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How to Summon The Elder

The Elder is the second boss in Valheim and will be discovered within the Black Forest biome. As with Eikthyr, you may want to discover a ceremonial web site and supply a sacrifice to summon the guardian of the Black Forest.

Step One: Explore the Burial Chambers

While you possibly can naturally discover and discover The Elder’s summoning web site, there’s a straightforward approach to mark its location in your map. This requires exploring the assorted Burial Chambers scattered all through the Black Forest.

If you need assistance finding the Burial Chambers, try our information beneath.

Within among the Burial Chambers you may advantageous a runestone that registers the placement of The Elder in your map. Press ‘E’ on this runestone whenever you discover one and examine your map for the up to date location.

Step Two: Visit The Elder’s Ceremonial Site

Once you have found the placement, make your approach to the positioning of The Elder by navigating to the icon in your map.


You’ll arrive at a web site with 4 massive columns and a hearth burning within the heart. On one of many sides is a runestone with information wanted to summon The Elder.

The message on the runestone reads “BURN THEIR YOUNG”

So, you recognize you may want to hunt one thing else and burn it so as to awaken The Elder. If you look across the ceremonial web site, you may discover some odd-formed objects atop the 4 columns. This is a reference to the merchandise you may want to gather: Ancient Seeds.

Step Three: Obtain Three Ancient Seeds

The subsequent step is to collect the Ancient Seeds. These will be discovered by destroying the Greydwarf nests scattered all through the Black Forest biomes. You’ll want a complete of three Ancient Seeds to summon The Elder.

These are small, tree-like objects radiating purple smoke. The easiest method to destroy these are by working up and hacking at it together with your weapon, or firing arrows at it from afar. You can take the trace from The Elder’s runestone and burn it together with your torch or fireplace arrows, as effectively.

Each Greydwarf nest is assured to drop an Ancient Seed. You also can get them as uncommon drops from defeating a Greydwarf Brute or a Greydwarf Shaman.

Step Four: Prepare For Battle

Before you tackle The Elder, be sure you’ve obtained your finest gear. This boss is considerably tougher than Eikthyr. Bring some buddies to assist, if potential.

Ideally, you may need a full set of Troll Leather Armor or Bronze Armor, in addition to highly effective melee weapons or an upgraded Bow. It’s additionally really useful to carry (a bunch of) Fire Arrows, as The Elder is made fully of wooden and would not like fireplace. Don’t overlook to eat, too! If you have obtained entry to meads, it is smart to carry alongside some Minor Stamina potions, too, as you may be doing numerous working and arrow-firing.

Check out our gear guides beneath for recipes wanted to craft the very best gear for this encounter:

It’s additionally a good suggestion to construct a set of portals to simply get again to the world and seize your dropped gear in the event you’re not profitable. Alternatively, you possibly can construct a house (full with a mattress) within the forest someplace shut by to set your new spawn level upon demise.

Step Five: Burn the Ancient Seeds

Once you have acquired three Ancient Seeds, head again to the ceremonial web site in your map.

Approach the fireplace within the heart and add your Ancient Seeds to your hotbar. Throw them into the fireplace by deciding on whichever slot you have positioned them into. Run to a protected place as The Elder will spawn shortly afterwards.

How to Defeat The Elder

Valheim’s second boss is not any joke, so be prepared for a troublesome struggle. To begin, The Elder is a big hulking tree and considerably extra intimidating than Eikthyr.

It makes use of a mixture of each melee and ranged assaults, so you may consistently want to keep in your toes to make it out alive. Up shut, The Elder can stomp on you and swipe at you with nice pressure. While you possibly can block a portion of those assaults, it is usually not really useful to keep shut to its toes for lengthy durations of time.

No matter what distance you might be combating at, The Elder may even summon vicious roots from the bottom that may lash out and assault you in the event you’re too shut. These roots are pretty straightforward to take down, however they’re simply as straightforward to keep away from fully, too, as they’ll finally despawn.

If you feel courageous, you possibly can run in and slash at The Elder’s legs whereas it is summoning the roots to assault. Just don’t remain in there too lengthy!

Lastly, essentially the most devastating assault The Elder possesses is a ranged assault that consists of it launching a sequence of spiked roots at you. These can go surprisingly far and break by way of absolutely anything. So, hiding behind a tree or rock is not going to do you a lot good right here, sadly.

If you are caught within the spiked roots, The Elder will pull you into the air and sap a considerable amount of your well being. It’s finest to keep away from this assault fully by working to the facet of it or dodge rolling out of the way in which.

Thankfully, The Elder does an excellent job of telegraphing its strikes, and the faster you possibly can determine every assault, the higher ready you’ll be in the long term.

The finest protection you’ve gotten with this area are the 4 pillars situated at every nook. These are indestructible and supply a lot-wanted cowl from The Elder’s devastating ranged spiked root assault.

Always maintain one in all these pillars between you and The Elder, and when it lashes out to assault, merely disguise behind the pillar to keep away from taking harm. If you are fast sufficient, you will get some arrow pictures in after it finishes the ranged assault animation.

Continue transferring across the area as The Elder approaches you. time to transfer to one other pillar is when it summons the roots from the bottom as this animation takes a second and offers you time to get to security.

The key to this struggle is to maintain The Elder at medium vary, avoiding (or elminating) its summoned roots, and staying away from its spiked root assault. Keep a gentle barrage of fireplace arrows on The Elder, as the fireplace will harm its well being over time and maintain its well being bar slowly draining as you navigate the world.

Also, watch out for Greydwarfs or different enemies wandering into the world throughout this struggle. They can take harm from The Elder’s assaults, however it’s finest to remove them your self as rapidly as potential to keep away from any undesirable assaults.

After you have taken its well being down about midway, the world will flip inexperienced. At this level, a Greydwarf Shaman will enter the world and start therapeutic The Elder.

Find this Greydwarf Shaman and remove it as rapidly as potential. Be cautious of its poison spray assault which can trigger harm to you over time. It also can heal itself, so it is best to take it out rapidly.

Stay vigilant, maintain firing fireplace arrows to whittle down its well being, and finally you may take down The Elder.

When it dies, it leaves behind its head as a trophy in addition to a Swamp Key that you’re going to want to entry the Sunken Crypts within the Swamp biome.

Don’t overlook to hold The Elder’s trophy again on the Forsaken Altars! Activating The Elder’s Forsaken Power permits you to chop wooden extra rapidly.

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