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ResourcesFoodNameLocation/Crafting RecipeDescriptionItem Spawn CodeBlood Pudding
  • 2 Thistle
  • 2 Bloodbag
  • 4 Barley flour
It’s bloody tasty.BloodPuddingBlueberries
  • Found in bushes within the Black Forest
Tiny however tasty.BlueberriesBreadA tasty loaf of bread.BreadCarrotAn orange deal with.CarrotCarrot SoupA heat tasty soup fabricated from principally carrots.CarrotSoupCloudberriesThe gold of the forest.CloudberryCooked FishA tasty aspect of smoked fish.Fish CookedCooked Lox MeatAn important hunk of tender meat, meals match for Valhalla!CookedLoxMeatCooked MeatRoasted on the bone, match for a feast.CookedMeatCooked Serpent MeatA cooked slice of sea serpent, smells good.SerpentMeatCookedFish Wraps
  • 2 Cooked fish
  • 4 Barley flour
Bread and fish, what extra to want?FishWrapsGrilled Neck TailThis savoury, charcoal-grilled meat has a slight aroma of seaweed and grass.NeckTailGrilledHoneySweet and attractive.HoneyLox Meat Pie
  • 4 Barley flour
  • 2 Cloudberries
  • 2 Cooked Lox meat
Break the crust to launch a cloud of aromatic steam. Delicious!LoxPieMushroom
  • Found on the bottom within the Meadows and Black Forest
Bounty of the forest.MushroomQueens Jam
  • 8 Raspberries
  • 8 Blueberries
That basic tasty mix of raspberries and blueberries.QueensJamRaspberries
  • Found in bushes within the Meadows
Sweet and scrumptious.RaspberrySausages
  • 2 Entrails
  • 1 Raw meat
  • 4 Thistle
Links of savory, smoked meat.SausagesSerpent Stew
  • 1 Mushroom
  • 1 Cooked Serpent meat
Smells of honey and serpent.SerpentStewTurnip StewNutritious and restorative.TurnipStewYellow Mushroom
  • Found within the Burial Chambers, Troll caves, and Sunken Crypts
An energetic glowing mushroom.MushroomYellowMeads & Barley WineNameCrafting RecipeDescriptionItem Spawn CodeTasty Mead
  • Ferment Mead base: Tasty (x10 Honey, x10 Raspberries, x5 Blueberries) for 2 days
The nectar of the gods, divine mead.MeadTastyMinor Healing Mead
  • Ferment Mead base: Minor therapeutic (x10 Honey, x5 Blueberries, x5 Raspberries, x1 Dandelion) for 2 days
Restores well being.MeadWell beingMinorMedium Healing Mead
  • Ferment Mead base: Medium therapeutic (x10 Honey, x4 Bloodbag, x10 Raspberries, x1 Dandelion) for 2 days
Restores well being.MeadWell beingMediumMinor Stamina Mead
  • Ferment Mead base: Minor stamina (x10 Honey, x10 Raspberries, x10 Yellow mushroom) for 2 days
Restores stamina.MeadStaminaMinorMedium Stamina Mead
  • Ferment Mead base: Medium stamina (x10 Honey, x10 Cloudberries, x10 Yellow mushroom) for 2 days
Restores stamina.MeadStaminaMediumPoison Resistance Mead
  • Ferment Mead base: Poison resistance (x10 Honey, x5 Thistle, x1 Neck tail, x10 Coal) for 2 days
Fortifies you towards poison.MeadPoisonResistFrost Resistance Mead
  • Ferment Mead base: Frost resistance (x10 Honey, x5 Thistle, x2 Bloodbag, x1 Greydwarf eye) for 2 days
Protects towards the chilly.MeadFrostResistFire Resistance Barley Wine
  • Ferment Barley wine base: Fire resistance (x10 Barley, x10 Cloudberries) for 2 days
Fortifies you towards fireplace.BarleyWineOres, Refined Metals, and ScrapsNameCrafting RecipeDescriptionItem Spawn CodeBlack Metal
  • Smelt Black Metal scraps in a Blast Furnace
A heavy bar of darkish steel.BlackMetalBlack Metal Scraps
  • Dropped by Fuling, Fuling Berserker, Fuling Shaman
A twisted hunk of darkish steel.BlackMetalScrapBronzeA powerful alloy of copper and tin.BronzeBronze NailsUsed in building of ships and furnishings.BronzeNailsCopperA bar of pure copper able to be labored.CopperCopper Ore
  • Mined from Copper deposit
Unrefined copper. Needs to be refined in a smelter.CopperOreFlametal
  • Smelt Flametal ore in a Blast Furnace
The pure, shimmering core of a meteorite.FlametalFlametal Ore
  • Mined from Glowing Metal piles
Warm to the contact with glowing veins of unusual steel. Needs to be refined in a smelter.FlametalOreIronA bar of pure iron able to be labored.IronIron NailsNeeded for superior building initiatives.IronNailsIron OreCan solely be spawned in utilizing a spawn code.Unrefined iron. Needs to be refined in a smelter.IronOreObsidianDark volcanic glass.ObsidianScrap Iron
  • Mined from Muddy Scrap Piles
  • Found in chests within the Sunken Crypts
It’s previous and rusty however can be utilized and smelted once more.IronScrapSilverA bar of pure silver able to be labored.SilverSilver Ore
  • Mined from silver deposits within the Mountains
Unrefined silver. Needs to be refined in a smelter.SilverOreTinA bar of pure tin able to be labored.TinTin Ore
  • Mined from tin deposits close to the rivers within the Black Forest
Unrefined tin. Needs to be refined in a smelter.TinOreMiscellaneous MaterialsNameCrafting RecipeDescriptionItem Spawn CodeAncient Bark
  • Harvested from Ancient Trees within the Swamp
An historical and durable materials.ElderBarkAncient Seed
  • Dropped by Greydwarf Brute and Greydwarf Shaman
  • Can be discovered randomly in chests
Held towards your ear, you hear tiny whispering inside…AncientSeedBone Fragments
  • Dropped by Skeletons
  • Found within the Burial Chambers and Black Forest
A pile of shattered bones.BoneFragmentsChain
  • Dropped by Wraiths
  • Found in Sunken Crypts
A hyperlink of iron chain.ChainChitin
  • Acquired by mining Abyssal Barnacles within the Ocean
A shard of crustacean shell.ChitinCoal
  • Created by overcooking meat
  • Crafted in a charcoal kiln utilizing wooden
  • Dropped by Surtlings
A lump of coal.CoalCrystal
  • Dropped by Stone Golems within the Mountains
A shard of crystal from deep throughout the earth.CrystalDeer Hide
  • Dropped by Deer
  • Found in chests
A cleaned conceal from a deer.DeerHideDragon TearThe final frozen tears of a dragon, pulsating with mysterious power.DragonTearEntrailsA slimy size of one thing’s insides.EntrailsFeathers
  • Dropped by Seagulls
  • Found in chests within the Meadows and Black Forest
  • Rare drop from chopping down bushes
A small pile of feathers.FeathersFlint
  • Found alongside the river and shoreline within the Meadows
Can be formed into sharp blades.FlintFreeze GlandThis mysterious organ retains an ideal temperature.FreezeGlandFuling Totem
  • Found in Fuling Villages
  • Dropped by Fuling Berserker
Channels the traditional energy of Yagluth.N/AGreydwarf Eye
  • Dropped by Greyling, Greydwarf, Greydwarf Brute, and Greydwarf Shaman.
Milky eyeball of a Greydwarf.GreydwarfEyeGuck
  • Found in Gucksacks within the Swamp
It smells like fermented fish.GuckHard AntlerA bit of very laborious antler.HardAntlerLeather Scraps
  • Dropped by Boar
  • Found in muddy scrap piles
  • Found in chests within the Meadows
A small pile of leather-based scraps.LeatherScrapsLinen ThreadA effective linen thread made out of a powerful flax filament.LinenThreadLox PeltA heavy pelt of thick, musty fur.LoxPeltNeedleThe pointy finish of a Deathsquito.NeedleOoze
  • Dropped by Blob and Oozer
Rotten and putrid-smelling. Why would you like this?OozeResinSticky tree resin that insulates effectively. If put to the flame it burns sluggish and regular.ResinSerpent ScaleThe shiny steel-like scale from a sea serpent.SerpentScaleStone
  • Found everywhere in the floor
  • Mined from rocks
It’s a rock.StoneSurtling Core
  • Dropped by Surtlings
  • Found in Burial Chambers
It throbs with internal warmth.SurtlingCoreThistle
  • Found within the Black Forest and Swamp
Beatiful however prickly.ThistleTroll Hide
  • Dropped by Trolls
  • Found in chests in Black Forest
A thick and durable conceal. This is why trolls are so laborious to kill.TrollHideWolf FangStill sharp.WolfFangWolf PeltA pelt of shaggy fur.WolfPeltWithered Bone
  • Found in muddy scrap piles
  • Found in Sunken Crypts
A large bone, knotted like previous wooden.WitheredBoneYmir Flesh
  • Purchased from Haldor for 120 cash
The earthy stays of the enormous Ymir.YmirStays

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