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Story-driven sports activities RPGs such because the early Mario Golf and Tennis video games, or most lately Golf Story, have slowly come again in vogue. Brought to life with the artwork of veteran animator Ivan Friere and Brazilian studio Pocket Trap, Dodgeball Academia is a assured mixture of Shonen anime, sports activities video games, and Saturday morning cartoons, creating an exhilarating expertise to the final match.

After ditching his old-fashioned and breaking free from his controlling mother and father, Otto desires to show he has what it takes to thrive at Dodgeball Academia, the premier faculty for the game. Professors of the academy provoke the brand new college students by unlocking their extraordinary latent energy. These talents manifest after touching a magical ball, an artifact from the “Great Dodgeball War,” an occasion that illustrates how ingrained the game is to this world. Think of this introductory ceremony like X-Men getting their talents from the Sorting Hat. This amalgamation of a few of the hottest tropes in fashionable media works nicely and permits the narrative to stretch its ingenuity concepts the place it counts essentially the most: on the court docket.


Dodgeball video games play out in real-time, however these video games aren’t the one-hit elimination matches you may be used to from fitness center class. Your major objective is to scale back the opponent’s well being by pelting them with balls, a easy goal, however issues get much more explosive because of the aforementioned particular talents. Over time you’ll stage up characters and achieve stat boosts and extra augments that change how every character performs.

Some college students, like Otto, imbue their assaults with elemental results, others heal their crew or teammates, and a few trigger the ball to boomerang or curve. I’m delighted by the sense of individuality this brings to every athlete on my crew and amongst my opponents. These variations are elements in deciding in your crew of three based mostly on their talents and playstyles. I loved and located success with a balanced group of an attacker, expert defender, and assist participant able to replenishing HP. One of my favourite characters can’t catch balls thrown her means and depends on a extra artistic methodology of protection. Instead, you maintain the catch button and launch it on the proper time, and he or she rockets the ball again on the opponent utilizing a baseball bat.


After charging a meter all through the match, characters can unleash their Balltimate transfer, an excellent method that may flip the sport’s tide. Otto’s Balltimate is a normal Hadoken-like fireball, assist character Ballooney places down a therapeutic puddle, and Mina strikes opponents with lethal lightning bolts. Balltimates are distinctive to every character and are a big consider how I construct my three-person crew. Balltimates can be utilized to spam your means by means of matches, and I did that a couple of occasions, however I by no means felt like I used to be dishonest. Any given match can go south irrespective of the way you attempt to cheese the sport.

Matches in Dodgeball Academia provide a refreshing, if delicate, selection, which retains the motion recent. Opposing groups have numerous makeups, and even the court docket and obstacles change from match to match. Some courts are greater. Some have oncoming site visitors it’s a must to dodge together with enemy assaults. Even the balls fluctuate from battle to battle, sporting completely different elemental properties and shapes. I wasn’t happy with the forest court docket, which obscures the view of the motion by protecting all the pieces with tall blades of grass. This recurring match-type is annoying; fortunately, they solely take up a small proportion of the video games you’ll play.

I loved the day-to-day life on the academy. Some days you go to class to coach in topics resembling dodging or catching by means of timed survival minigames; different days, you’re despatched on quests by the professors. Peppered in between are matches in a schoolwide event to resolve the perfect crew on campus. Each day brings a enjoyable self-contained story, with items that properly culminate on the ultimate day of the competitors. Along the best way, Otto and his ever-growing slate of misfit teammates need to deal with rampaging coaching robots, scheming classmates, and a cult of scholars who deeply consider dodgeballs are square-shaped. Each scholar in Otto’s class has their quirks and personalities you be taught all through the sport’s eight chapters, and whereas most are antagonistic, all are pleasurable.

Unfortunately, the motion by no means strays removed from faculty, its car parking zone, and a close-by forest. A short stint to an icy mountain introduced some pleasurable platforming not seen in the remainder of the sport that I want was extra prevalent. Running by means of the identical three areas over once more, in search of the following goal is repetitive. While I loved what’s there, the world’s mundanity in comparison with the absurdity of the characters and their powers was a letdown.

Fortunately, an unimaginable soundtrack stored me trotting fortunately forwards and backwards across the faculty. With tunes just like the jaunty and hopeful dormitory and leisure space themes or the energetic wailing electrical guitar-driven tune heard on the varsity grounds, Dodgeball Academia has my favourite sport soundtrack of the yr to date. It additionally doesn’t harm that the battle intro music appears closely impressed by the Pokémon video games and includes a comparable alarming intro and triumphant victory fanfare. I haven’t woken up a day this week with out one thing from this soundtrack enjoying on loop in my head, and I wouldn’t have it some other means.


The artwork and character animation are equal to the music. Pocket Trap did a terrific job giving every sprite an enormous persona, even of their commonplace idle animations. Ballooney’s deflating head, the Principle’s gleaming badge flick, and Vampy’s animalistic actions are noticeable minor touches to some spectacular character work. These characters look plucked from a Cartoon Network collection. While I count on that high quality in cutscenes, the artwork and animation even shine within the dodgeball matches. Whether it’s the principle characters and their assaults, or commonplace anonymous enemies, all the pieces has a superb means of transferring and interacting on the court docket.

I could have some minor quibbles right here and there about sure courts or reused environments, however on the finish of the day, Dodgeball Academia is a champion in its discipline. It gives the perfect components of sports activities RPGs with cheeky characters, flashy particular strikes, and gameplay that’s enjoyable to grasp. Better but, the bundle is enhanced by a killer soundtrack. Look no additional than this gem if you wish to have a good time for a dozen hours.

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