Inside the Community Deciphering Ex-GTA Boss’ Mysterious New Game

Joining the Everywhere neighborhood Discord is, for the most half, a traditional expertise. You conform to a algorithm and get entry to channels filled with followers sharing every little thing they will discover on this mysterious new game from the former president of GTA developer Rockstar North. Actually, he occurs to be the first individual you converse to. Leslie P. Benzies is the tongue-in-cheek title of the group’s Discord bot that welcomes new sleuths into the fold.

The unusual factor about the Everywhere neighborhood is that its members are wildly excited for the sport not primarily based on what they’ve been proven, however what they’ve dug up themselves. Everywhere is, in the wider in style consciousness, barely greater than a reputation and a set of obscure concepts – however the sheer improvement pedigree of Benzies himself has led to tons of of followers doing every little thing they will to search out out about his subsequent challenge.

Benzies was regarded as Rockstar’s “unseen mastermind” throughout his time at the studio, producing a number of of its most formative video games and directing GTA Online, a sport that’s still growing its player base and increasing its revenue some eight years after launch. In 2016, he left amid some controversy to discovered his personal studio, Build A Rocket Boy and has been working on Everywhere ever since.

The Discord is filled with ex-pat Rockstar followers who’re very keen on Benzies, with memes depicting him as a father determine able to ship unto them a brand new period of gaming innovation, and in a single case, a custom hoodie with “The Benz” written on the back. That devotion has led to a light obsession with discovering precisely what (ahem) The Benz’s subsequent sport will really be.

Admins Nestor and Razor have been following Everywhere since its announcement in 2017, and out of grassroots pleasure, they’ve constructed Everywhere communities, properly, all over the place — throughout Discord, Reddit, Twitter and Instagram. With over 600 members in the subreddit, it is a comparatively modest crew, however that hasn’t stopped a gentle stream of excitable headlines and URLs to obscure corners of the web which may level to clues on the sport.

We spoke extensively to Nestor and Razor about what they’ve discovered thus far, and it creates a really intriguing image of what feels like an nearly absurdly bold sport. But earlier than we get to that, it’s in all probability helpful to listen to what Build a Rocket Boy itself has already informed us about Everywhere.

The Official Word on Everywhere

You may not even pay attention to Everywhere but – and also you couldn’t be blamed for that. The sport is in energetic improvement, however there have been no trailers or teasers simply but, by no means thoughts gameplay reveals.

Officially, we all know that Everywhere shall be some sort of MMO due to this job listing for a Vehicle Artist, which says the candidate shall be liable for creating “a wide range of vehicle assets to populate an immersive and large MMO experience.” The human faces we can see on the landing page for the sport’s web site additionally tease a practical artwork model, with the official description calling Everywhere “a game, a community and a new world.”One of the few pieces of official art for Everywhere. (Source: Build A Rocket Boy)

One of the few items of official artwork for Everywhere. (Source: Build A Rocket Boy)

“In the near future, technology has brought humanity to the precipice of a world shifting change,” it reads. There are those that wish to use this expertise to benefit solely themselves, and people who wish to use it to assist all humankind. Will we glance to the stars? Or stare solely at our toes? Will we be impressed? Or reside in worry?”

A handful of interviews had been carried out to advertise the sport’s announcement in 2017, revealing obscure however essential particulars. Benzies informed VentureBeat that the objective for Everywhere was “to create a platform where players can be entertained, and also entertain others while blurring the lines between reality, and a simulated world.”

“I see a future where we don’t reference single or multiplayer — we just choose when we play and if we want to hang out with others or we want to be alone,” he informed Polygon. “We’re making “Everywhere” as seamless as attainable so gamers gained’t have to consider leaping from mode to mode — besides when it helps the gameplay.” With all the items put collectively, the sport begins to seem extra like a dwelling social platform than something certain by typical online game style conference.

Batting away inevitable Grand Theft Auto comparisons, Benzies told Polygon that Everywhere is “very different” from the collection to which he gave a great a part of his profession. “There may be parts of our game that include satire but the tone will be very different and at times our players will be in control of how the tone is set,” he mentioned.

“I see a future the place we do not reference single or multiplayer — we simply select once we play and if we wish to hang around with others or we wish to be alone” – Leslie Benzies

Ex-Rockstar North lead Matthew Smith, who joined Benzies in founding Build a Rocket Boy, described the sport as “more like a social network”, and cryptically added that, “If a future President selected to make coverage bulletins in Everywhere, that’s one thing I’d definitely discover attention-grabbing.”

Official channels have been silent for a great few years now, however as of 2020, it no less than appears like improvement has been ramping up. Last September, Build a Rocket Boy raised $40 million in funding for the sport from corporations reminiscent of Netease and Galaxy Interactive. In November, the studio introduced that the sport had made the leap from the troubled Amazon Lumberyard engine to Unreal Engine to “create a game built on a foundation that will remain at the forefront of the industry for years to come.”

Overall it seems like we’ve heard rather a lot, however discovered fairly little. Thankfully, past these small, typically disconnected official particulars, the Everywhere neighborhood has been choosing up each potential puzzle piece of information it may well discover – from patents to hidden web sites – and utilizing them to fit collectively a possible image of what Everywhere shall be. How a lot of this can flip up on our screens, and the way a lot is just the experiments of a model new studio, stays to be seen – but it surely’s clear that Build a Rocket Boy is attempting to reside as much as its grand guarantees.

Another of Everywhere's eye artworks. (Source: Build A Rocket Boy)

Another of Everywhere’s eye artworks. (Source: Build A Rocket Boy)

What the Community’s Found

Beyond the daring blurbs above, there actually wasn’t a lot to go on for the superfans in the Everywhere social media neighborhood, earlier than a set of patents blew the metaphorical doorways off earlier this 12 months. Nestor says {that a} consumer often called Wolf first shared a hyperlink to those paperwork in the Everywhere Discord. The neighborhood gave them an intensive investigation, posting their conclusions to Reddit in February of 2021.

Before explaining their findings, Nestor and Razor had been clear (as we ought to be, too) that these are simply patents — it’s attainable that none of this expertise will make it into the last sport. But that hasn’t stopped the neighborhood from getting very enthusiastic about all of it, and creating its personal imaginative and prescient of what Everywhere may very well be.

“If the [patents] are correct, Everywhere will be a multiplayer open world, set in the near future, where players will be able to buy their own vehicles and objects, create minigames and interact.” – Nestor

“If the [patents] are correct, Everywhere will be a multiplayer open world, set in the near future, where players will be able to buy their own vehicles and objects, create minigames and interact,” Nestor says. “It is inevitable to think of Ready Player One, where there were different worlds with different games, and you could dress as you wanted and have the car or motorcycle you wanted. Virtual reality will also play an important role in the game, but I don’t think it is necessary to enjoy it.” These concepts summon inevitable Roblox comparisons, one other sport with its personal metaverse nurtured by player-built video games and areas.

Many shops have referred to the sport as a “GTA Killer,” however after learning the patents, the neighborhood doesn’t see that as a good comparability. “I think it will be a very, very different game from GTA — there’s no sense in calling it ‘the GTA killer’, as it’s not here to kill anything,” Nestor says. “It will be an open-world MMO, but nothing to do with what Rockstar has created so far.”

Razor echoes Benzies’ 2017 feedback, saying they do not consider that Everywhere is “looking to replace GTA.” Instead, they argue that Benzies is attempting to construct a status for his new studio separate from his present legacy, including new mechanics and content material as-yet-unseen in the business.

Image from Build A Rocket Boy's patents. (Source:

Image from Build A Rocket Boy’s patents. (Source:

Part of this innovation contains the minigames talked about by Nestor, which, if the patents are to be believed, really feel like a key pillar of Everywhere. It’s thought that they might be accessible by way of in-game digital actuality glasses. This characteristic is seen in the patent drawings the place a consumer in a lifelike setting dons a visor peripheral and enters a surreal metaverse.

“In the patents, we see a moment in which the in-game character, in the third person, puts on virtual reality glasses,” says Nestor. “That serves as a transition to enter a different world, where, according to patents, everything can be different, from visual style, gravity, physics etc.” Razor calls it “a good syntactic way to justify some things ‘out of the ordinary.’”

Image from Build A Rocket Boy's patents. (Source:

Image from Build A Rocket Boy’s patents. (Source:

As for the make-up of those two disparate worlds, Nestor has concepts: “I believe the first world shall be one thing much like GTA Online and the second world shall be the one that appears like Ready Player One, the place you may create worlds and video games for the enjoyment of different gamers, and entry them by way of doorways or portals.”

Build A Rocket Boy’s patents additionally recommend a novel method to monetisation in Everywhere. “If the patents refer to Everywhere, we are going to see microtransactions to be able to buy in-game objects, but not only that, since a system is named to be able to make purchases in the game of real objects, in real life,” Nestor explains.

everywhere billboard

Image from Build A Rocket Boy’s patents. (Source:

The patents recommend that gamers will be capable of look at purchasable objects, together with clothes, autos, meals and even kitchen home equipment in Everywhere. One drawing depicts a product commercial on an in-game billboard, with gamers capable of choose it, see its attribute advantages and buy the asset on the transfer. Razor notes that the performance of buying real-world objects in-game might shake out equally to Nintendo’s Amiibo determine assortment, that are toys that may be purchased in real-life but in addition have results inside digital software program.

Another crucial characteristic seen inside the patents is a method to broadcast media content material from inside the Everywhere platform. “We can see Netflix with friends in a cinema (perhaps with VR, to make it more immersive), or Spotify music on the jukebox that you have bought in an Everywhere store, for example.” Razor compares it to Garry’s Mod – which has embedded cinemas already – and says that gamers might should log in to their streaming account APIs inside Everywhere to look at the content material. It’s value noting that Fortnite is already using an identical wave, debuting trailers from Tenet and Star Wars within its virtual playspace.

An image from Build A Rocket Boy's patents. (Source:

Image from Build A Rocket Boy’s patents. (Source:

This thought seems elsewhere in the patent in the type of an in-game display that will let gamers spectate content material whereas enjoying Everywhere. Nestor compares it to watching one other participant’s sport by way of the tv in your digital room in GTA Online. Razor refers to a patent drawing that exhibits a participant in a single world observing one other participant engaged in a navy shooter. This may very well be considered one of Everywhere’s minigames and even an esports occasion past the sport, due to the display’s potential versatility.

Perhaps the most curious patent seen by the neighborhood is for an additional multiplayer sport that may very well be an Everywhere minigame or exist as a separate challenge. This sport is maybe finest described as a musical battle royale that makes use of the attributes of music tracks to dynamically change the sport’s scoring system and incur environmental occasions.

Image from Build A Rocket Boy's patents. (Source:

Image from Build A Rocket Boy’s patents. (Source:

Based on the patent wording and drawings, Nestor has concepts how this concept might work in movement. “Personally, I imagine it is a battle royale in which the music will alter EVERYTHING. When the song reaches certain moments, things will happen on stage (volcanoes or storms are mentioned), or when the speed of the music advances, the players can go faster etc. The song would be chosen by the players before starting each game through a vote.”

To pull each a part of this bold expertise collectively, each admins consider that there shall be some sort of Everywhere companion app accessible by way of a browser or by way of sensible units. The official Everywhere web site alludes to this, saying that “through both website and in-game challenges, your player will evolve and your place in Everywhere will become clear.”

Brilliantly, by way of some URL tinkering, the neighborhood has even discovered a hidden page on the game’s website that appears to verify how this can all work.

Image of the hidden Everywhere account page. (Source: Build A Rocket Boy)

Image of the hidden Everywhere account web page. (Source: Build A Rocket Boy)

After signing as much as the web site, and clicking your account title in the top-right, you may then chop the finish of the URL that reads “edit” – which takes you to a progress hub (proven above). It explains that this web page will finally let gamers handle their settings and attributes in Everywhere, which might be developed by finishing challenges in solo or co-operative play.

Challenges will enhance a ‘Tenacity’ attribute, with a separate unexplained ‘Kinship’ talent listed beneath. The web page additionally introduces a world forex referred to as ‘Artas’, which gamers can earn, with “new opportunities” to financial institution extra coming quickly. Everywhere would possibly nonetheless be a thriller, however the undeniable fact that Build A Rocket Boy is build up its backend providers already appears to inform us fairly how in-depth a challenge that is aiming to be.

At this early stage, that is fairly the motherload of information for one small neighborhood to come upon, and it’s doubtless Everywhere followers’ finds will solely develop intimately and curiosity as the Build A Rocket Boy advertising and marketing machine revs up.

The Future of Everywhere – and its Community

The reality {that a} neighborhood this devoted to the tiniest of particulars already exists speaks to fairly how thrilling – and tantalisingly mysterious – Everywhere feels. And that’s all the way down to the pedigree of the individuals making it, most significantly Benzies himself (who’s personally listed as the sole inventor of these patents).

Nestor says that they’ve been following Benzies since the widely publicized lawsuit between Benzies and Rockstar uncovered his “behind the curtain” position in crafting a few of their favorite video games. “I think many fans delved much deeper into Leslie’s story. Sam and Dan [Houser] did a spectacular job, they are two of the best developers in the history of video games, but Leslie was a bit in the shadows,” Nestor explains. “He was the mind behind GTA Online, and also the one who saved RDR 1, according to Sam Houser’s emails.

Razor echoes that concept. “When I found out that Leslie was leaving (or was being fired) from Rockstar, I was upset, because although he was always working in the shadows, it is thanks to him that we have games of this immense quality. When I found out that we was creating a new video game, I immediately became interested in it, because as [Build A Rocket Boy] described it in the first interview they gave, it seemed like the ideal game for me. It was just my favourite developer creating my favourite game – what could go wrong?”

“Our excitement for the game is comparable to what people had in mind when [Hideo] Kojima left Konami to start a new project,” Nestor continues. “Why were we so excited for Kojima’s new project but not so much about Leslie’s one? I mean… Kojima made Metal Gear, which is one of the biggest sagas of all time, but Leslie was the one behind GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4, GTA V, RDR 1, etc.”

There’s an early sense that Build A Rocket Boy’s Everywhere is aiming to be not like something we’ve seen earlier than. The actually unanswered query is that, with so many bold concepts in the pipeline, when is it going to come back out? Starved of official particulars, the folks over at /R/EldenRing had been pressured to make their very own model of the sport to regulate their hype – are we seeing the beginnings of the identical factor occurring with Everywhere?

There’s an early sense that Build A Rocket Boy’s Everywhere is aiming to be not like something we’ve seen earlier than.

One of the newest finds from the Everywhere Discord was a strategic company report from December 2019, which included some telling monetary statements. “The goal of a game launch in Q4 2021 remains viable,” the doc reads. “However, given the ambition of the game and the complexity of the technology development, there is risk that the game will need more development time to complete.”

Build A Rocket Boy wrote this pre-COVID, so it’s truthful to say that the viability of a This autumn 2021 launch for Everywhere has almost definitely modified. In a blog post written in March 2020, the studio wrote that the transition to working from house has gone “quite well,” with the staff’s effort throughout the pandemic described as “nothing short of inspirational.” In any case, if the studio initially deliberate to launch the sport later this 12 months, it means that improvement have to be fairly far alongside.

That’s solely prone to push the Everywhere neighborhood to search out extra. Even with treasured little to work with, this neighborhood is placing collectively an image of the sport we’d by no means seen earlier than – as a lot a testomony to the neighborhood’s ingenuity as the studio’s imagination-stoking concepts. That neighborhood will solely develop with time too, as what we’ve seen thus far means that we might hear extra about this challenge quickly, maybe in a extra official capability. Until then, we are able to ensure that the Everywhere neighborhood shall be doing its finest to search out out extra about the new child from their beloved Benz. We’ll definitely be watching.

IGN reached out to Build A Rocket Boy for touch upon this story, but it surely didn’t get again to us earlier than publication.

Jordan Oloman is a contract author for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.

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