I Hate Bungie For Making Me Love The Crow In Destiny 2: Season Of The Chosen

Bungie made us despise Uldren Sov within the Destiny 2: Forsaken enlargement however Beyond Light and Season of the Chosen is making it actually laborious to hate his reincarnation as The Crow. As a large Cayde-6 fan that shed real tears during his murder, I’m on this conflicted spot the place I love my time in Destiny 2 however I hate that Bungie made me really feel one thing aside from contempt for this character, although he isn’t Uldren anymore.

Before we get into the complicated world of feelings that’s Destiny 2, let’s dive into some backstory a bit for these which may be just a little behind. 

The street to this point

Uldren Sov was one of many first Awoken and was the extremely loyal brother to the Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov. He served because the Master of Crows, the Reef’s spymaster, and was a diligent power in opposition to any risk that posed a hazard to his queen and to his folks. A rocky relationship along with his sister apart, Uldren’s distaste for Guardians grew right into a unstable hatred after Mara’s obvious demise. 

He spent years looking for her, satisfied in his thoughts that she may nonetheless be alive. Instead, he was being viciously manipulated by Riven with the visage of his lifeless sister into creating the Scorn. In his bid to reopen the Dreaming City, he murdered Cayde-6 and, in flip, was murdered by Petra and the Young Wolf. But that wasn’t the tip…

A wandering Ghost occurred upon the corpse and revived him as a Lightbearer. Without his recollections as Uldren, together with his earlier incarnation’s acts in opposition to Cayde, he rapidly discovered that his face was not a welcomed one and adopted new clothes to cover who he’s with the assistance of The Spider within the Tangled Shore. The Spider, the manipulator that he’s, mocked him and known as him The Crow, and indentured him into servitude to repay his debt of salvation. The Lone Wolf helped him repay that debt and he, in flip, turned a Guardian himself. The story so far hints that his divulge to Zavala and Ikora could possibly be imminent. He can solely cover his face for thus lengthy.   

The second all the pieces modified

destiny 2 uldren sov

When I first performed the Forsaken enlargement, I felt like this was the shift gamers have been ready for to mark a turning point for Bungie in a post-Activision world. To me, this story introduced a breath of contemporary air to the online sport, very like the Taken King enlargement did for the primary sport. I bear in mind seeing Cayde-6 laying on the ground, understanding he’d been bested. Bungie was very clear that he was going to die in pre-release trailers, however I nonetheless discovered myself hoping and praying that he’d someway survive or come again. What I bought was plenty of tears and an excessively emotional end to that exact story. With every enlargement and season that adopted, I held onto that hope that we would see him once more. Instead, we bought Uldren. But it is not likely Uldren, is it? 

How is The Crow not Uldren?

While Uldren’s physique was resurrected by a Ghost named Pulled Pork, which is heckin’ lovely – and subsequently renamed Glint –  it is necessary to keep in mind that Crow is not Uldren anymore. Uldren died. Upon his resurrection, and his evolution right into a Guardian, all of his recollections have been wiped utterly, successfully altering all the pieces that made Uldren himself. His character molded by his relationship with Mara? Gone. His philosophies relating to the Light? Gone. His prejudices, his fears, his hopes, his targets, his management of the Scorn? All gone. This may get philosophical actually fast, however we’re extra than simply our our bodies. He ceased to be Uldren the second Ghost wiped all the pieces that made him an individual. Who he turns into continues to be up within the air, however who he’s now’s nothing in need of heartbreaking. 

That break up between the 2 characters as a part of the identical physique is what makes this arc so extremely attention-grabbing. We’re used to seeing Uldren in a job of villainry, a job he performed so nicely, solely to have all the pieces stripped away from him for an opportunity at one thing new; a redemption. Despite being the identical voice, the identical physique, the identical mannerisms, Uldren and The Crow are not the identical individual, and that is what makes this whole thematic arc so highly effective and expertly accomplished. 

I’m not crying, you are crying

There is one second throughout a quest for him the place you occur upon alternate sleeping quarters for The Crow and it turns into a quiet dialog between him and the participant. The room is sparse with an inexpensive sleeping bag as a mattress and small mementos to name his personal. It’s right here that The Crow states that he wanted this place away from Spider and that is it is not lots, nevertheless it’s his. This can also be one other alternative the place he acknowledges that he should stay hidden from the general public view as a result of anybody he meets despises him for the actions of Uldren. It’s truthfully heart-shattering, and I wasn’t anticipating to really feel so deeply for him when I hated Uldren with all the pieces I had. 

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I do not know if I’m simply too delicate, however I bear in mind these moments in highschool or social occasions the place some folks already determined that they hated me with out understanding me. Whether it was due to rumors or simply clique goodness does not actually matter, I simply bear in mind feeling that desolation and deep-rooted disappointment over having my whole character, as an individual, wiped away due to misconceptions. It damage, and I did not even homicide anybody as Uldren did. Projecting my very own points onto online game characters is nothing new for me; I love getting so immersed in a narrative the place that turns into my actuality for a number of hours, so seeing this projection with The Crow wasn’t stunning to me. But his voice actor (Brandon O’Neil) did an outstanding job at portraying quiet acceptance over his new actuality, acceptance over previous deeds that he cannot even bear in mind, and acceptance relating to the longer term forward. 

Uldren’s arc was attention-grabbing in itself along with his descent into world-altering rage and disappointment however his ascension into an individual freed from expectations, freed from familial bonds, freed from a life drenched in lies and subterfuge is equally interesting. While I knew that I was going to be excited about how Bungie was going to pivot this character within the eyes of so many who liked Cayde, each in-game and out, I did not count on the creeping like to develop relating to who he could possibly be. I have handy it to Bungie; killing Cayde was a dangerous transfer and one which many, on the time, heralded because the “final nail in the coffin” for the sequel. Seeing this suggestions and doing it anyway, Bungie made a big gamble that has paid off tenfold. I cannot wait to see what else they do and the way The Crow evolves, even when it means making Papa Zavala incredibly angry

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