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Destroy the Forest’s Corruption

When you arrive, stroll ahead and a cutscene will start. Nuos, who we have met earlier than, will clarify that his energy is dimming within the shrine. Nuos mentions a strong gauntlet inside the shrine. The gauntlet is a set of Claws which might be known as Nuos’ Claws. Our aim is to seek out these and destroy the shadows overpowering Nuos’ soul.

Where to Find the Old Key

The first place we have to go is to the best if you happen to’re going through the iron gate. In right here, destroy the three enemies — they do not do something aside from a small AEO explosion of leaves often. Destroy all of the pots within the room for Ore after this after which open the chest within the nook (to the left of the steps) after that to get a Ruby Ore.

Head contained in the tree after this and work together with the lever to alter the water degree.


After this, return to the middle of the shrine and head into the left space. Ignore the enemies and drop down the ladder. Make your approach throughout to the opposite facet and you may see two chests.

Open them for a Ruby Ore and an Old Key.

Where to Find the Second Old Key

After this, head again up the ladder that we took to get right here after which return to the room the place we first lowered the water degree. Drop down the opening within the middle of this room and get able to sprint so as to land on the platform pictured beneath earlier than dropping all the way in which down.

Hit the swap right here. This opens a gate to a different part of the shrine. Ignore that for now. Drop down and head towards the massive, round locked door. Use the Old Key on this door to open it.

Head inside and go down the steps. You’ll see a chest with a Red Ore inside to the best of the steps. From right here, head proper by the one open doorway in right here and a cutscene will start. Two enemies will spawn in: one is the flying one we fought earlier and the opposite is a swordsmen. He will both slash as soon as in a large angle or thrust assault twice, one proper after the opposite.

Take these enemies out and a chest will seem. Open it to obtain the Old Key.

Where to Find the Holy Key

Head again into the room you had been simply in and stroll throughout. Use this Old Key to open the locked, round door. Another set of enemies will seem. Both are swordsmen. Take them out and one other chest will spawn.

Inside is the Holy Key merchandise that can open the ultimate locked door within the room with the locked, round doorways.

Where to Find Nuos’ Claws

After buying the Holy Key, head again into the round room with the three doorways. Use the Holy Keys to open the one door that’s nonetheless locked. Inside, you will discover a chest to open.

Open the chest to obtain Nuos’ Claws. These provide the capacity to stroll and bounce on partitions.

Where to Find the Forest Guardian Spirit

From right here, head again towards the middle of the shrine besides now, undergo the gate we unlocked with the swap earlier. Take out the flying enemy in right here and bounce to the room on the best. Take out the 2 swordsmen in right here after which lookup. You ought to see what we see beneath:

You’ll want to leap from wall to wall all the way in which as much as attain the swap up excessive. It’s fairly tough and you may must be quick about it. Once up right here, hit the swap. This opens the locked gate within the middle of the Forest Shrine.

In right here, you will discover the Forest Guardian spirit. Interact with it to entice it.

You can equip this spirit to your character subsequent time you are at a shrine. The Forest Guardian spirit improve your motion velocity.

After this, head again into the middle and if you happen to’re going through the doorway, undergo the doorway on the best. In right here, use your new wall run capacity to cross the hole. On the opposite facet is the lever pictured beneath: pull it to alter the water degree once more.

From right here, drop down utilizing the ladder on the opposite facet. You’ll see one other ladder you can now take down with the water degree lowered. If you look down, you will see what we see beneath: a chest.

Jump right down to that chest. You’ll discover a Ruby Ore contained in the chest down right here. Head by the door approach behind you and you may attain the following void of the sport: Arigo’s Challenge.

When you start this void puzzle, stroll ahead till you attain the primary of 30 orbs.

Jump onto the primary breakable platform, then onto the everlasting platform, and eventually onto and off of the ultimate two breakable platforms. You ought to have 5 orbs at this level and it is best to have the identical view as us beneath:

From right here, bounce onto the platform transferring up and down after which use it to achieve the higher ledge. You’ll want to leap from wall to wall, grabbing the orbs alongside the way in which, till you attain the highest. There can be 4 orbs to your proper and an orb throughout the way in which in entrance of a chest with a Void Ore inside.

From right here, look to the left and you may see some platforms down beneath. Jump out and sprint over to them. Move ahead and you may find yourself with the view we’ve got beneath:

Jump from breakable sq. to breakable sq., ensuring to seize every orb alongside the way in which, and then you definitely’ll be on staircase resulting in the tip of the void.

Where to Find the Silver Blades

After finishing that void, have a look at the void statue after which flip 180 levels. Head by the doorway and you may see partitions on both facet of a giant hole.

You want to leap up and sprint to the wall. Then wall-run to the center platform. Defeat the enemy right here after which bounce on to the wall — DO NOT DASH YET — and while you attain the tip of the wall through wall-run, sprint to the doorway.

There are two of the swordsmen we have been preventing on this shrine on this giant room.

Take them out after which make a circle across the room, ensuring to destroy any pots in right here for Ore. Be positive to open the 2 chests in right here as properly for a Ruby Ore and the Silver Blades weapon.

Door Switch

At the chest the place you get hold of the Silver Blades, you will see the stone pillar we’re on high of within the screenshot beneath.

From right here, you will want to leap in between the 2 moss-lined pillars and wall-run backwards and forwards till you are excessive sufficient to sprint over to the platform with the swap on it.

Once you hit the swap, you will must be quick. Continue to wall run on these two pillars we simply launched off of till you are on high of them. Then, look to the best and you may see a platform. Jump over to it.

Jump throughout the hole to the opposite platform after which drop right down to the platform beneath that was beforehand unreachable.

Walk across the nook till you see a bit of shadow jutting out and blocking your approach ahead.

Just to the left and sprint barely ahead and to the best to land on a platform behind the shadow. Quickly wall run and sprint-bounce over the enemy right here. You can take it out if you need, however you will doubtless must re-run this path afterwards. From there, it is best to have landed on the round platform across the perimeter of the tree. Follow it round to a different enemy.

Jump over them onto the platform connected to the wall after which wall run on the wall to your left. You’ll want to leap from this wall to the wall on the best. Dash from this wall to the door that is open due to the swap we simply hit and you will be the place we’re beneath:

Open the chest right here to get a Ruby Ore.

Where to Find the Third Old Key

Head ahead and make your strategy to the platform subsequent to the flying enemy. They’ll shoot our inexperienced rings it is advisable dodge by leaping over the rings. Jump to the pillar on the left and wall-run till you may bounce to the platform connected to the wall the place a swap resides. Hit this swap to open the doorway additional on this space.

Head again to the platform the place we simply had been and bounce-sprint over to the wall on the best. Jump from this wall to platform with the doorway and head inside. Open the chest in right here to acquire the Old Key.

Wave Emote

If you are trying on the stairs that result in the Old Key above, it is best to spot an Emote statue to the best of the steps.

Interact with it and pay 200 Ore to obtain the Wave Emote.

If you have been following this information, you have already got the Hello Emote. Walk over to the white sq. on the bottom to the left of the doorway. Use the Hello Emote whereas standing on it.

A cutscene will reveal {that a} new chest has spawned within the Forest Shrine. It’s close to the start — from the middle space of the shrine at its begin, go into the room on the left. Go down the ladder and then you definitely’ll see the chest on the alternative facet.

Open it to obtain an Apple merchandise.

Where to Find the Second Holy Key

When you are able to proceed deeper into the shrine, head again to the world preceeding the third outdated key. Remember that enormous tree with a locked gate in entrance of it? Remember how there was a flowery chest behind it? The Old Key we have acquired opens that gate.

Open the chest to obtain a Holy Key.

Now, on the alternative facet of the tree is a stairway. Head up the small set of stairs and comply with the trail to achieve a door that may solely be opened with a Holy Key.

Open the door.

Boss Fight: Gruh the Corrupted Guardian

Gruh is the primary formal boss battle of Blue Fire. They use the identical transfer time and again, however in differing methods. Gruh, as you will see, is a huge plant. The solely transfer they will do is a floor slam with their 4 arms that causes a inexperienced ring to shoot out. You should dodge this ring by leaping over it.

  • Before utilizing its inexperienced ring transfer, Gruh will intention its arms up into the air and let loose a screech.
  • Pay consideration: if it is a quick screech, it would solely shoot one or two inexperienced rings out when it kilos the bottom. If it is a lengthy screech, will probably be three or 4 rings.
  • If Gruh does what seems to be two screeches in a row, or a 3-4 second screech, it’s about to pound the bottom 5 instances, which implies you will must dodge 5 of the inexperienced rings.
  • The finest strategy to dodge the inexperienced rings is by leaping, however when there are greater than two rings, it may be onerous to time your jumps — utilizing your sprint is actually one other strategy to bounce, or a minimum of on this case, one other strategy to dodge the inexperienced rings. You’ll want to make use of a mixture of jumps and dashes to keep away from getting hit by the inexperienced ring.
  • Your time to assault occurs in between the spouts of inexperienced rings. You will solely be capable of get two melee assaults accomplished earlier than Gruh begins to screech once more, which can knock you again.
  • Try to make use of your magical talents to both block the inexperienced ring along with your defend or injury Gruh along with your hearth magic.
  • Gruh will go down after about 10 melee hits and half a dozen magic hits so make sure to use a mixture of all your combative expertise to take them out.

After defeating Gruh, stroll ahead into the brand new space and you may meet Nuos in all of their godly type. It seems he is the God of Knowledge. Nuos will provide you with the Uthas Temple Key, which is the sport’s water temple.

This concludes the Destroy the Forest’s Corruption Main Quest and begins the Find the Uthas Temple Main Quest.

When you are prepared to maneuver on, it is time to discover the Uthas Temple. Head to the following web page of this information to proceed this walkthrough.

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