Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon?

Helping you are taking management of your well being in these loopy occasions is Dr. Richard Fleming, a prolific creator along with being a physicist, a nuclear heart specialist, researcher and legal professional.

Here, we focus on his newest guide “Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation,” slated for launch September 7, 2021. It’s at the moment out there for preorder on Amazon. It’s an extremely well-documented guide and accommodates historical past that many people aren’t conscious of. As it seems, the creation of this virus goes again not a yr or two however 20 years.

“My space of aptitude [is] physics and calculus, the mathematic language for that. Physics, and notably excessive vitality particle physics, is one thing that I discover very fascinating.

I finally wound up doing a few of that in a while in life as a nuclear heart specialist. So, [I’ve done] 53 years of analysis in physics, and in drugs, I really developed the irritation in coronary heart illness concept and offered it to American Heart in 1994.

I joined American Heart in 1976 because the youngest college member at the moment, and I acquired put in a number of standing committees as a end result — primary and superior cardiac life assist in addition to the doctor ldl cholesterol training college.

I did a lot of analysis on dietary influences and components which might be important, not just for in the long run — coronary heart illness — however different persistent inflammatory ailments, be that cerebrovascular ailments, strokes, diabetes or most cancers,” Fleming explains.

Standing on Principles of Ethics

Fleming can also be a scientific reviewer for greater than 16 completely different journals. He was on the exterior scientific evaluation board for The Lancet, however stop in protest of the pretend hydroxychloroquine article they revealed — an act I consider demonstrates his dedication to scientific integrity. He additionally resigned from the British Medical Journal Open Quality attributable to related considerations.

“Eventually we either stand behind principles or we acquiesce and become nothing more than the German doctors of Nazi Germany during World War II,” he says. “And as historical past confirmed us, they ultimately paid a worth on the Nuremberg Trials …

There are folks — powers that be — that assume that they’ve issues going their course, however it’s very clear to me that they are not assured that they have all people beneath management. The method through which that is all being dealt with demonstrates that they are extra apprehensive concerning the fact popping out than not. And I feel they’re apprehensive concerning the penalties, as they need to be.”

Digging Up the Truth

Early on in 2020, Fleming began researching remedy choices for SARS-CoV-2 utilizing the Fleming Method, which you’ll be taught extra about on Using this technique, you’ll be able to measure how a given intervention works on the tissue stage, and the way an infection or irritation is responding to the remedy.

He ended up growing 52 remedy combos, and over the course of that examine, the size of hospitalization stays went from 5 to 6 weeks down to 1 to 2 weeks. But he additionally realized one thing else.

“In the process of doing that research, I dug more and more and investigated what was going on, and that led me into the background of the research that many of these people had been doing,” Fleming explains.

“Tens of millions of dollars have been funneled out of the U.S., and Anthony Fauci has helped with that. He’s been on those committees. You can see the grant numbers in the book.”

Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon?

While gain-of-function can be utilized for benevolent functions, it may possibly simply as simply be used for nefarious ones, “and that’s kind of what you see happening,” Fleming says.

“You see actual efforts to supply viruses, coronaviruses, particularly. Spike proteins of coronaviruses to be much more particular, as I present within the guide, paid for by the federal authorities by individuals who say they weren’t concerned in gain-of-function analysis.

Well, their fingerprints are on the paperwork, or on the revealed papers or on the grants or on the patents. You cannot say that you just’re not concerned in issues when the paperwork present otherwise. They present the work and the cash that got here out of the federal authorities that went to Peter Daszak at EcoHealth, that went to Ralph Baric on the University of North Carolina, Shi Zhengli on the Wuhan Institute of Virology and different locations.

For me, as a researcher, clearly, as soon as I begin to examine one thing, the one method you’ll be able to cease me from doing that’s to place a bullet in my head. Otherwise, I’m going to remain after it. There are issues that aren’t within the guide which might be going to come back out in worldwide prison court docket, issues I’m saving for that, as a result of this virus is, by definition, a organic weapon.

It violates the organic weapons conference treaty. You simply have to have a look at the definitions. It gives nothing helpful to humanity. It’s harmful. When Fort Detrick is concerned and the Department of Defense is concerned … and also you see these monies and also you see the folks which might be concerned, you notice that … the United States was enjoying China, China was enjoying the United States, and also you noticed who acquired caught in between. And they’re nonetheless enjoying the sport.

For lack of a higher time period, this guide is an indictment. That’s now my legal professional hat occurring saying that I’ve supplied on this guide proof that I might take to a grand jury … I’m not someone who’s going to surrender on having these folks handled, as a result of all of the freedoms that we’ve misplaced, and the rights that we’ve misplaced as people, to not point out simply the numbers of people that have died.

My argument is … the rationale why they died is as a result of they did not get remedy for the irritation and the blood clotting that I and different docs have proven works. The final argument is which you could’t kill someone greater than lifeless … they can not do worse than kill the affected person. And we have already seen what doing nothing does. It kills the affected person.

At no different time in American historical past have docs checked out sufferers and mentioned, ‘We can’t do anything for you. Go home and come back when you get sicker.’ We have at all times handled folks with respiration issues with drugs for respiration issues. We’ve at all times handled folks with clotting issues with medicines to cease the clotting.

And so, the rationale why that is so important to know is as a result of the identical individuals who had been concerned within the funding of this bioweapon are the identical individuals who have interfered with docs offering remedy to sufferers, and the identical individuals who have been concerned within the growth of those vaccines.”

While Fleming fastidiously lays out the proof in his guide, he leaves it as much as you, the reader, to resolve whether or not SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon or not. However, he says, in case you do come to that conclusion (and he believes you’ll when you’ve seen the proof), “then you have to recognize that the vaccines are nothing more than the genetic reproduction of that bioweapon.” Hence, the COVID photographs are bioweapons too.

Warning to Medical Professionals

If you’re a physician, nurse, pharmacist or different well being skilled administering these COVID photographs, you could be sensible to rethink your participation on this scheme. A major drawback is there’s no method to offer or get hold of knowledgeable consent. As famous by Fleming:

“If you are injecting somebody with these drug vaccine biologics, you’re injecting them with one thing that you just can not probably give them knowledgeable consent for, which suggests you are violating your Hippocratic Oath, you are violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Treaty, you are violating the Nuremberg Code, you are violating the Declaration of Helsinki.

It’s proper throughout the board. It’s not even one thing which you could faux would not occur anymore. It’s simply in all people’s faces. And you’ll be able to see that the powers that be are so stressed proper now that they’re cajoling and coercing and manipulating and attacking. My buddies in Italy inform me that vaccinated individuals are behaving in the identical method that they did throughout World War II in the direction of the Jews and the intellectuals.

And let’s bear in mind, the primary folks Hitler put in focus camps weren’t the Jews. The first folks had been the intellectuals, as a result of in case you take the intellectuals and the docs off the road, in case you cease folks from speaking, you’ll be able to management the folks.

So, the strain being placed on the medical neighborhood on this nation and in nations world wide to easily go alongside is nothing greater than the equal of what Adolf Hitler and the SS did throughout World War II once they rounded up the intellectuals. One [thing] will result in the subsequent and there is nothing about this that has been a profitable marketing campaign to regulate an infectious virus …

All you need to do is learn the emergency use authorization paperwork. I’m simply shocked at how many individuals haven’t learn these. I’m shocked at physicians not having learn these.”

On, you’ll find a number of video presentations and PDFs the place Fleming goes via the emergency use authorization paperwork. With that knowledge in hand, Fleming suggests asking your self some elementary scientific questions, resembling: “Is there any statistical difference in the number of people who developed COVID-19 or died among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated?”

The reply supplied within the paperwork is not any. There is not any statistical distinction between the 2 teams. The vaccines don’t statistically cut back COVID-19 an infection or demise thereof. There are fewer instances in absolute numbers, however statistically there’s no distinction. Add to that the chance of unwanted effects. If you are taking the shot, you danger growing irritation and blood clotting.

As famous above, coerced administration of those photographs violate any variety of legal guidelines. Fleming additionally cites supreme court docket rulings through which the court docket dominated folks have the best to decide on their very own well being care.

“Rochin versus California needed to do with a person who was compelled to bear emetic drugs to pressure him to vomit, to deliver up issues in his abdomen. The Supreme Court mentioned, ‘You do not have a right to force this medication on people.’

Griswold versus Connecticut confirmed that the U.S. authorities can not take away the private rights of well being care in people except there’s some kind of compelling and substantial motive, after which it needs to be put into legislation. It cannot come out of the manager department.

Cruzan versus Director of Missouri Department of Health in 1990, particularly said that sufferers have a proper to refuse any remedy. You can not pressure remedy on folks. Well, that is compelled remedy. This is coerced remedy.

And Doe v. Rumsfeld proved in 2004 that investigational medication couldn’t be compelled upon folks except there may be a presidential waiver or knowledgeable consent. Well, this is the kicker on presidential waiver, which is what they’ll go to.

Anybody who takes an oath of workplace — the president of the United States, senators, representatives to Congress, governors, law enforcement officials, judges, legal professionals, administrative officers — can not violate the U.S. Constitution. If they do, they’ve dedicated treason, by definition.

In the U.S. Constitution, it states that Treaty Law and the Constitution and statutes are the supreme legislation of the land. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights particularly states that you just can not pressure folks to take a drug; that they should have knowledgeable consent, and that animal analysis has to have been accomplished beforehand to show it is protected.

So, if a president, together with this one, points an order that that is a mandate and is required, then he’s violating the U.S. Constitution by violating Treaty and subsequently has dedicated treason.

It’s not solely an impeachable offense, it’s punishable by demise as a result of that is [the punishment for] treason. You cannot pressure U.S. residents to bear compelled experimentation.

And you’ll be able to’t get round that by doing one thing cute like having the FDA say, ‘Whoa, well, we’ve now approved it, OK?’ Because the Supreme Court has already dominated that you just can not pressure folks to take a remedy and the one social gathering that may change that’s the Supreme Court.”

Moderna Has Been Aware of Risks for Years

You’ve most likely heard that the mRNA within the COVID photographs are designed to remain proper across the injection web site. However, Fleming factors out that Moderna knew this wasn’t the case, as they revealed analysis in 2017 exhibiting a lipid nanoparticle vaccine for influenza ended up within the mind, bone marrow, liver, spleen and nearly all over the place else within the our bodies of the check animals.

“So, for people to come up now and say, ‘Gosh, golly gee whiz, we just didn’t expect that’ is a little disingenuous,” Fleming says. “And I feel you need to ask your self, why does the heart specialist know concerning the 2017 paper however the folks answerable for the expertise declare they do not?

And so, what you see are regular wholesome folks responding to a large manufacturing of spike proteins and wholesome folks ought to make a large immune response. What does that immune response do? It produces irritation and blood clotting, after which the spike proteins go throughout the blood-brain barrier and trigger prion ailments similar to what’s been proven in humanized mice and rhesus macaque fashions.

I’m keen to wager that the individuals who made this gain-of-function virus already knew that, as a result of one of many issues that had the federal government and Big Pharma coming after me within the Nineties [and] early 2000s was the truth that the analysis I used to be doing in dietary and inflammatory illness had the identical Neu-5-Ac raft receptor that the glycoprotein 120 of HIV — which Shi Zhengli put [into the virus] in 2004 — attaches to.

So, the those who had been doing this had been paralleling my analysis … It seems that that information is important for getting this virus to have the ability to connect and to contaminate folks prefer it’s doing. So, it is attention-grabbing how one can be minding your individual enterprise and doing actually good analysis, attempting to reply some questions, and it would simply expose the folks which might be doing nefarious issues.”

What You Can Do if Your Job Mandates the Jab is a actual treasure trove of information which you could surf via. There, you’ll additionally discover pattern paperwork for medical, religious, legal and Constitutional exemptions to vaccination which you could current to your employer, instructional establishment or anybody else attempting to bully you into taking an experimental COVID shot.

He additionally has fliers you can print out and distribute that lay out your U.S. Constitutional and statutory rights as a citizen, in addition to petitions for the President of the United States, Senate, House of Representatives and state governors, calling on them to research these answerable for this gain-of-function bioweapon. You can discover all of these petitions beneath the “Actions” tab on the prime proper nook. Fleming additionally encourages folks to take authorized motion.

“I’m working with a variety of attorneys to file fits in [the U.S.], [and I’m] one of many consultants within the International Court and Italian courts for fits being filed for crimes in opposition to humanity. So, the underside line reply to that is going to be all people deciding that they should take motion and [hold those responsible] accountable. And sure, this will imply you lose your job …

You have to have a look at this, at this cut-off date, and ask your self what kind of world are you leaving your youngsters and your grandchildren? This isn’t about you. This isn’t about me. This is concerning the youngsters and the grandchildren.

Whatever we go away them, they’ll primarily be caught with it. If we abandon them — and the founding fathers didn’t abandon us — then we’re answerable for permitting this to occur. It’s on us, so there isn’t any straightforward method … If you ever puzzled what you’d have accomplished in Thirties Germany, right this moment, you understand.”

Cases Filed With International Criminal Court

According to Fleming, Italian legal professionals have already filed a case in Italian Federal Courts and plan to file with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. Attorneys from six completely different nations are additionally placing collectively a joint case. While the U.S. didn’t ratify the ICC, American residents can nonetheless be held accountable within the ICC.

Laws and statutes being relied upon embrace the Biological Weapons Convention treaty, the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It’s now as much as the ICC to resolve what it needs to do, and when.

“It doesn’t really matter how long this takes or to whom this has to go. I’m a firm believer that there are enough good, honest people on this planet that if the people communicate and work together, the tide on this can and will be turned,” Fleming says.

“It’s the identical story everywhere in the world. All the those who I’ve talked to within the completely different nations that I’ve been working with have the identical feeling. They’re coerced. Their residents are being bribed, which, as a aspect word, anytime the federal government has to bribe the folks to do it, you need to say, ‘If it was really a good idea, why would you have to bribe me? I would be lining up for it.’

I’m the last word, I feel, analysis scientist. After 53 years, I actually really feel very strongly about being a scientist doctor. And I’m extremely offended when Anthony Fauci says he’s science, as a result of he isn’t …

If these ‘vaccines’ really labored and there was scientific proof, I’d be on right here telling you to take it. What you are listening to me inform you is, ‘Don’t take it.’ These issues are organic weapons. They’re nothing greater than a genetic code of a organic weapon that was made, that was paid for, and put collectively by nefarious folks … I’m not anti-vaccine. I’m anti-stupid.”

We’re Battling the Biggest Propaganda Campaign in History

In closing, Fleming says:

“One of the issues I do need to make a touch upon now could be for the individuals who haven’t been vaccinated. When you are individuals who have been vaccinated, step again for simply a second and acknowledge that a lot of these folks acquired vaccinated as a result of they had been instructed that this was the one solution to defend the those who they beloved.

What we have to do is have the intelligence and the compassion obligatory to have a look at these people and say, ‘I get it. No judgment.’ If there’s a shedding drawback or one thing like that that you just’re coping with, there are therapies out there which you could take a look at. I put these on the web site, too.

But come collectively and assist these folks, as a result of they had been simply doing what they thought was proper. Many of them are scared, and so they have been made so scared. By the best way, what kind of nation, what kind of world, spends a lot effort horrifying the blazes out of its residents? That says one thing.”

Indeed, that is undoubtedly the simplest propaganda marketing campaign within the historical past of humanity, and it’s exhausting responsible somebody for cracking beneath that kind of a coordinated assault. The excellent news is that frequent sense has not solely died but. Fleming says:

“I feel there’s a lot of individuals which might be very involved that issues have gone south, so to talk. I’m really inspired. One of the issues that I’ve seen about being right here in Texas is that frequent sense has not died … [and] what I’ve repeatedly gotten from folks is ‘Don’t dumb it down.’

It’s not a matter of turning folks into Ph.D., M.D.’s or no matter, it is a matter of simply being truthful and sincere with them. People have a actually good capability, once they get away from all of the nonsense taking place, to have a look at the reality and notice it is the reality and to take heed to nonsense being thrown at them and notice that it is simply rubbish and manipulation. So, frequent sense is a actually great tool for everyone to have. That and compassion …

We used to regularly sit down and have conversations with households and buddies the place you’d argue backwards and forwards and also you focus on issues, and I can not be the one particular person that may stroll away from a dialog and go, ‘Well, I hadn’t really thought about that. Let me think about that’ as a result of that is sort of a completely different viewpoint.

That change stopped once they quarantined folks, once they remoted us, put us in our properties and managed what you possibly can see on the Internet and on tv. Well, we have come far sufficient again out of it that that change has began once more.

People have needed to struggle to get that information out, however it’s that sharing of information and information that’s so important to turning this round, and really bringing all of this nonsense beneath management. Not simply the virus, however the manipulation of those who has been occurring and the lies and the deceit and the abuse of energy. They used our cash to do it. They used our lives to do it. They used our livelihoods to do it.”

More Information

To be taught extra, you’ll want to decide up a copy of “Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation.” You can even discover a lot of information on, together with science-based treatment suggestions for COVID-19 and side effects from both the COVID shot or spike protein transmission from a one who acquired the shot.


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