‘Destiny 2’ Update 2.15 ( Nerfs Stasis and Chaos Reach: Patch Notes

Destiny 2 replace has launched as model 2.15 on PS4, and which means Stasis has obtained its greatest nerf because the launch of the Beyond Light enlargement. From Shatterdive to Glacial Quake and Chaos Reach, almost each ice-flavored means has been taken down a notch to make it much less dominant within the present meta. Read the total patch notes beneath, courtesy of the most recent Bungie.internet weblog publish.

Destiny 2 replace (model 2.15) patch notes

destiny 2 update 215 patch notes stasis
‘Destiny 2’ replace has launched on PS4 as model 2.15. The patch notes function big Stasis nerfs. ‘Destiny 2’ is obtainable now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.



  • Fixed a difficulty the place gamers might respawn into the void, immediately bringing an finish to their feeble makes an attempt to outlive this exercise at Master problem.

Wrathborn Hunts

  • Fixed a difficulty the place “Immune” textual content seems when gamers deal harm to the High Celebrant.


  • Fixed a difficulty the place gamers would die immediately in the event that they stood in a selected spot of the Quitter’s Well in Tangled Shore.
  • Fixed a difficulty that prevented Scan and Heroic VIP patrols from showing on Europa.


  • Fixed a difficulty the place gamers might regenerate infinite Super vitality from teammates operating by way of hallways.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place gamers would incorrectly obtain an “online privileges” dialog when making an attempt to launch particular Battlegrounds actions or the Battlegrounds playlist with a fireteam member who hadn’t unlocked the exercise.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Cabal Pyro Flamethrower projectile generated loads of community utilization, resulting in unusual combatant behaviors inside Battlegrounds actions.



  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Prismatic Recaster was not displaying all obtainable engram varieties on a single web page.



  • Updated Mantle of Battle Harmony to operate in PvP.
    • Grants small quantity of tremendous vitality when defeating Guardians with weapons matching the harm sort of your Super.
    • Grants small harm bonus when defeating enemies with weapons matching the harm sort of your Super whereas your Super is full, however at a shorter period than once you defeat combatants in PvE.


  • Fixed a difficulty that prompted Eyes of Tomorrow to do much less harm than meant towards yellow bar enemies.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Guardians might embrace their darker facet and harm their teammates utilizing the Frenzy perk.
  • Added Unrelenting as a attainable perk for THE SWARM Machine Gun.


  • Shatterdive
    • Removed harm resistance from Shatterdive.
    • Added a 4s cooldown between activations of Shatterdive.
  • Withering Blade
    • Decreased Withering Blade harm towards gamers from 90 to 65 harm. PvE harm is unchanged.
    • Decreased Withering Blade sluggish stacks utilized to gamers from 60 to 40 stacks. PvE sluggish stacks are unchanged.
    • Decreased the goal acquisition vary of Withering Blade after it impacts a participant from 12m to 8m. Range after impacting PvE enemies is unchanged.


  • Glacial Quake
    • Removed AoE freeze towards gamers on Super forged. Will nonetheless freeze PvE enemies on forged.
    • Reduced harm resistance whereas in Super from 60 % to 50 %.
    • Increased the vitality value of utilizing Shiver Strike whereas in Glacial Quake from three % to seven % Super vitality.
    • Using the combo of a Shiver Strike right into a Heavy slam assault will now value the total Super vitality of each the Shiver Strike and the slam (this beforehand solely value vitality for the slam).
  • Shiver Strike
    • Increased downwards velocity utilized to Shiver Striking gamers when they’re slowed to extra shortly pull them out of the air.
    • Fixed a difficulty the place Shiver Strike (or Thundercrash) might get the participant caught towards mushy ceilings in Crucible maps.


  • Winter’s Wrath
    • Improved monitoring of Winter’s Wrath projectiles, now monitoring power decays from its max worth over 10s as an alternative of two.2s.
    • Increased the dimensions of the Warlock Super projectile’s proximity detonation radius 1.5m – 1.65m.
    • The proximity detonation now begins at its largest and scales all the way down to 40 % over time.
  • Penumbral Blast
    • Decreased Penumbral Blast harm towards gamers from 80 to 30 harm. PvE harm is unchanged.
  • Iceflare Bolts
    • Fixed a bug the place Iceflare Bolts would repeatedly attempt to change targets.
    • Increased goal acquisition vary of Iceflare Bolts by 33 %.
    • Increased turning pace of Iceflare Bolts to allow them to extra successfully hit close by targets.
  • Chaos Reach
    • Decreased the quantity of Super vitality refunded when cancelling Chaos Reach early.

General Stasis Tuning

  • Duskfield Grenade
    • Reduced how strongly Duskfield Grenade pulls gamers inwards, successfully lowering the pull vary from 9.5m to ~6m. PvE pull impulse is unchanged.
    • Reduced the sluggish stacks utilized to gamers by the grenade detonation from 20 to 10 stacks. Detonation sluggish stacks are unchanged in PvE.
    • Reduced the sluggish stacks utilized to gamers on every tick of the grenade from ten to 5 stacks. Per-tick sluggish stacks are unchanged in PvE.
    • Adjusted the UI presentation of the “Slowed” standing to show sluggish stacks as X/100 as an alternative of X/10, to extend readability when including sluggish stack quantities which are fewer than ten.
  • Stasis Crystals
    • Reduced crystal shatter harm towards gamers from (85 max, 55min) to (55 max, 25 min). PvE harm is unchanged.
  • Whisper of Chains
    • Reduced Whisper of Chains harm resistance bonus whereas in Super from 25 % to 5 %. Damage resistance when not in Super is unchanged. This solely impacts harm from different Guardians.


Stasis Fragment Quests

  • Significantly lowered goal completion values for all Crucible fragment quests.

Bounties and Pursuits

  • Fixed a difficulty the place gamers might earn Exotic Cyphers with a full stock, ensuing within the lack of their reward.


  • Fixed a difficulty that prevented the “Trash the Thresher” Triumph from finishing even when the circumstances have been met.

Stat Trackers

  • Reset raid completion time stat trackers for any participant who has precisely 5 minutes time recorded within the stat tracker.


  • Fixed a difficulty that prevented dangerous luck safety for Eyes of Tomorrow from accumulating correctly on accounts the place gamers raided on a number of characters.
  • Fixed points with the Frozen in Time decoration for the Exotic Pulse Rifle No Time To Explain.
    • The decoration will not show “Exclusive Item” which prevented gamers from socketing it.

Chosen Seal and Title Requirements

  • Replaced the “Bound in Memory” Triumph with “All the Scattered Memories” to make sure gamers who missed every week of enjoying the Presage exercise might earn the seal earlier than the Season ended.

While the small change in model quantity implies Destiny 2 replace 2.15 is not a considerable one, that assumption could not be farther from the reality. Perhaps its greatest function is a sequence of nerfs to all lessons within the Stasis division. Revenant Hunters will not take much less harm when utilizing Shatterdive, and gamers will not be capable to spam it over and over to keep away from getting hit.

In that very same vein, Withering Blade will solely choose a number of targets in the event that they’re very shut to 1 one other. With the changes made to Glacial Quake, Titans will not be capable to zip from one finish of the map to the opposite whereas sustaining Super. For Warlocks, nerfs to Chaos Reach imply Guardians can be getting fewer Supers per match on common. In easy phrases, Destiny 2 replace 2.15 makes Stasis bearable in PvP with out severely impacting its usefulness elsewhere.

When it involves among the smaller changes launched alongside the patch, the largest change is perhaps an overhaul to the match rejoin system in Trials of Osiris. As followers of Destiny 2 PvP will possible know, the weekly competitors was not too long ago rocked by a Win Trading controversy by which massive swaths of gamers manipulated the rejoin function to purposely throw matches with the top objective of finally having access to high-end Lighthouse rewards. It’ll be attention-grabbing to see if a brand new model of the Hakke on line casino emerges within the coming days. If you are a PvP participant of Destiny 2, the three.1.1.1 patch is rather more consequential than it seems.

Destiny 2 is obtainable now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

What do you consider the most recent replace for Destiny 2? Are you pleased with the Stasis nerfs? Tell us within the feedback part!

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