 minutes at 170 levels will assist destroy spike proteins

Time restricted consuming

Helps take away spike proteins by autophagy

Seek to eat natural solely meals, particularly keep away from the soiled dozen

This will assist restrict glyphosate consumption

Nebulized Peroxide and Other Health Promoting Measures

In addition to NAC (to stop and break up clots), vitamin D, vitamin C, quercetin and zinc, purchase your self a tabletop jet nebulizer, some saline answer and meals grade hydrogen peroxide. You’ll wish to dilute the peroxide with saline to get a 0.1% answer.

Due to dangers to my private security we needed to take away the nebulized peroxide movies from the positioning however they’re now up on our substack site and you can view all of them here.

hydrogen peroxide dilution chart

Nebulized peroxide is my private go-to each for prevention and therapy, whatever the stage the respiratory an infection is in. To study extra, obtain Dr. Thomas Levy’s free e-book, “Rapid Virus Recovery.” As a safety measure, merely nebulize each different day. Vitamin C is vital right here too, as it really works as a catalyst for the peroxide. A day by day dose of 500 milligrams would probably be adequate for many.

We have been compelled to take away all of the hydrogen peroxide movies that I had beforehand posted for legal responsibility causes however luckily they’re all now posted on our Substack site. This is vital as, for my part, that is crucial step you may take. I’d suggest nebulizing a 0.1% answer every single day as indicated within the movies, linked under.

There isn’t any hazard in doing it every single day and sure there’s a well being profit. As Dr. Tom Levy describes in one of many movies under, it appears to assist enhance your bowel actions, which can be a results of eliminating respiratory pathogens that have been having damaging affect in your microbiome.

hydrogen peroxide videos

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Other vital health-preserving methods embody the next:

Make positive you’re metabolically versatile in order that your physique can seamlessly transition between burning fats and sugar as your major gasoline. This will permit your innate immune system to perform optimally. Time-restricted eating is one surefire technique to accomplish this.

Avoid processed seed oils in your weight loss program, similar to sunflower oil, corn oil, safflower oil or avocado oils. All comprise excessive ranges of linoleic acid, which impairs your mitochondrial perform, and in higher respiratory infections, it is the precursor for the Leukotoxin that happens in these infections.

Focus on certified-organic meals to attenuate your glyphosate exposure, and embody loads of sulfur-rich meals to maintain your mitochondria and lysosomes wholesome. Both are vital for the clearing of mobile particles, together with these spike proteins. You can even enhance your sulfate by taking Epsom salt baths.

To fight the toxicity of the spike protein, you’ll wish to optimize autophagy, as this may increasingly assist digest and take away the spike proteins. Time-restricted consuming will upregulate autophagy, whereas sauna therapy, which upregulates warmth shock proteins, will assist refold misfolded proteins. They additionally tag broken proteins and goal them for removing.

It is vital that your sauna is scorching sufficient (round 170 levels Fahrenheit) and doesn’t have excessive magnetic or electrical fields.

If you’re having post-vaccination signs, you can take into account:

Low-dose interferons similar to Paximune, to stimulate your immune system

Peptide T (an HIV entry inhibitor derived from the HIV envelope protein gp120; it blocks binding and an infection of viruses that use the CCR5 receptor to contaminate cells)

Cannabis, to strengthen Type I interferon pathways, that are a part of your first line of protection towards pathogens

Dimethylglycine or betaine (trimethylglycine) to reinforce methylation, thereby suppressing latent viruses

Silymarin or milk thistle to assist cleanse your liver


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