Diablo 2 Resurrected Alpha: The Good and the Bad After 1 Day of Play

While Diablo 2 was a defining sport of my center faculty and highschool days – one which I’d keep up solely too late taking part in and get yelled at by my dad and mom telling me to fall asleep – it’s additionally a sport that I haven’t touched in virtually 20 years. So my first hours with Diablo 2 Resurrected was a very good reminder of three issues:

  1. Diablo 2’s music kicks ass

  2. It’s nonetheless by far the greatest in the sequence in terms of ambiance and tone

  3. It’s previous as hell

That third level is very notable as a result of Diablo 2 Resurrected has acquired a beautiful recent coat of paint that modernizes its visuals with out ever shedding that important dreary ambiance, portray the image of a Diablo 2 as it might seem in the most rose tinted of reminiscences.

But it additionally signifies that, for each higher and for worse, Diablo 2 Resurrected nonetheless performs precisely because it did 20 years in the past. Better, as a result of it gives an alternative choice to Diablo 3’s rather more streamlined and extra forgiving gameplay, whereas additionally giving a simpler different to a sport like Path of Exile; worse, as a result of in the 20 intervening years since Diablo 2, the motion RPG style as an entire has improved upon Diablo 2’s archaic mechanics in ways in which make it a bit arduous to return.

But to start out, let’s give attention to the good. Diablo 2: Resurrected seems incredible. This is completely not a case like Warcraft 3: Reforged with solely marginally improved character fashions and a bump in decision. Everything has been utterly redone from the floor up, changing the pixelated sprites with attractive 3D fashions, including new lighting results to the atmosphere, and if for no matter purpose you like the previous fashion, you possibly can change between the two visuals seamlessly with the press of a button. In a deep dive panel on this remaster, Lead Artist Chris Amaral talked about how there’s a 70/30 philosophy the place 70% of the artwork in any space is left alone as the “classic” artwork, and that additional 30% is then used to raise that traditional artwork, and that philosophy was undoubtedly felt as I performed.


It actually makes an enormous distinction in ambiance if you stroll right into a room with a five-pointed star made of hearth, and that fireside really seems like… effectively, hearth, and not only a bunch of copied and pasted hearth sprites in the form of a star.

Controlled Chaos

One different notable distinction is the incontrovertible fact that Diablo 2: Resurrected now has controller assist, and it’s not simply so simple as plugging in a controller and all of sudden all of the keys get mapped to buttons on the controller. When you employ a controller, there’s a whole change in the UI, how enemies are focused, how spells are geared up, and there’s even added performance to assist set up your stock, since that’s such an vital half of Diablo 2, and doing so with a controller is a lot slower than utilizing a mouse.


When you employ a gamepad, there’s a brand new auto-sort button that robotically optimizes your stock area, which is an absolute godsend, and I can solely hope that Blizzard finally provides it to the mouse and keyboard interface as effectively.

Even past simply that although, you possibly can map as much as six totally different abilities on to the face buttons and bumpers of the controller, versus having to change between them utilizing the F-keys or mouse wheel on the keyboard and mouse. There’s added information in the character display that permits you to know what additional bonuses you’re getting out of your gear outdoors of ones that simply have an effect on your stats, and total, it goes above and past my expectations for adapting Diablo 2 to a controller by additionally optimizing it with a bunch of high quality of life enhancements.

Does It Hold Up?

The controller optimizations are the place the high quality of life changes start and finish, as a result of the relaxation of Diablo 2: Resurrected is strictly as you bear in mind it from 20 years in the past, with the small exception of having the ability to robotically choose up gold now. And that’s the place issues get slightly difficult.

In some ways, Diablo 2 generally is a very irritating sport to play in 2021, as a result of many of its mechanics have been dramatically improved in subsequent video games inside the style. Potions taking over stock area sucks, plain and easy. Diablo 2’s stock area is already very restricted due to bigger weapons taking over as a lot as 20% of the stock area alone, on prime of additionally having to order area for charms and tomes. Having so as to add well being and mana potions on prime of that needlessly clutters up the stock and makes it so that you simply consistently must make journeys to city to dump or promote no matter loot you choose up.

The stamina system additionally feels utterly pointless and does nothing however decelerate the tempo of the early half of the sport if you don’t have sufficient vitality to make it a non-issue; stat customization largely feels meaningless with how helpful vitality is in comparison with every part else for each class; and every part needed to be recognized both with a scroll or a visit again to city.

That mentioned, there are additionally methods during which Diablo 2 succeeds in areas that Diablo 3 utterly dropped the ball on. There’s lots of technique and planning that goes into your construct, with significant decisions that make a huge effect on how robust your character will in the end turn out to be. Skill factors might be held onto in preparation for dumping all of them into a brand new ability when you reached the required stage, making a threat/reward state of affairs the place you’ll make issues more durable on your self in the brief time period by not including factors to abilities which are helpful now, in favor making a stronger character down the highway by having extra ability factors to place into the extra highly effective abilities.

Diablo 2 can be a lot more durable a lot earlier on than its sequel, which makes its fight encounters much more tense and pleasing, whereas additionally making the loot drops rather more thrilling as effectively, since the problem is at all times rising to fulfill your gear (versus simply letting to steamroll by way of its enemies like Diablo 3 tends to do up till you get to the finish sport).

So sure, the core of Diablo 2 nonetheless holds up 20 years later, despite the fact that there are some substantial frustrations to push by way of brought on by sure outdated design points. All in all, regardless of being in alpha, Diablo 2: Resurrected exhibits a ton of promise. It’s nonetheless received a technique to go in phrases of polish – there are framerate drops throughout the place, the transition from the new graphics to the previous graphics causes the sport to stall briefly, and the load instances really feel longer than they need to be – however as a remaster, that is shaping as much as do what followers need from it: staying devoted to a beloved traditional.

Mitchell Saltzman is an editorial producer at IGN. You can discover him on Twitter @JurassicRabbit

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