Kena: Bridge of Spirits review

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What is it? A recreation about saving souls by beating them into submission.   
Expect to pay: $40/£32
Developer: Ember Lab
Publisher: Ember Lab
Reviewed on: GeForce GTX 1650, AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, 8 GB RAM
Multiplayer: None
Release date: September 21, 2021
Link: Epic Games Store

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a looker, and the Pixar comparisons which were flying round are, to an extent, justified. The lush world and its big-eyed inhabitants radiate with persona. Even the bulbs of corruption that plague the land are oddly engaging. Kena’s received the Hollywood seems to be down, however it’s additionally received the Hollywood willpower to play it protected.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits would possibly seem like a Zelda recreation at a look, however it’s a largely linear action-adventure recreation that takes place in a single giant map, and also you’re not often required to retrace your steps. The map is dotted with warp factors anyway, and the sport autosaves usually, so that you’re by no means at risk of shedding a lot progress or repeatedly operating by the identical empty areas. It retains the story transferring all through its 8-10 hour runtime with out an excessive amount of friction outdoors of some doubtlessly tough fights, relying in your chosen issue. Overall, Bridge of Spirits is a nice cruise by acquainted motion platforming waters.

Kena herself is a spirit information. It’s her job to assist souls transfer on from the mortal aircraft. This means looking three areas for relics attuned to the spirit, clearing corruption and defeating lesser unfriendly spirits on the way in which. Seeking out private objects with a purpose to gently transfer a soul on, I can perceive, however repeatedly hitting them within the face with a stick? Seems relatively unorthodox, however I assume that reveals what I find out about spirits.

(Image credit score: Ember Lab)

Combat, of which there’s so much, works simply superb, however I can not get any extra passionate about it than that. There’s a lightweight assault, a heavy assault, a block and parry, and different talents to unlock (together with a bow, which turns into very important each in fight, and for switches used within the mild traversal puzzling). Although some enemies require particular ways to defeat, or to defeat successfully, typically talking it is all a bit button-bashy. It would not assist that arenas are usually pretty small, and enemies typically strategy from off-camera. I find yourself dodging so much. 

The little creatures that accompany you in your journey are referred to as the Rot, and good god they’re lovely. You can sit all the way down to admire or play with them everytime you like, however in addition they have sensible makes use of. During fights, you cost up ‘braveness’ which lets you ship them to distract an enemy, assist destroy an enemy spawn level, or activate an unlocked capability (such because the Rot Hammer, which takes a lovely chunk out of enemy well being bars). Poking round off the primary path will typically yield new little followers, which fits my playstyle effectively. And I have to admit, the Rot do make themselves helpful now and again; one boss was irritating me immensely, digging into the bottom as quickly as I received shut, till I realised that I might order my lovely military to carry it in place for a number of seconds whereas I received some hits in.

(Image credit score: Ember Lab)

Rot’s subsequent?


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