I Tried the Hasselback Waffle Potatoes Taking Over TikTok and Here’s My Review

My favourite factor about the humble, mighty potato is that simply if you suppose you’ve tried all the methods to arrange it, you find out about one other. The newest potato cookery technique that has been making its rounds on TikTok is one I’ve by no means seen till now, and the second I noticed it, I knew I needed to attempt it.

Listen, I’m not one to play with my meals, however I couldn’t assist however marvel about these cuts. Do they really work? Are they tremendous tough? Will they make the potato style any higher, or is that this only a enjoyable styling trick for Instagram? With so many arduous hitting questions, I sprinted to the retailer, threw some Russets in my cart, and set to work instantly.

Like I talked about, there are two completely different preparations I’ll be exploring in my very diligent and thorough spud analysis. Here’s my breakdown for every. The first we’ll name the Hasselback squares and the second we’ll consult with as the accordion. You with me?

First technique, Hasselback squares (see video here): For the squares, you have to peel a big Russet potato and trim off the high and backside. Trim off the rounded edges and type it right into a block-like rectangle. Cut lengthwise into 1/2-inch squares that ought to look the dimension of a field of matches.

This is the place the knife work will get enjoyable. Take two chopsticks and line them up on the high and backside of the sq.. Then, make skinny, vertical knife cuts down your little sq. potato, utilizing the chopsticks to make sure that the knife doesn’t reduce all the method via. Once you go throughout a technique, rotate the potato and do the identical reduce perpendicular to your first spherical of cuts, making a waffle-like design, however leaving the backside of the potato sq. intact.

Once your potatoes are reduce into these cute little waffle bites, you’ll toss them in a garlic Parmesan butter and roast them for about 40 minutes, flipping and re-brushing with butter about midway via.

Second technique, the accordion (see video here): The accordion potatoes are similar to the Hasselback squares, apart from a minor distinction in how they’re reduce. For starters, the accordion potatoes will not be peeled, and as an alternative of reducing them into small squares width-wise, they’re reduce into lengthy planks lengthwise. The identical chopstick technique is used to make the first set of vertical cuts down one aspect. Then after that, you flip the potato plank in order that the uncut aspect is dealing with up, and you then repeat your Hasselback cuts, besides doing them on a diagonal. My mind can’t comprehend how this collection of cuts in some way reveals an accordion form, nevertheless it certain is mesmerizing. This potato accordion is then threaded onto a skewer, brushed with an analogous herby garlic butter, and roasted.

My Honest Review of the Viral Hasselback Waffle Potatoes

I love making basic Hasselback potatoes. Some individuals may suppose the solely function of the cuts is for aesthetic functions, however I disagree. A Hasselback potato is a stupendous factor since you get a crispy, virtually chip-like texture on the high and then a baked potato vibe on the backside. Hannah Montana doesn’t have to inform you that that’s the better of each worlds.

Hasselback squares, reviewed: I imply this in the most respectful method, however these tasted like the fanciest and most scrumptious tater tots I’ve ever had.

The Hasselback cuts offered a textural expertise in contrast to every other, and regardless that they had been oven-baked, they had been tremendous crispy and tasted like they may have been fried. The cuts had been barely labor-intensive however not so annoying that I wouldn’t be as much as do it once more. The garlic butter with herbs and Parm was the good strategy to taste these guys. I do have a few modifications I’d make, however I’ll get to that in a minute. 9/10.

The accordion technique, reviewed: I’m much less enthusiastic about this one. Even although the video is so cool, that is a type of conditions the place if you attempt it at house, it simply doesn’t appear like the video. This sort of reduce requires far more precision than the Hasselback squares and there was a lot much less room for error. If the cuts aren’t completely spaced or in case you unintentionally reduce all the method via the plank, you’re again at sq. one. 

I had about 10 planks to do this with, and I efficiently made two accordions (which, if I’m being trustworthy with myself, don’t even look that good in comparison with how they give the impression of being in the video). Trying to chop these was extraordinarily aggravating (bear in mind enjoying Operation? Trying to not exhale? That’s the way it felt). Even although I’m fairly assured with my knife abilities, I struggled with this one — and so did my ego. And for all that work, they didn’t roast up properly in any respect. Well, now I can say that I’ve tried it as soon as and is not going to be returning.

One sensible change: Let’s return to the Hasselback squares for a minute. My chef teacher from culinary faculty is in my ear proper now reminding me that it’s best to by no means roast at excessive temperatures with butter (the smoke level isn’t excessive sufficient), and frankly, he’s proper. Even although I cherished the preparation of those potatoes, there are some modifications I’d make to the garlic butter state of affairs. There’s no motive to roast a butter sauce with contemporary herbs, minced garlic, and grated Parm for upwards of 40 minutes in a 400°F oven. All of those components can’t stand up to excessive warmth for this lengthy. I had some charred bits from this sauce on the sheet pan and on the taters.

So, as a result of I get up each morning and try for nothing wanting spud perfection (plus, these Hasselback squares may be my total, brand-new persona), I determined to make them once more with some modifications. Instead of roasting the squares in the butter, I as an alternative tossed them in olive oil, salt and pepper and allow them to get good and crispy for about 35 minutes, flipping midway via. When they had been golden brown and nearly carried out roasting, I brushed them with the garlic butter sauce and popped ’em again in the oven for simply 5 minutes. This method, these fragile components had been in the oven for only a few minutes, which is simply sufficient time to melt the garlic and impart a wealthy, herby, buttery taste.

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