Five Star Wars Stories That Would Make Great Games

Now that Lucasfilm is permitting extra publishers and builders to take a crack at making Star Wars games, I’d like to see a handful of Star Wars “classics” get reborn as interactive experiences. I put “classics” in air quotes as a result of Star Wars’ historical past is so difficult and messy that some its biggest tales not exist within the universe’s ongoing continuity. Yes, you may nonetheless purchase and browse these tales, however most have been retconned. Lucasfilm now calls them “Legends,” treating them like “what if” alternate timelines or goals.

Seeing wonderful artistic works get reconned is terrible, however I perceive why Lucasfilm did it from enterprise and storytelling views. With dozens of tales hitting every year, the Star Wars universe rapidly grew to become a multitude of complicated plotlines and crossed wires; there was simply an excessive amount of taking place directly and never sufficient checks have been in place to make sure high quality content material was being delivered. When it got here to creating a brand new sequel trilogy with Luke, Han, and Leia, all of them had lived full lives in novels and comics. Communicating their character developments to theatergoers would have been a monumental job, a job that may must be nailed down to each small element. Could it have been achieved? Yes. Should it have been achieved? Yes. Did Lucasfilm’s choice to show the Death Star’s laser on these tales repay? I believe the reply can also be sure.

Whether you just like the sequel trilogy or not, the thriller surrounding these titular characters was gratifying to see unfold. We all wished to know the place Luke was and what occurred between Han and Leia. Again, you could not just like the solutions that got. You could want these motion pictures get retconned to deliver again the lore from the books, however Disney’s choice to work with a clean canvas created incredible story potential – not only for the movies, however books, comics, and video games. Anything is feasible, and we even see some creators diving deep into these misplaced works to deliver again fan-favorite characters and concepts. All will not be misplaced.

While I want none of it was retconned within the first place,  I do love lots of the brand new content material that’s being made, and a few of it could not have been potential given what was established within the outdated tales. I really consider The Mandalorian is one of the best factor to occur to Star Wars for the reason that authentic trilogy. And by an extended shot. Could it have been achieved no matter what occurred to previous tales? Perhaps, however there’s doubtless an opportunity we’d have gotten the canceled Underworld present as a substitute.

As we transfer ahead with the likes of Ubisoft and doubtlessly different studios being given the inexperienced mild to play in on this beloved universe, listed below are some tales I would not thoughts seeing come again in some trend. 

Star Wars: Dark Empire


Penned by Tom Veitch with artwork by Cam Kennedy, Star Wars: Dark Empire is a brief comedian ebook collection that was launched by Dark Horse Comics in 1991. Set six years after the Battle of Endor, this story exhibits us that the Rebel Alliance’s victory is brief lived, and their champion, Luke Skywalker, could not resist the attract of the darkish facet. As he struggles along with his interior demons, Han and Leia Solo (who are actually married) are being hunted by Jabba the Hutt’s loyal servants. Free from the Sarlacc Pit, Boba Fett can also be gunning for them. The Empire is rising in a terrifying method. The fallen Emperor Palpatine returns along with his wretched soul duplicated in a clone military (an concept J. J. Abrams used for The Rise of Skywalker).

This wonderful Star Wars story is a web page turner that screams of online game potential. Playing as a conflicted Luke Skywalker could be superior, and being on the run as Han and Leia (in shooter or stealth sequences) could be equally as satisfying. We’d then see the group come along with Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca for house battles and much more on-foot motion. Most Star Wars video games both give us a Jedi expertise or a shooter expertise. Why cannot one ship each? The coronary heart and soul of many Star Wars tales sees an ensemble of unlikely companions overcoming nice odds. That’s the core of what works for this crew and it could be a disgrace to not have that come via in a Dark Empire recreation. There’s sufficient within the framework of this story that may nonetheless work considerably effectively with Disney’s sequel trilogy.

Bring it again, Lucasfilm!

Star Wars: Darth Maul – Shadow Hunter


A Darth Maul online game was within the works years in the past at LucasArts (which I wrote extensively about in a retrospective), but it surely by no means noticed the sunshine of day. Playing as this beloved Sith Lord could be wonderful as a result of it would not be a narrative far faraway from the extra conventional tales, however it could give gamers an opportunity to participate in a story that is not centered across the Jedi. Set simply six months earlier than the occasions of The Phantom Menace, this recreation would present us why Darth Maul is such a menace, as he makes use of his double-sided lightsaber to off politicians, warlords, and even a padawan.

Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters


Tales of the Bounty Hunters is an anthology of quick tales that deliver us nearer to Boba Fett, IG-88, Dengar, Bossk, Zuckuss, and 4LOM – the lineup Darth Vader met with in The Empire Strikes Back. The recreation would latch onto this idea and provides the participant management of all of those bounty hunters for their very own tales, which might even join with each other to have quite a few hunters on the path collectively. I might like to be taught why Dengar is taken into account such a menace (or ought to even be thought of cool), and getting extra from Boba Fett is all the time a superb factor.

Given the similarities between all of those feared hunters, the controls and gameplay could be common for all of them, however every would have distinct talents, similar to Boba Fett’s jetpack, and, effectively, no matter Zuckuss can do.

The Star Wars


George Lucas’ authentic rough-draft screenplay for Star Wars was penned in 1974, and was fairly completely different than what ended up on the silver display three years later. This early model of the story adopted a personality named Annikin Starkiller. With the blessing and steerage of George Lucas, Dark Horse Comics tailored this script into an eight-issue comedian ebook collection in 2013. It’s an interesting learn that exhibits us what might have been, together with an older model of Luke Skywalker who appears nearly equivalent to Lucas in the present day.

I’d like to see this story get fleshed out as a online game. I do know Lucasfilm needs every little thing to be canonical now, however i believe Star Wars followers would go nuts for it. Some of Ralph McQuarrie’s early Star Wars sketches are based mostly on characters from this script. Whenever these artworks are spun into toys, collectors froth on the mouth for them. A full recreation of McQuarrie-esque imagery could be wild, as could be seeing Lucas’ early concepts come to life in an interactive method.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old High Republic


If you’re confused, you need to be. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the nice online game collection that BioWare launched in 2003, which is unfortunately not canonical. Regardless of this, folks need BioWare to make a sequel, however with its tales and characters not present, what would that subsequent chapter or reimagining be? To additional complicate issues, Lucasfilm not too long ago launched The High Republic as a brand new period, which is ready over 2 hundred years earlier than the occasions of the characteristic movies.

The High Republic is mainly the brand new place the place outdated Star Wars tales are informed. Yes, KOTOR is ready 4 thousand years earlier than the movies, however I doubt Lucasfilm would need two outdated eras operating in parallel. What I want to see occur is for BioWare to create a equally designed RPG recreation set inside the New Republic. So as a substitute of being Knights of the Old Republic, it could be Knights of the High Republic. The comedian books and novels for The High Republic have been incredible up to now, and there is important quantities of narrative room for a recreation (or collection of video games) to discover. Just think about how cool the Drengir would look on next-gen {hardware}. Playing as Lula Talisola or having her be a companion would not be a foul strategy to kick this story off.

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