Mass Psychosis — How to Create an Epidemic of Mental Illness

The 20-minute video above, “Mass Psychosis — How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill,” created by After Skool and Academy of Ideas,1 is a captivating illustration of how mass psychosis may be induced.

Mass psychosis is outlined as “an epidemic of madness” that happens when a “large portion of society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions.”

One traditional historic instance of mass psychosis is the witch hunts that occurred within the Americas and Europe in the course of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when tens of 1000’s of individuals, largely ladies, had been tortured, drowned and burned alive on the stake. The rise of totalitarianism within the twentieth century is a more moderen instance of mass psychosis.

Man’s Worst Enemy

As famous within the video:

“The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”

That’s a quote attributed to Gustave Le Bon, a French social psychologist famend for his research of crowds. His guide, “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind,”2 takes a deep dive into the traits of human crowds and the way, when gathered in teams, individuals have a tendency to relinquish acutely aware deliberation in favor of unconscious crowd motion. Similarly, psychologist Carl Jung as soon as said that:

“It is not famine, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer, but man himself who is man’s greatest danger to man, for the simple reason that there is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes.”

When a society descends into insanity, the outcomes are all the time devastating. Jung, who studied mass psychoses, wrote that the people who make up the affected society “become morally and spiritually inferior.” They grow to be “unreasonable, irresponsible, emotional, erratic and unreliable.”

Worst of all, a psychotic mob will interact in atrocities that any solitary particular person throughout the group would usually by no means contemplate. Yet by all of it, these affected stay unaware of their situation and can’t acknowledge the error of their methods.

What Causes Mass Psychosis?

To perceive how an total society may be pushed to insanity, you have to first perceive what drives any given particular person to madness. Barring drug or alcohol abuse, or a mind harm, psychosis is often triggered by psychogenic components, i.e., influences that originate within the thoughts.

One of the most typical psychogenic components that may set off psychosis is a flood of detrimental feelings akin to worry or anxiousness that drives the particular person right into a state of panic. When in a panic, the pure inclination is to search reduction. A psychologically resilient particular person could adapt by going through their worry and in the end defeating it.

Another coping mechanism is a psychotic break. As defined within the video, a psychotic break shouldn’t be the descent into chaos, however relatively a reordering of one’s experiential world in a method that blends truth and fiction, actuality and illusions, in such a method {that a} sense of management is restored and panic ends. The psychogenic steps that lead to insanity may be summarized as follows:

  1. Phase of panic — Here, the person begins to understand the world round her or him otherwise and is frightened on account of it. There’s a perceived risk, whether or not it’s actual, fabricated or imagined. Confusion grows as they’ll’t discover a method to rationally clarify the unusual occurrences happening round them.
  2. Phase of psychotic perception — Here, the person manages to clarify his irregular expertise of the world by inventing an illogical however magical method of seeing actuality. The time period “insight” is used, as a result of the magical pondering permits the person to escape from the panic and discover that means once more. However, the perception is psychotic, as a result of it’s primarily based on delusions.

Just as a psychologically weak and susceptible particular person may be pushed to insanity, so can massive teams of weak and susceptible individuals descend into insanity and magical pondering.

Totalitarianism Is a Society Built on Delusions

In the twentieth century, we’ve seen an increase in totalitarianism, outlined by professor and non secular research scholar Arthur Versluis as:

“The modern phenomenn of total centralized state power coupled with the obliteration of individual human rights: In the totalized state, there are those in power and there are the objectified masses, the victims.”

In a totalitarian society, there are two courses: the rulers and the dominated, and each teams endure a pathological transformation. Rulers are raised to a god-like standing the place they’ll do no unsuitable — a view that simply leads to corruption and unethical habits — whereas the dominated are remodeled into dependent topics, which leads to psychological regression.

Joost Meerloo, creator of “Rape of the Mind,” compares the reactions of residents residing in totalitarian states to that of schizophrenics. Both rulers and the dominated are ailing. Both stay in a delusional fog, as the whole society and its guidelines are sustained by delusional pondering.

As famous within the video, solely deluded individuals regress to a child-like state of complete submissiveness, and solely a deluded ruling class will consider they possess the data and knowledge to management society in a top-down method. And, solely a deluded particular person will consider {that a} power-hungry elite ruling a mentally regressed society will lead to something however mass struggling and monetary wreck.

The mass psychosis that’s totalitarianism begins throughout the ruling class, because the people inside this class are simply enamored with delusions that increase their energy. And no delusion is larger than the delusion that they’ll, and may — certainly are destined to — management and dominate all others.

Whether the totalitarian mindset takes the shape of communism, fascism or technocracy, a ruling elite that has succumbed to their very own delusions of grandeur then units about to indoctrinate the plenty into their very own twisted worldview. All that’s wanted to accomplish that reorganization of society is the manipulation of collective emotions.

Killing of the Mind

Menticide is a time period meaning “killing of the mind,” and it’s an historical method of controlling the plenty by systematically killing the human spirit and free thought. It’s a system by which the ruling elite imprints their very own delusional worldview onto society.

A society is primed for menticide by the intentional sowing of worry. A very efficient method to induce worry and panic that ends in psychosis is the unleashing of waves of terror, and it doesn’t matter if the “terror” in query is actual or fictitious. The waves of terror approach may be graphed out as an escalating wave sample the place every spherical of worry is adopted by a spherical of calm.

After a brief interval of calm, the risk stage is elevated once more, with every spherical of fearmongering being extra intense than the one earlier than. Propaganda — pretend and deceptive information — are used to break down the minds of the plenty, and over time, it turns into simpler and simpler to management everybody as confusion and anxiousness give method to the magical pondering and psychotic perception offered as options by the media.

Contradictory studies, nonsensical suggestions and blatant lies are deployed deliberately, because it heightens confusion. The extra confused a inhabitants is, the higher the state of anxiousness, which reduces society’s potential to deal with the disaster. As the flexibility to cope withers, the higher the probabilities a mass psychosis will develop.

As famous within the video, “Confusion heightens the susceptibility of a descent into the delusions of totalitarianism.” Or, as Meerloo famous in his guide:

“Logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot. It confuses those who think straight. The big lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more of an emotional appeal … than logic and reason. While the people are still searching for a reasonable counterargument to the first lie, the totalitarians can assault them with another.”

The Rise of Technocracy

What units modern-day totalitarianism aside from earlier totalitarian states is know-how. The means to incite worry and manipulate individuals’s pondering has by no means been extra environment friendly or efficient. TV, web, smartphones and social media are all sources of information as of late, and it’s simpler than ever to management the stream of that information.

Algorithms routinely filter out the voices of motive and rational pondering, supplanting them with worry narratives as a substitute. Modern applied sciences even have addictive qualities, so many voluntarily expose themselves to the brainwashing. Commenting on man’s reliance on know-how, Meerloo notes:

“No rest, no meditation, no reflection, no conversation. The senses are continually overloaded with stimuli. Man doesn’t learn to question his world anymore. The screen offers him answers already made.”

Isolation — A Mass Psychosis-Inducing Tool

Aside from the onslaught of fearmongering and false propaganda, the final word device to induce psychosis is isolation. When you’re disadvantaged of common social interactions and discussions, you grow to be extra vulnerable to delusions for a quantity of causes:

1. You lose contact with corrective forces of optimistic examples, position fashions of rational pondering and habits. Not everyone seems to be tricked by the brainwashing makes an attempt of the ruling elite, and these individuals can assist free others from their delusions. When you’re in isolation, the facility of these people significantly diminishes.

2. Like animals, human habits is considerably simpler to manipulate when the person is saved in isolation. As animal analysis has found, conditioned reflexes are most simply developed in a quiet, secluded laboratory with a minimal of stimuli to detract from the indoctrination.

When you need to tame a wild animal, you have to isolate the animal and patiently repeat a specific stimulus till the specified response is obtained. Humans may be conditioned in the identical method. Alone, confused, and battered by waves of terror, a society saved in isolation from one another descends into insanity as rational thought is obliterated and changed with magical pondering.

Once a society is firmly within the grip of mass psychosis, totalitarians are free to take the final, decisive step: They can provide a method out; a return to order. The worth is your freedom. You should cede management of all features of your life to the rulers, as a result of until they’re granted complete management, they received’t have the ability to create the order everybody craves.

This order, nonetheless, is a pathological one, devoid of all humanity. It eliminates the spontaneity that brings pleasure and creativity to one’s life by demanding strict conformity and blind obedience.

And regardless of the promise of security, a totalitarian society is inherently fearful. It was constructed on worry, and is maintained by it too. So, giving up your freedom for security and a way of order will solely lead to extra of the identical worry and anxiousness that allowed the totalitarians to achieve management within the first place.

How Can Mass Psychosis Be Reversed?

Can totalitarianism be prevented? And can the results of mass psychosis be reversed? Yes, however simply because the menticidal method is multipronged, so should the answer be. To assist return sanity to an insane world, first you want to heart your self and stay in such a method as to present inspiration for others to observe. As famous by Jung:

“It is not for nothing that our age cries out for the redeemer personality, for the one who can emancipate himself from the grip of the collective psychosis and save at least his own soul, who lights a beacon of hope for others, proclaiming that here is at least one man who has succeeded in extricating himself from the fatal identity with the group psyche.”

Next, you want to share and unfold the reality — the counternarrative to the propaganda — as far and extensive as attainable. Because fact is all the time stronger than lies, the success of propaganda depends on the censoring of fact. Another tactic is to use humor and mock to delegitimize the ruling elite.

A technique proposed by Vaclav Havel, a political dissident who grew to become the president of Czechoslovakia, is known as “parallel structures.” A parallel construction is any type of enterprise, group, know-how, motion or inventive pursuit that matches inside a totalitarian society whereas being morally outdoors of it.

Once sufficient parallel buildings are created, a parallel tradition is born that capabilities as a sanctuary of sanity throughout the totalitarian world. Havel explains this technique in his guide, “The Power of the Powerless.”

Last however not least, to stop the descent into totalitarian insanity, sane and rational motion have to be taken by as many individuals as attainable. The totalitarian elite don’t sit round twiddling their thumbs, hoping and wishing to improve their energy and management. No. They are actively taking steps to increase their place. To defend in opposition to them, the would-be-ruled have to be simply as lively and resolute of their counter-push towards freedom.

All of this may be extraordinarily difficult as individuals round you succumb to collective psychosis. But as Thomas Paine as soon as mentioned:

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered, yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”


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