How Rainbow Six Siege’s New Look Embraces Its Five-Year Evolution

Booting up Rainbow Six Siege will quickly current you with a recent brand, new key artwork, and redesigned menus. Gone is the gritty navy and gray color palette, changed by the brilliant blue and orange of each Siege’s in-game groups and esports arenas. The acquainted picture of monochrome troopers blasting via a wall has been swapped out for a montage of Siege’s many heroic operators.The change in Siege’s presentation design tells a narrative. It’s the story of 5 years value of gameplay evolution. Since its launch in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has regularly shifted away from its hard-edged tactical shooter roots, adopting wider concepts and doubling down on its nature as a aggressive online game. The new artwork displays this; Siege is aware of it’s a PvP sport, not a sensible tactical marketing campaign.

“This is an opportunity to take a look at where Siege has been and where it’s going, and making sure that everything that we do in and outside of the game matches that,” says Rainbow Six Siege’s Art Director, Alexander Karpazis, whereas speaking to IGN forward of the Year 6 reveal.

Rainbow Six Siege – New Look Screenshots

“This is a modernization of what you see in the game,” he says. “It matches the tone that we have with our new operators and seasons. It makes sure that it speaks to what you feel when you play the game, and what you see when you see our characters.”

As for these characters, the most recent addition to the roster is Flores, a grasp legal from Argentina. Outfitted in a civilian jacket, tender cap, and Daredevil-style crimson tinted glasses, he’s a far cry from the tacticool designs most of Siege’s operators sport.

“With Flores, we wanted to investigate an archetype we haven’t done before, and the idea of a master thief came up,” explains Karpazis. “We wanted his remote control explosive to have a DIY, Raspberry Pi feel to it, and that made it really fun. However, we always try to balance the idea that he will be featured in combat, and he has to know how to hold a weapon. If the character isn’t coming from a more traditional military background, still making it seem like they fit in the world, and that they’re grounded with all the other characters that we have.”

While Flores does point out that Ubisoft is now very happy to discover past conventional counter-terrorism companies for its operators, Karpazis is eager to dispel any concept that basic millitary designs are being left behind in favour of a extra ‘hero shooter’ aesthetics.“Without spoiling anything that’s coming later on in the year, we still have a ton of options when it comes to more traditional military garb,” he says. “We’re not running out of reference, there’s a huge world of reference out there for us. It’s going to be more about how we balance it and make it feel fresh from season to season, and what does that cadence look like.”

It’s not simply Ubisoft’s operator designs which might be experimenting with the as soon as sacred Tom Clancy components. Historically in a Tom Clancy recreation dying is the last word recreation over, however Siege plans to problem this in Year 6.

“We’re looking at activities after death, so that players can still be engaged and still have a role to play after they’ve been eliminated,” explains Karpazis. In the Support Phase of a match, lifeless gamers will nonetheless have entry to defender devices and attacker drones, permitting them to raised help their crew mates and even work together with the motion itself. Siege’s Game Director, Jean-Baptiste Hallé, has admitted that throughout the Support Phase he checks Twitter and YouTube, and so this can be a gameplay adjustment to make sure gamers nonetheless have a recreation to play even once they’ve been killed. It’s a sacrifice of ‘realism’ in favour of making a greater recreation. But, as Karpazis notes, Siege nonetheless has tactical play at coronary heart.

“This is where real life tactics and in-game tactics merge,” he says. “We want players to still be invested in a round even after they’re eliminated. They can still contribute a lot and they don’t have to sit on a drone cam that was accidentally left pointing into a corner of a room. Having that kind of investment maintained through the duration of an entire match was something that was really important for us. It is a big shakeup, but it’s something that we think is important to make sure that the intensity of the game and the fun factor is there.”Changes are being made to the Preparation Phase, too. Attacking gamers will be capable of change what operator they’re enjoying as, slightly than being caught with the character they selected when the spherical began. For instance, if somebody enjoying as Thatcher discovers that the defenders usually are not utilizing electronics, they will change to a extra helpful operator earlier than the Action Phase begins.

“It actually answers to the idea of being tactical in the real world,” says Karpazis of this alteration. “If you were to deploy to a situation, you would have intel and you would bring your gadgets and your gear to deal with that specific situation.”

The evolution of Rainbow Six Siege could have taken it alongside a highway main away from the likes of Raven Shield and Rogue Spear, however Karpazis and the crew at Ubisoft Montreal stay grateful for Siege’s origins.

“The original key art did an amazing job and we still love it to this day, because it really spoke to breaching asymmetry,” says Karpazis of the outdated picture of Blitz bursting via a drywall. “We’ll always be thankful for it, and we have immense love for it. It informed some of the decisions we did with our new key art, where we have that asymmetry, attackers versus defenders. But this [new art] is speaking to where the game has moved on to. Whereas before it was more focused on CTUs as being the identity for our operators, now each operator we release has its own unique identity. They are creative, they have their own look, and we want to celebrate that.”

For extra on Rainbow Six Siege’s evolution, take a look at all the changes coming in Year 6 and Operation Crimson Heist.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Entertainment Writer.

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