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Yesterday, the staff behind the parody Amazon Dating delivered us Postdates. It’s like Postmates, however for getting your stuff again from your ex.

Postdates seems to be just like the precise Postmates web site – you can choose a sort of relationship (“casually dated,” “lived together,” “one night stand,” and so on.) prefer it’s a sort of restaurant. Then, you can select from preset objects to retrieve (live performance tickets if you had been friendzoned, household heirlooms if you had been divorced) or add a customized merchandise. Delivery begins at $25 in LA and $30 in NY, together with an extra emotional labor payment of $3.99. Yes, you can really use this service if you’re in one among these two cities, however Postdates isn’t right here to remain — it’s a pop-up enterprise. Or, as Postdates “founder” Ani Acopian places it, “It’s kind of like watching a ‘Black Mirror’ episode, but it’s your real life.”

You would possibly bear in mind Elon Musk’s failed comedy start-up/”intergalactic media empire” Thud, which aimed to create immersive digital experiences that blurred the traces between what’s actual and faux. Or, you won’t bear in mind Thud, because it failed spectacularly and wasn’t very humorous. Postdates struck the satire gold that Elon Musk dreamed of with Thud, solely they did it with out $2 million {dollars} in funding from one of many richest males on this planet.

TechCrunch talked to conceptual artist Ani Acopian, producer Suzy Shinn, and product developer Brian Wagner to get the low-down on simply how legit Postdates is.

TechCrunch: Why Postdates? How did the concept come about?

Suzy Shinn: At the beginning of quarantine when every part was falling aside, Ani and I made ScrubHub, like PornHub for hand washing. We raised $50,000 for charity.

Ani Acopian: I believe we had this inventive juice inside us that we needed to seek out an outlet for.

SS: Then, we had the Postdates thought, and we really tried to get buyers and artists to fund it, as a result of we had been like… This goes to value one thing, we need to make it actual and truly perform. No one needed something to do with it, as a result of they had been like, “What’s the return?”

AA: And we had been like, “Well, the return is that it’s a vibe.”

SS: No one needed something to do with us funding-wise, so we constructed it ourselves.

TC: So, you can really use this?

AA: Yeah, we partnered with two native courier firms, Gourmet Runner in LA and Airpals in New York. We needed to verify we work with folks that deal with their employees proper.

SS: You can put in a request, and the ex has to consent clearly and be like, “Yeah, I have this stuff for you, I’ll put it outside,” and our couriers have Postdates luggage that we give to them. But legitimately, you can use it in each of these cities so long as you’re not sending a cat, or a baby, or alcohol, or medicine, or one thing that gained’t slot in a bag.

AA: We spent numerous time on the workflow to verify no addresses are shared, that everybody’s consenting to be concerned, and we’re making an attempt to maintain it no-contact, so we’re asking individuals to place stuff on their door deal with. You’re not charged till your ex accepts the order.

TC: You simply launched yesterday, however have individuals really been utilizing the service thus far?

Brian Wagner: We had some individuals who would submit a screenshot in response to Ani’s tweet and be like, “Oh snap, I actually got Postdated by my ex!”

SS: There’s about 30 to 40 pending requests, and we’ve gotten a handful that simply as of this morning have been delivered efficiently.

TC: Do you assume this may very well be a viable enterprise?

AA: Not every part must be a viable enterprise. I might really be… not shocked, however upset if this really grew to become a factor, as a result of I don’t assume the world wants that stage of stuff, however I believe we’re just about already there. All you can do is maintain the mirror up.

TC: As satire, what are you making an attempt to say with Postdates?

SS: I believe within the tech world, it looks like all of those tech startups get loopy quantities of funding, they usually spend a lot cash, they usually take themselves so critically. The three of us, with the assistance of our buddies, had been ready to do that, and we didn’t want $13 million in funding or 5 years. But we had been staying up till like 5 AM, and we had been like, “Can we hire someone to help us?” however we had been like, “No, we can’t pay.”

BW: Especially with the rise of the gig economic system, we’ve seen some positives and a few fairly critical negatives, particularly throughout quarantine. It helps individuals get the issues that they want, but in addition, numerous employees aren’t being paid pretty and don’t have medical insurance. So there’s a sentiment much more usually now that numerous tech is redistributing labor, and you’re simply paying for individuals to be moved round. So in a manner, we’re form of like… We’ve redistributed emotional labor right here.

TC: There’s an emotional labor tax on the location, yeah.

BW: There’s a little bit of poking enjoyable of that, saying how far will we go when it comes to really transferring labor alongside for cash. Will individuals pay for another person to take care of the emotional dealing with of a state of affairs?

TC: How did Postdates construct upon Amazon Dating?

AA: We’ve made two parody websites now, and we needed to take that to the subsequent stage and make it experiential. It’s sort of like watching a Black Mirror episode, nevertheless it’s your actual life.

SS: What is the literal worth you will pay to not see somebody? This is an actual factor that occurs on a regular basis — my buddies will be like, “I broke up with my girlfriend, I need you to go get my stuff,” and I’m like, “I don’t want to go get your stuff.”

AA: I don’t assume we must always outsource it, although.

TC: So you don’t assume we must always outsource it, but in addition, you made Postdates.

AA: I believe that’s the entire…

TC: That’s the joke.

AA: Yeah.

TC: What does it say about startup tradition to make a product that you don’t assume ought to exist?

SS: Startups are so, so critical, there’s no humor in it, they usually assume it’s going to final endlessly. Well, we’re doing the alternative.  We’re going to make this final a few weeks for a restricted time solely, after which we’re gonna take it away. But we might like to maintain doing these, making one thing the place artwork meets tech meets leisure.

BW: Companies and experiences can simply be enjoyable. They don’t must be a billion greenback thought, they don’t must be one thing that’s going to go on Shark Tank. Imagine us getting into Shark Tank…

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