How Your Favorite Sci-Fi Characters Got Their Names

During the HBO collection Game of Thrones, there was a rash of oldsters keen to call their daughters after the enviable and spectacular Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen (performed by Emilia Clarke). During the early seasons, the “Breaker of Chains” raked up spectacular accolades, liberating the oppressed, commanding armies, and marching towards King’s Landing with the promise of restoring the land to Targaryen rule. Both “Daenerys” and “Khaleesi”—the honorific given to a feminine Dothraki chieftain—by 2019 grew to become one of many top female baby names within the U.S.

It will not be unusual for fogeys to call their kids after in style fictional characters from tv, films, and books. It is a method of embodying a beloved character, embracing the fanaticism round that character, or just appreciating a cool title. For instance, Nicolas Cage’s son Kal-El, who voiced Bruce Wayne within the animated film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, was named after Superman’s Kryptonian beginning title.

Stacker compiled an inventory of 30 beloved characters from in style sci-fi films and TV exhibits. We additionally consulted Behind the Name to tug the origins and meanings of every title. This record is ranked by alphabetical order. While we have tried to elucidate the recognition of the title, some names, like William or Zoe, have been in use earlier than the present that we referenced on this record or could also be in style for different causes. While we aimed to seek out out the place every title got here from, some names have been randomly picked or had no printed backstory.

Keep studying to see which of your favourite sci-fi characters made the record.

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Doctor Who
Actress Karen Gillan, who portrays Amy Pond on the collection.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Amy (‘Doctor Who’)

– Today’s rank: #205 (1,497 infants born)
– Meaning: English type of the Old French title Amée that means “beloved” (trendy French aimée), a vernacular type of the Latin Amata.

Amelia Pond was the companion of the Eleventh Doctor on the BBC One tv present Doctor Who. Stylized as “Amy,” Pond shortened her title following her preliminary contact with the Doctor. Meeting the Doctor as a toddler following the Doctor’s ship—the TARDIS—crashing in her yard, the Doctor promised to take her with him after he steered that he shortly take the TARDIS out to reset. However, because the TARDIS was broken, the Doctor’s fast journey was truly 12 years in Amelia’s time, leaving the woman to elucidate her “imaginary friend.” As the Doctor favored the title Amelia, she shortened it to Amy as a method of the 19-year-old breaking away from the painful reminiscence. While there is no such thing as a documentation suggesting why the title Amelia was chosen for the character, one guess is as a result of Amelia is a regal title, whereas the diminutive Amy is frequent. It might communicate to the character’s potential and genuine self. Amelia additionally comes from Amala, which is Sanskrit for clear or pure.

Barbarella (‘Barbarella’)

– Today’s rank: information not obtainable (4 or fewer infants born)
– Meaning: Version of Barbara, which is derived from Greek βαρβαρος (barbaros) that means “foreign.”

It’s unclear the place the title “Barbarella” got here from. One thought is that “Barbarella” is the feminization of “Barbarian,” suggesting the character Barbarella is a future feminine model of Conan the Barbarian. Another means that the roots of the title—”Barbara” and “Ella”—etymologically interprets to “foreign goddess” or “beautiful foreign maiden.” Both translations are in line with the character. Barbarella, regardless of being launched after the introduction of the Tijuana bibles—pornographic comics from the early half of the twentieth Century—was thought of to be the primary adult-themed comedian e book. Centered round sexual liberation, a movie starring Jane Fonda and a tv present have been made primarily based on the comedian.

Bill (‘Battlestar Galactica’)

– Today’s rank: #2,658 (46 infants born)
– Meaning: Short type of William, which is derived from the Germanic title Willahelm, which was composed of the weather will “will, desire” and helm “helmet, protection.”

Commander—and later, Admiral—William “Husker” Adama is the commanding officer of the Battlestar-class Starship Galactica on the re-imagined Syfy tv collection Battlestar Galactica. Adama is a reimagining of Commander Adama from the 1978 unique collection. A former shuttle and fighter pilot, he was the commander of Galactica—scheduled to be decommissioned and put in as a museum ship—when the Cylons attacked the Twelve Colonies. The solely ship to not have a networked computer-controlled navigation system—attributable to Adama’s mistrust of automation—was the Galactica. So, it was the one Battlestar obtainable to reply following the Cylons’ crippling of the Colonies’ pc methods. When he known as for the remaining fleet to rally for a counterattack, he was shocked to seek out that each one that was left was a ragtag assortment of civilian ships. Eventually, survival grew to become extra essential than revenge, beginning Galactica and the brand new fleet’s journey towards Earth.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Getty Images/Getty Images

Buffy (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’)

– Today’s rank: #N/A (4 or fewer infants born)
– Meaning: Diminutive of Elizabeth, from a toddler’s pronunciation of the ultimate syllable. Elizabeth is derived from Ελισαβετ (Elisabet), the Greek type of the Hebrew title אֱלִישֶׁבַע (‘Elisheva’) that means “my God is an oath,” derived from the roots אֵל (‘el) referring to the Hebrew God and שָׁבַע (shava’) that means “oath.”

Buffy Anne Summers is a “slayer,” an odd human blessed with enhanced energy who’s chosen and skilled to struggle the forces of darkness within the film and tv collection Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Created by Joss Whedon, Summers was a former highschool cheerleader and “Valley Girl” compelled to tackle new duties and duties in her half within the struggle in opposition to evil—altering and maturing her within the course of. While Buffy is a spinoff of Betty, which is a diminutive of Elizabeth, Buffy is extra akin to Bunny or Muffy, in that it’s an irrelevant “pet” title. This is why Whedon chose the name, as most individuals wouldn’t take it severely, inflicting folks to underestimate Summers’ significance as a slayer.

Dana (‘The X-Files’)

– Today’s rank: #848 (318 infants born)
– Meaning: Female type of Daniel or Dan; Daniel is derived from the Hebrew title דָּנִיֵּאל (Daniyyel) that means “God is my judge,” from the roots דִּין (din) that means “to judge” and אֵל (‘el) that means “God.”

Dr. Dana Scully is one-half of the first investigative duol on the Fox tv collection The X-Files. A medical physician and an FBI particular agent, Scully was the skeptic, dismissing the extraterrestrial and supernatural nature of the X-Files till the top of season seven, when she witnessed the kidnapping of long-time companion Fox Mulder. Dana Scully was named after Vin Scully, creator Chris Carter’s favourite sportscaster.

Ellen (‘Alien’)

– Today’s rank: #767 (353 infants born)
– Meaning: Medieval English type of Helen, which is an English type of the Greek ‘Ελενη (Helene), in all probability from Greek ‘ελενη (helene) “torch” or “corposant,” or probably associated to σεληνη (selene) “moon.”

Warrant Officer—later, Lieutenant First Class—Ellen Ripley is the protagonist of the primary 4 films within the Alien franchise: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien: Resurrection. Ripley is among the most acknowledged and outstanding feminine protagonists within the sci-fi canon. Her title was doubtless chosen as a result of the phrase “Ellen” is structurally just like that of “Alien.” This helps to play up the notion that Ripley is each a stranger on this largely male world and an intruder of the Xenomorph Queen’s makes an attempt to safeguard her brood.

Universal/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Elliott (‘E.T.’)

– Today’s rank: #168 (2,286 infants born)
– Meaning: From an English surname that was derived from a diminutive of the medieval title Elias, a type of Elijah, which is from the Hebrew title אֱלִיָּהוּ (‘Eliyyahu) that means “my God is YAHWEH.”

Elliott is the 10-year-old boy who got here throughout and befriended an alien in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Elliott would kind a telepathic reference to the alien, permitting the boy to really feel what the alien is feeling. To save a dying Elliot and alien, a scheme to ship the alien house is launched. Elliott’s title was doubtless chosen as a result of it begins and ends with E and T, drawing parallels between the boy and the alien.

Eve (‘Wall-E’)

– Today’s rank: #442 (716 infants born)
– Meaning: From the Hebrew title חַוָּה (Chawwah), which was derived from the Hebrew phrase חָוָה (chawah) that means “to breathe” or the associated phrase חָיָה (chayah) that means “to live.”

The Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, or EVE, is the “love interest” to WALL-E—a Waste Allocation Load-Lifter Earth-class—within the film WALL-E. In a dystopian future, environmental neglect left the Earth polluted and unlivable. Humanity evacuated the planet, leaving the load lifters behind to clear the trash. However, after a number of centuries, just one stays, maintained by cannibalizing elements from deactivated models. When EVE arrives to guage if any plants has emerged on the planet, WALL-E, who has had no different companionship besides a pet cockroach, turns into fascinated and finally enamored. The two robots would finally make it again to the starliner and—regardless of a number of incidents—persuade the ship to return to Earth. EVE was named after the biblical Eve, as—like Adam—WALL-E was alone earlier than EVE.

Fox (‘The X-Files’)

– Today’s rank: #803 (279 infants born)
– Meaning: Either from the English phrase fox or the surname Fox, which initially given as a nickname. The surname was borne by George Fox (1624-1691), the founding father of the Quakers.

Special Agent Fox Mulder is Dr. Dana Scully’s companion for a lot of the tv collection The X-Files run. A “true believer,” Mulder—whereas normally appropriate—is seen as being loopy for his extraterrestrial beliefs by his FBI friends, his companion Scully included. With Scully, Mulder works within the X-Files coping with unsolved instances which have a magical ingredient. Mulder opened the X-Files unit and labored it by himself till Scully was partnered with him—largely, to use scientific reasoning to Mulder’s theories. Mulder can be kidnapped by aliens however rescued. Mulder’s first title will not be a reference to the community Fox, however to Chris Carter’s childhood pal. Mulder is a reference to Carter’s mom’s maiden title.

Han Solo
Sunset Boulevard/Corbis/Getty Images

Han (‘Star Wars’)

– Today’s rank: #3,575 (30 infants born)
– Meaning: Short type of Johannes or Hanne; Johanne is a type of Iohannes, the Latin type of the Greek title Ιωαννης (Ioannes), itself derived from the Hebrew title יוֹחָנָן (Yochanan) that means “YAHWEH is gracious,” from the roots יוֹ (yo) referring to the Hebrew God and חָנַן (chanan) that means “to be gracious.”

Han Solo is, in fact, the notorious smuggler and insurgent fighter from the unique Star Wars franchise. A captain and proprietor of the Millennium Falcon, he was the husband of Princess—later, General—Leia Organa, the daddy of Kylo Ren, and the brother-in-law of Luke Skywalker. Solo died by Kylo Ren’s hand in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Solo’s final title is a direct reference to the character being a loner. In canon, Solo was born Han Shyriiwook. He was born a prince to the House of Solo, a discredited Corellian royal family that misplaced its fortune. Solo, nonetheless, didn’t know this when he joined the flight academy. Seeking to cover his previous, he got here up with a pseudonym, Solo, to replicate that he was alone. It simply occurred to be that he truly selected his actual title by mistake.

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Ian (‘Jurassic Park’)

– Today’s rank: #78 (4,675 infants born)
– Meaning: Scottish type of John, which is a type of Iohannes (see the earlier slide).

Dr. Ian Malcolm is a chaos theorist and mathematician invited to tour a top-secret theme park within the novel Jurassic Park and the films Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 2, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. After accurately theorizing the park’s efforts to make dinosaurs incapable of pure copy would fail, Malcolm was one of many few survivors of Isla Nublar. He was tasked with going to Isla Sorna, Isla Nublar’s growth web site, as a part of an expedition mission. He grew to become the voice of warning by the point of Jurassic World. An amalgam of mathematicians Ivar Ekeland and science historian James Gleick, Malcolm’s title is supposed to elicit the sound and really feel of a star scientist.

James (Star Trek)

– Today’s rank: #4 (13,525 infants born)
– Meaning: English type of the Late Latin title Iacomus, which was derived from Ιακωβος (Iakobos), the New Testament Greek type of the Hebrew title Ya’aqov; within the Old Testament, Ya’aqov’s (Jacob’s) title is defined as that means “holder of the heel” or “supplanter.”

Captain—later, Admiral, after which once more, Captain—James T. Kirk is the commanding officer of the USSEnterpriseand the USSEnterprise-A within the tv collection and film franchise Star Trek. The definitive “space cowboy,” Kirk is among the most revered captains within the historical past of the United Federation of Planets—largely, for his unwillingness to cower behind guidelines. This will price him his admiralship, nonetheless, as he was stripped of rank as punishment throughout his court-martial on the finish of Star Trek: The Journey Home. Kirk’s promiscuity with ladies, nonetheless, is seen as his greatest weak spot. He is the one particular person identified to beat the Kobayashi Maru take a look at (largely by dishonest), and have become Starfleet’s youngest starship captain. The captain’s title was impressed by Captain James Cook, who famously wrote in an entry log “ambition leads me…farther than any other man has been before me.”

Star Trek
George Rose/Getty Images

Jean-Luc (‘Star Trek’)

– Today’s rank: #N/A (4 or fewer infants born)
– Meaning: Jean is the French type of Jehan, the Old French type of Iohannes; Luc is the French and Welsh type of Lucas, from the Greek title Λουκας (Loukas) that means “from Lucania,” Lucania being a area in southern Italy.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is the commanding officer of the Federation Flagships USS Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E on the successor tv collection Star Trek: The Next Generation and the films Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: Nemesis, and the fashionable collection Star Trek: Picard, which follows Picard in retirement. The contrapositive to Kirk, Picard is much less flashy and outgoing, however no much less a formidable chief. More an mental, Picard is a gifted newbie archaeologist and diplomat. Named after twin Swiss scientists Auguste and Jean Piccard, Picard was initially taken as a deeply severe, dour man who makes use of his service to cover deeper pains. He had points along with his household in addition to difficulties coming to phrases along with his Borg assimilation and his time as a Cardassian prisoner-of-war. However, Patrick Stewart has been allowed to point out extra persona and lightness in his portrayals of Picard in later years, to essential acclaim.

Kara (‘Battlestar Galactica’)

– Today’s rank: #500 (616 infants born)
– Meaning: Variant of Cara, which is derived from an Italian phrase that means “beloved.”

Lieutenant—later, Captain—Kara “Starbuck” Thrace is a star Viper (starfighter) pilot on Battlestar Galactica. This is a reimagining of the unique 1978 collection’ Lieutenant Starbuck, who was a slick, womanizing, cigar-smoking fighter pilot. Besides being a girl, in comparison with a person with the unique character, Thrace is bodily arduous, extra rugged, grimier, and fewer composed than Lt. Starbuck. A pilot coach and later commander of the air wing, Thrace is a deeply non secular girl. Her faith and conviction of religion would play a major position in her future with the fleet and would form her relationships. This would play a task when she “returns” to the fleet after her ship was seen imploding. She was the one to find the planet that might be often known as Earth, ending the fleet’s journey.

Leia (‘Star Wars’)

– Today’s rank: #296 (1,114 infants born)
– Meaning: Form of Leah used within the Greek Old Testament; Leah is derived from the Hebrew title לֵאָה (Le’ah), which was in all probability derived from the Hebrew phrase לְאָה (le’ah) that means “weary.”

Princess Leia Organa is the dual sister of Luke Skywalker within the Star Wars franchise. The princess of the destroyed planet Alderaan, an agent and later common of the Rebel Alliance, and a member of the Imperial Senate, Organa performed a task within the destruction of each Death Stars. She married Han Solo and is the mom of Kylo Ren. At beginning, following the Destruction of the Jedi Temple, Padme Amidala’s newly born twins have been separated to guard them from their father, Darth Vader. Organa was handed over to Senator Bail Organa to be protected, whereas Skywalker was despatched to his father’s household. Force-sensitive, Organa unknowingly used her talents to ensure her pictures don’t miss. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Organa was in a position to manifest the Force to tug herself again on board after being blown out of her ship after an assault.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman, who portrays Wolverine within the X-Men movies.
Anita Bugge/WireImage/Getty Images

Logan (‘X-Men’)

– Today’s rank: #10 (12,352 infants born)
– Meaning: From a surname that was initially derived from a Scottish place title that means “little hollow” in Scottish Gaelic.

James Howlett, who attributable to his brief stockiness, ferociousness, and facial hair, was known as “Wolverine,” is a personality featured in Marvel Comics, primarily showing with the X-Men. A mutant that has enhanced therapeutic, animal-like senses, athlete-level energy and pace, and bone claws that reach his arms, he has appeared in quite a few animated collection, video video games, and films—together with these produced by twentieth Century Fox. One of the preferred heroes within the Marvel Universe, Wolverine additionally goes by the codenames “Logan” and “Weapon X.” The title “Logan” is supposed to replicate Wolverine’s Canadian background, as he was born in Alberta, Canada.

Luke (‘Star Wars’)

– Today’s rank: #29 (8,577 infants born)
– Meaning: English type of Latin Lucas, from the Greek title Λουκας (Loukas) that means “from Lucania,” Lucania being a area in southern Italy.

Luke Skywalker is the central determine within the unique trilogy of the Star Wars franchise. The son of Anakin Skywalker—Darth Vader—and Padme Amidala, the dual sister of Princess Leia, the uncle of Rylo Ken, the brother-in-law to Han Solo, and the grasp of Rey, Skywalker was the final Jedi following the dying of Yoda till Rey’s embracing of the Force. Originally meant to be named “Luke Starkiller,” Skywalker was renamed due to potential connotations with Charles Manson.

Malcolm (‘Firefly’)

– Today’s rank: #394 (799 infants born)
– Meaning: From Scottish Máel Coluim, which implies “disciple of Saint Columba.”

Former Independent Army Sergeant Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds is the captain of the Firefly-class transporter Serenity on the Fox tv collection Firefly and the film Serenity. An outcast that served on the shedding aspect of the Unification War, Reynolds purchased the Serenity to dwell past the profitable Alliance’s management. Much of Reynolds’ crew are a mishmash of characters: a fellow soldier and her husband, a toddler progeny and her physician brother, a Companion that lends the ship credibility, a mercenary, a mechanical genius, and a holy man. Each member of his crew represents part of his spirit he feels he misplaced. Through them, he seems like a complete particular person.

Back to the Future
Universal Pictures/Getty Images

Marty (‘Back to the Future’)

– Today’s rank: #3,495 (31 infants born)
– Meaning: Diminutive of Martin, from the Roman title Martinus, which was derived from Martis, the genitive case of the title of the Roman god Mars.

Martin Seamus “Marty” McFly is the central protagonist of the Back to the Future collection. A teen dwelling in Hill Valley, California, he befriends Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown. The friendship revolved round McFly’s fascination with Brown’s creation and Brown’s gratitude for being appreciated. After being chased by Libyan terrorists, McFly was compelled to flee in certainly one of Brown’s innovations, the time machine constituted of a plutonium-powered modified DeLorean. Through numerous adventures, McFly not solely corrects his and his household’s lives but additionally that of Brown’s and the folks of Hill Valley. Following the occasions of Back to the Future 3, the DeLorean is destroyed by a colliding prepare. As McFly was mistaken for an alien initially throughout his first leap into the previous, the title “Marty”—derived from Mars—is apropos. McFly is a reference to his household’s Irish roots, explored in later films.

Max (‘Mad Max’)

– Today’s rank: #136 (2,857 infants born)
– Meaning: Short type of Maximilian or Maxwell; Maximilian is derived from the Latin ‘maximus,’ that means “greatest.”

Max Rockatansky is a vigilante, scavenger, and former Australian federal police officer within the Mad Max franchise. A member of the Main Force Patrol, Rockatansky was charged with defending residents of the Outback from street gangs following the vitality scarcity. Rockatansky—utilizing his professional driving abilities—functioned as a de facto freeway patrol officer. At the beginning of Mad Max, Rockatansky was prepared for retirement, however was enticed to stick with a muscle automotive known as “Pursuit Special.” However, the dying of his spouse and baby drove Rockatansky to each grief and madness, main him to kill their assassins and to desert civilization for the depths of the Outback. Rockantsky’s fundamental motivation is to outlive, however he’s reluctantly pressed into service occasionally to assist the oppressed or maligned—normally, at no profit to himself. Rockatansky is known as after Carl von Rokitansky—a Nineteenth-century pathologist and inventor of the “Rokitansky” process—the most typical methodology of inner organ elimination in an post-mortem.

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Mike (‘Stranger Things’)

– Today’s rank: #1,120 (171 infants born)
– Meaning: Short type of Michael, which is derived from the Hebrew title מִיכָאֵל (Mikha’el) that means “who is like God?” This is a rhetorical query, implying no particular person is like God.

Mike Wheeler is de facto chief of a gaggle of children within the Netflix collection Stranger Things. He leads his pals to rescue their lacking member Will, and he shelters the mysterious woman named Eleven after she escapes from the federal government lab that is additionally linked to Will’s disappearance.

Ronald Siemoneit/Sygma/Sygma/Getty Images

Neo (‘The Matrix’)

– Today’s rank: #1,294 (140 infants born)
– Meaning: From the prefix that means “new,” finally derived from Greek νεος (neos).

Neo, born Thomas Anderson, is the protagonist of The Matrix franchise. Neo is an “intentional error” added to the Matrix programming to set off the purging and elimination of disenchanted people contained in the Matrix, a computer-driven digital actuality. Neo involves symbolize an escape from the Matrix and an finish of the Machine War. An anagram of “one,” a reference to the revelation that Neo is the mythicized “The One” on the finish of the primary film, Neo may have additionally been named for a Chicagoland nightclub. “The One” is believed to be the person—a reincarnation of a former freedom fighter—meant to finish the battle that has largely made humanity an endangered species and free the a number of billion people networked to the Machines. “The One” would have the flexibility to govern the Matrix’s code on the fly, giving him limitless energy within the simulation. “The One,” for the Machines, is a part of a reset protocol—the newest in six—that reloads the Matrix, permits the residents of the human refugee metropolis Zion to be killed, reseeds Zion to simply accept new dissenters, and gives the kill authorization for the “Agent Smith” program, which was empowered to supply stability in opposition to “The One.”

Peter (‘Spider-Man’/’Avengers’)

– Today’s rank: #211 (1,812 infants born)
– Meaning: Derived from the Greek Πετρος (Petros) that means “stone.”

Peter Parker is the alter-ego of Spider-Man, a mutant within the Marvel universe that is able to nice energy, leaping talents, precognition, and the flexibility to cling onto surfaces. The star of a number of comics strains, a number of live-action and animated tv collection, and a movie collection, Spider-Man is arguably Marvel’s most profitable and outstanding model. Peter Parker contracted his superpowers after a chunk from a radioactive spider throughout a highschool subject journey to Osborn Labs. A scientific genius, Parker would formulate his Spider webbing and make wrist-mounted shooters for it. A reluctant superhero, Parker grew to become against the law fighter after the dying of his Uncle Ben, whose killer he didn’t cease when he had an opportunity earlier. Peter Parker’s title doubtless got here from Marvel editor Stan Lee’s rule that characters of Spider-Man’s period must have first and last names that start with the same letter.

Rey (‘Star Wars’)

– Today’s rank: #2,592 (66 infants born)
– Meaning: Variant of Ray, a brief type of Raymond; Raymond is derived from the Germanic title Raginmund, composed of the weather ragin “advice” and mund “protector.”

In the Star Wars universe, Rey is the final Jedi, the ultimate pupil of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. An orphan and junk scavenger, Rey is the central character of the sequel trilogy. When Rey comes throughout BB-8, the astromech droid of Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, the 2 discover deserting stormtrooper Finn. The trio goes on an journey that leads them to find the Millennium Falcon, reuniting it with Han Solo and Chewbacca, discovering Skywalker’s lightsaber, and confronting Kylo Ren that confirmed Rey to be Force-sensitive. After discovering the Jedi Temple, she satisfied a reluctant Skywalker to coach her. Originally meant to be named Kira, director J.J. Abrams switched the name to Rey unexpectedly.

Blade Runner
Warner Bros./Archive Photos/Getty Images

Rick (‘Blade Runner’)

– Today’s rank: #1,858 (80 infants born)
– Meaning: Short type of Richard, which implies “brave power,” derived from the Germanic parts ric “power, rule” and arduous “brave, hardy.”

Former police officer Rick Deckard is an android bounty hunter who joins the San Francisco Police Department as a detective charged with deactivating androids that escaped their off-world colonies within the 1982 film Blade Runner. The movie doesn’t make it clear if Deckard himself is an android. In the 2017 sequel, Deckard resides in seclusion after the fallout of a radioactive Las Vegas. He abandons his baby with a replicant freedom motion earlier than disappearing. The character Rick Deckard got here from Phillip Ok. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Rose (‘Doctor Who’)

– Today’s rank: #123 (2,432 infants born)
– Meaning: Originally a Norman type of a Germanic title, which was composed of the weather hrod “fame” and heid “kind, sort, type.”

Rose Tyler is the primary companion to the Ninth Doctor and Tenth Doctor within the rebooted Doctor Who collection. She was a teenaged store assistant when she first met the Doctor. She had a deeper affect on the Doctor than most different companions, together with her absence leaving a much bigger gap. The title “Rose” was chosen as a result of then-executive producer Russell T. Davies likened the title to luck attraction after utilizing it on the ITV tv program “Bob & Rose.” He additionally considers the title “definitively British.”

Sarah (‘Terminator’)

– Today’s rank: #67 (3,734 infants born)
– Meaning: Means “lady, princess, noblewoman” in Hebrew.

Sarah Connor is the mom of John Connor—the important thing to the human resistance in opposition to the Machines sooner or later within the Terminator franchise. Running for her life within the first film, Connor transitioned to a hardened warrior, mom, and needed fugitive. She is single-minded towards the safety of her son and the defeat of the assorted terminators that Skynet has despatched by means of time.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans, who portrays Captain America in latest Marvel movies.
Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Steve (‘Captain America’/’Avengers’)

– Today’s rank: #1,156 (164 infants born)
– Meaning: Short type of Steven, a Medieval English variant of Stephen; Stephen is derived from the Greek title Στεφανος (Stephanos) that means “crown,” extra exactly “that which surrounds.”

U.S. Army Captain Steven Rogers is a brilliant soldier, subjected to an experimental serum that enhanced his bodily and psychological capabilities within the comedian books and movie collection Captain America. Frozen in ice following the top of World War II, Rogers is a person out of his time. He was a founding member of the Avengers and the group’s long-serving chief and is often armed with a vibranium defend adorned with the American flag.

Tony (‘Iron Man’/’Avengers’)

– Today’s rank: #585 (465 infants born)
– Meaning: Short type of Anthony, the English type of the Roman household title Antonius, which is of unknown Etruscan origin.

Anthony “Tony” Stark is the billionaire engineer and inventor who created a mechanized life help go well with to avoid wasting his life and escape throughout a kidnapping within the comedian books, animated tv exhibits, and Iron Man and Avengers movie collection. The go well with, upgraded with weapons and different methods from his firm Stark Industries, can be utilized by Stark in his crime-fighting capabilities. Stark is a identified superhero, as he introduced his identification publicly, hoping that his wealth and fame would shield him.

Zoe (‘Firefly’)

– Today’s rank: #40 (5,062 infants born)
– Meaning: Means “life” in Greek. From early instances it was adopted by Hellenized Jews as a translation of Eve.

Former Independents Corporeal Zoë Alleyne Washburne is Malcolm Reynolds’ first mate aboard the Serenity within the tv collection Firefly and the film Serenity. The spouse of ship pilot Hoban Washburne, she served beneath Reynolds within the Unification War and is fiercely loyal to him. Washburne and Reynolds are the only real survivors of their platoon. As of the top of Serenity, Washburne is a widow, as her husband was killed after being harpooned by a Reaver ship.

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