Marvel Should Make A Silver Surfer Game With The No Man’s Sky Team

Silver Surfer is one in every of Marvel Comics’ strangest creations. He is not as oddly designed as M.O.D.O.K. (who is basically an evil model of Humpty Dumpty), or as far-fetched as Howard the Duck (the pants-less detective marvel), however he rides a surfboard via area and feeds planets to a giant man. He’s a head-scratcher of a hero, however he is likable, and backed by a narrative fueled by love, energy, and cosmic intrigue.

And that brings us to the query of why I’m considering of Silver Surfer on this specific second.

When I booted up Fortnite final weekend to take a look at the brand new Ant-Man skin, I scrolled via the store to see what else was accessible for buy. I did not count on to see a barrage of Marvel characters and kit, as licensed content material would not typically return after the preliminary providing. I debated getting Venom, Daredevil, and Black Widow, however was capable of maintain off on making impulse purchases. That wasn’t the case with Silver Surfer. Supporting my hypocritical stance on licensed cameos in video games, I bought him instantly, after which in a second of weak point, additionally picked up Captain America simply so I may give Silver Surfer his superb defend. The mixture of Surfer and defend was an excessive amount of for my comedian mind to withstand.


Following my spending spree, I booted up a Solo match to take a look at my shiny new pores and skin in motion. After leaping from the Battle Bus and summoning the surfboard for a easy glide to the bottom, I used to be hit with the need to play a sport similar to this. It materialized in my thoughts: Explore alien worlds, scan them for minerals and life, after which decide if that planet must be fed to Galactus, a being you may’t belief, but should appease if you happen to hope to be freed from him. That’s the sport, and its basis strains up completely with Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky.

I am unable to consider a greater mixture of license and developer. The subsequent closest can be Remedy doing a Star Wars sport after making Control among the best Jedi-like experiences I’ve ever performed. Hello Games already has the proper roadmap to help the Silver Surfer, and would simply want to determine find out how to inject story-heavy cutscenes into the combo.

Those story beats would possible bookend scripted gameplay moments. Much like No Man’s Sky, the participant may nonetheless discover a universe stuffed with 18 quintillion planets, however particular planets or cases must happen at particular instances to drive the narrative ahead and create a cohesive arc that strikes from chapter to chapter.


Holding true to the Surfer’s comedian guide historical past, the sport I see ought to start landlocked with gamers controller Norin Radd on his homeworld Zenn-La. It could possibly be a quiet second with Radd at dwelling with Shalla-Bal, his lifelong love (their story is wild and is effectively value investigating if you do not know it). When this utopian planet is threatened by an alien presence, Radd is shipped to area to analyze it. This second could possibly be Hello Games’ method of handing the baton from one sport to the subsequent, with the spacecraft being the primary one the participant pilots in No Man’s Sky.

The risk that Radd confronts is Galactus, and he is right here to devour the resource-rich Zenn-La. Radd pleads with the world eater to spare his world. Galactus agrees, however provided that Radd turns into his herald, a helper who will find different planets that may be consumed. With no different method of saving Zenn-La and Shalla-Bal, Radd transforms into Silver Surfer, and the true sport begins.

It’s at this level that the participant can go anyplace and the near-infinite loop of discovery of No Man’s Sky takes heart stage. With Galactus all the time lurking shut by, you can be requested to analyze planets to see if they are going to sate his starvation. Turning a planet over to him means all life on it would perish. The sources it may offer you would even be misplaced. At sure factors within the sport, Galactus will starvation for various minerals and extra of them over time. Those sources would even be used to energy up the Silver Surfer, solely he mines them on planet surfaces (once more pushing you to maintain some worlds round). With sufficient minerals gained, Surfer ultimately turns into robust sufficient to battle Galactus, defeat him, and be free once more. That’s the endgame purpose.


As a lot as Surfer needs to be freed from his grasp, he should maintain him happy with planetary meals. His satisfaction is represented on a meter that slowly depletes over time. If it is diminished to nothing, it is sport over. The participant might want to make troublesome selections with which planets are spared or misplaced. Some worlds could should be consumed with out even scanning them simply to maintain Galactus consumed lengthy journeys. When a planet falls, I’d love for the participant to get a report of what was misplaced: what number of species, beings, sources, applied sciences, all of it.

At specific story factors, two vital planets could possibly be dangled in entrance of Surfer, and he should determine which one is misplaced. The one that is still may open up a brand new facet story, whereas the one that’s misplaced shuts down a special one.

Since Surfer is among the mightiest heroes within the Marvel universe, fight can be plentiful, with area battles erupting within the orbits of superior planets, in addition to floor warfare on worlds which can be extra prehistoric of their wildlife.

I see Silver Surfer as a sport of gaining energy, and the participant has company in how and when it’s obtained. They are free to discover the cosmos and can encounter issues their buddies by no means do. It’s additionally a narrative of affection, which sees Surfer going again to Zenn-La periodically to test in on Shalla-Bal. And it is a sport of loss and destruction introduced on by Galactus’ starvation and Surfer’s weaknesses.

I’m positive the Silver Surfer will ultimately make an enormous splash within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (possible when the Fantastic Four are launched), however when and the way that occurs stays to be seen. What I do know is that his excellent sport is there for the making (not less than I feel it’s). Odds are Hello Games will proceed including to No Man’s Sky for years to return, but when that improvement workforce needs to strive one thing slightly completely different, they need to ring Marvel, or Marvel ought to ring them. I can assure not less than one copy can be bought.

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