COVID Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Are Secretly Buried

Reports of deaths and critical accidents from the COVID-19 jabs have been mounting with breakneck rapidity. Those who take a look at the numbers and have some consciousness of historic vaccine harm charges agree we have by no means seen something prefer it, wherever on the earth. While knowledge may be onerous to come back by for some nations, those we will verify reveal deeply troubling patterns.

United States — As of June 11, 2021, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) had posted 358,379 adversarial occasions,1 together with 5,993 deaths and 29,871 critical accidents. In the 12- to 17-year-old age group, there have been 271 critical accidents2 and seven deaths. Among pregnant ladies, there have been 2,136 adversarial occasions, together with 707 miscarriages or untimely births.3

All of those are sure to be undercounts as, traditionally, lower than 10% of vaccine unwanted effects are reported to VAERS.4 An investigation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services put it as little as 1%.5,6

Be that as it could, the reported fee of dying from COVID-19 photographs now exceeds the reported dying fee of greater than 70 vaccines mixed over the previous 30 years, and it is about 500 occasions deadlier than the seasonal flu vaccine,7 which traditionally has been probably the most hazardous.

The COVID photographs are additionally 5 occasions extra harmful than the pandemic H1N1 vaccine, which had a 25-per-million extreme facet impact fee.8,9 Assuming the COVID photographs had the identical facet impact fee, and assuming some 200 million bought the vaccine, the estimated variety of individuals struggling a critical facet impact can be about 5,000. We’re nicely previous that already, as 35,86410 individuals have been severely injured or killed.

Even although there are practically 6,000 reported deaths in VAERS, this quantity is probably going severely compromised. I not too long ago interviewed Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who has handled COVID sufferers fairly efficiently, and we mentioned the very distinct risk that everybody who receives the COVID jab could die from issues within the subsequent two to 3 years.

He personally is aware of of 28 COVID jab deaths that weren’t accepted by VAERS. Zelenko suspects the variety of deaths could exceed 100,000 already.

Getting the COVID jab instantly locations the injected particular person within the very excessive threat of dying from COVID. Most have the false assurance that they’re protected, however in actuality, they’re much more susceptible and in consequence won’t take very aggressive proactive measures to keep away from dying from pathogenic priming or paradoxical immune enhancement earlier than it’s too late.

Please be certain and make a notation in your calendar to overview my groundbreaking interview with Zelenko this Sunday, July 4, 2021, which is barely three days away. We will overview protocols you should use to guard you and your loved ones or these you’re keen on, who now remorse getting the COVID jab.

European Union — In the European Union’s database of adversarial drug reactions from COVID photographs, known as EudraVigilance, there have been 1,509,266 reported accidents, together with 15,472 deaths as of June 19, 2021.11 EudraVigilance solely accepts stories from EU members, so it covers solely 27 of the 50 European nations.

Remarkably, about HALF of all reported accidents — 753,657 — are listed as “serious,” which means the harm is life-threatening, requires hospitalization, ends in a medically essential situation, vital incapacity or persistent incapacity.

U.Okay. — The British Yellow Card system had obtained, as of June 9, 2021, 276,867 adversarial occasion stories following COVID “vaccination,” together with 1,332 deaths.12

Israel — According to a report by the Israeli People Committee, a civilian physique of well being specialists, “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.”13 For instance, Israeli knowledge present boys and males between the ages of 16 and 24 who’ve been vaccinated have 25 occasions the speed of myocarditis (coronary heart irritation) than regular.14

(Myocarditis can also be affecting teenagers and younger adults within the U.S. Although CDC officers say no confirmed deaths have been reported, at the least two deaths have been linked temporally to the vaccine.15,16,17,18,19)

Australia — In Australia, two individuals have died from blood clots after taking AstraZeneca’s COVID shot. Meanwhile, just one individual — an aged girl — has died from COVID-19 this 12 months.20,21

If Something Goes Wrong, You’re on Your Own

The ache and struggling these photographs have already created is difficult to think about. Clearly, thousands and thousands world wide have had their lives turned the wrong way up by them. Many could not recuperate, bodily or financially. It’s actually essential to understand that if one thing goes improper, you are largely by yourself.

Before you make the choice to take part on this unprecedented well being experiment, it could be smart to evaluate your private insurance coverage and monetary skill to deal with a critical harm, as pandemic vaccine producers are indemnified in opposition to lawsuits. You can not sue them for damages. Nor are you able to sue the federal government or anybody else.

If you’re injured by a COVID shot and stay within the U.S., your solely recourse is to use for compensation from the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Act (CICP), beneath which COVID-19 vaccines are a lined countermeasure.22 The CICP is run by a sparsely staffed company beneath the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Details and hyperlinks to learn request varieties may be discovered within the Congressional Research Service’s authorized sidebar, “Compensation Programs for Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries.”23 You can not apply for and won’t obtain compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which covers different vaccines, together with the flu vaccine.

Compensation from CICP may be very restricted and onerous to get. In its 15-year historical past, it has paid out simply 29 claims, fewer than 1 in 10.24,25,26 You solely qualify in case your harm requires hospitalization and ends in vital incapacity and/or dying, and even if you happen to meet the eligibility standards, it requires you to make use of up your non-public medical insurance earlier than it kicks in to pay the distinction.

There’s no reimbursement for ache and struggling, solely misplaced wages and unpaid medical payments. This means a retired individual can not qualify even when they die or find yourself in a wheelchair. Salary compensation is of restricted period, and capped at $50,000 a 12 months. On prime of all that, you can’t enchantment the CICP’s resolution. Appeals merely get reviewed by one other employees member in the identical workplace.

Can You Afford a COVID Shot Injury?

Even if they will get it, CICP awards are prone to be a drop within the bucket for most individuals. The common award is $200,000, and dying instances are capped at $370,376.27 Meanwhile, you may simply rack up a $1 million hospital invoice if you happen to undergo a critical thrombotic occasion.28 You should additionally pay to your personal authorized assist and any skilled witnesses you could must help your declare.

In early June 2021, KRDO information reported29 on the case of Kendra Lippy, a 38-year-old girl who had no well being complaints previous to getting her Johnson & Johnson shot. Within every week, she developed complications, stomach ache and nausea. Her analysis: Severe blood clots that progressed into a number of organ failure and coma.

She needed to have most of her small gut eliminated and will want complete parenteral diet for the remainder of her life — a feeding technique that bypasses her gastrointestinal tract. She was hospitalized for 33 days, together with 22 days within the intensive care unit. She now wants occupational and bodily remedy to regain fundamental capabilities like strolling, writing and holding a fork.

Lippy’s hospital invoice already exceeds $1 million, a sum she’ll probably by no means be capable of repay, and there is no telling what sort of medical therapy she’ll want in years to come back. Clearly Lippy is headed for chapter, and medical payments are the most typical trigger within the U.S.

Additional Stipulations That Make Payouts Rare

There are additionally time stipulations. You should file a request for advantages inside one 12 months of the date the vaccine was administered with a view to qualify. This is a critical barrier, as critical unwanted effects can take time to develop. For instance, after the 2009 swine flu pandemic, individuals began reporting Guillain-Barre syndrome years after getting the pandemic H1N1 vaccine. At that time, they now not certified.30

Worst of all, nonetheless, is the truth that it’s now your accountability to show your harm was the “direct result of the countermeasure’s administration based on compelling, reliable, valid, medical and scientific evidence beyond mere temporal association.”

In different phrases, you mainly need to show what the vaccine developer itself has but to establish, seeing how you’re a part of their still-ongoing examine! The CICP can also be notoriously secretive about why claims are accepted or rejected. As reported by the Insurance Journal, “it doesn’t release even the most basic details such as the kinds of sicknesses people claim they got from vaccines.”31

As of June 1, 2021, 1,360 Americans had sought compensation from the CICP for accidents and deaths arising from pandemic countermeasures, however solely 869 had been deemed eligible to file a declare.32 None has been adjudicated. Professor Peter Meyers, a former director of the Vaccine Injury Litigation Clinic, who has referred to the CICP as a “black hole process,”33 warns that it is a “lousy program.” He advised Life Site News:34

“It’s a secretive, opaque program whereby some unknown officials within the Department of Health and Human Services will make decisions; we don’t know how many people are adjudicating, who they are, or what the process is.”

The secrecy means there are not any official statistics on the varieties of accidents persons are submitting for, or what countermeasure is claimed to have precipitated their harm. By the best way, vaccines aren’t the one countermeasures shielded from legal responsibility. Hospital therapy errors are shielded too, and we all know some hospitals routinely killed patients, whether or not they had confirmed COVID-19 or not, by inserting them on ventilators even after they did not want it.35

Can You Trust These White-Collar Criminals?

As talked about, pandemic vaccine makers are shielded from financial liability. The solely method you may sue is if you happen to can show “willful misconduct,” equivalent to deliberate deception, fraudulent conduct or hiding related information. To get round this, vaccine makers could merely not search for sure issues.

The potential for infertility is an ideal instance. The spike protein is suspected of getting reproductive toxicity, and Pfizer’s biodistribution knowledge present it accumulates in ladies’s ovaries.36 Despite that, Pfizer didn’t carry out any reproductive toxicology checks. Since they did not look, they will with a straight face say they “didn’t know” the shot may trigger reproductive failure. The factor is, they need to have suspected it, and achieved the checks to ensure.

Already, we’re seeing indicators of reproductive toxicity. Data counsel the miscarriage fee amongst ladies who get the COVID “vaccine” inside the first 20 weeks of being pregnant is a whopping 82%. The regular fee is 10%, so that is no minor improve. Infertility might be far tougher to establish, and might take many years.37

In a May 28, 2021, letter to the editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, Drs. Ira Bernstein and Sanja Jovanovic and Deann McLeod, HBSc, of Toronto, pointed this out by highlighting that preliminary security research printed within the NEJM in April 2021 had been in error by together with “clinically unrecognized pregnancies” in them.38

They included adjusted graphs reflecting this, and requested the examine’s authors to take away the faulty knowledge however, apparently, their letter disappeared from the web the final week of June, though it was nonetheless in Wayback archives as of June 27, 2021. Coincidentally, June 17, 2021, the NEJM republished the April examine with no rationalization as to why it was being republished and with no changes to the information.

Considering the prison historical past of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, it is onerous to know how thousands and thousands of individuals belief these corporations to not lie with a view to make a buck. As reported by Life Site News:39

“Just three principal vaccine makers, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, have been ordered by state and federal courts to pay a mixed greater than $8.6 billion in fines to resolve dozens of allegations of prison and civil misconduct.

Pfizer alone was fined $2.3 billion — the biggest such settlement in historical past, in line with the Department of Justice — for willfully defrauding and misbranding its medicine that had already been yanked from cabinets for his or her documented risks.

But for six whistleblowers who introduced proof ahead in opposition to the corporate, it could have continued misbranding and promoting its harmful wares.

‘We’ve made a trade-off in America,’ mentioned Meyers, in giving vaccine producers legal responsibility safety to make sure that they may preserve making vaccines that, earlier than authorized immunity, had been slowed down in lawsuit litigation for unwanted effects.

Manufacturers who make automobiles or ladders or different merchandise may be sued if they’re defective. Vaccine makers have blanket legal responsibility to make sure their merchandise are produced, authorities funding to supply them, ensured authorities orders for merchandise, government-paid mass-marketing and mandates …

‘The tradeoff appears unfair immediately as a result of the CICP program is equivalent to flawed program,’ mentioned Meyers, significantly when vaccine corporations are raking in colossal earnings (Pfizer is ready to haul in $26 billion from its COVID vaccines this 12 months and COVID vaccine manufacturing is churning out billionaires whose annual salaries are multiples of a decade of CICP payouts to dozens of individuals).

The CICP advantages are ‘stingy compensations,’ he added, for people who find themselves struggling and ready within the face of company greed and authorities opacity. Notwithstanding the drug corporations’ prison data, Meyers thinks they’d be ‘loopy to threat misconduct.’ If it turned out that vaccine makers had been really hiding information on dangers of COVID vaccines, he mentioned, ‘it will be a disaster.'”

Are Government and Big Pharma Guilty of Willful Misconduct?

I do not learn about you, however the feeling I get after I take a look at the cascade of accidents and deaths occurring inside days or in lots of instances mere hours after injection is that one thing is extremely amiss, and vaccine makers are sweeping all of it beneath the rug. Isn’t that willful misconduct? Failing to carry out reproductive toxicology checks after they uncover that spike protein accumulates within the ovaries — is not that reprehensible willful misconduct?

Continuing to assert that the mRNA stays within the shoulder muscle after they have knowledge displaying it will get distributed into nearly all organs within the human physique — is not that hiding essential information? Isn’t that reprehensible willful misconduct?

I’d argue that authorities officers are additionally responsible of medical maleficence. As famous by Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform expertise,40 probably the most present model of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) that governs these COVID photographs reveals the FDA opted to not require stringent post-vaccination knowledge assortment and analysis, though they’d the facility to take action.

Again, if you happen to do not search for accidents, you are unlikely to seek out them. If there is no strong knowledge assortment and overview course of, they will say the photographs are secure and shuttle them by way of the licensing course of much more simply. The downside they’re now dealing with is that VAERS is getting such an amazing variety of stories that even when they account for under 10% of precise accidents, or much less, it is completely unmistakable that there are critical issues.

Failing to require vaccine makers to place collectively a complete system to seize adversarial occasion knowledge is an indication of incompetence at greatest. But that is not all. The FDA actually begins showing deceitful when refusing to acknowledge that the VAERS stories point out there are issues.

To name “coincidence” greater than 35,000 occasions is just not plausible, and to dismiss the dangers of everlasting incapacity and dying as being “worth it” is past heartless, seeing how we have now secure and efficient remedies and nobody really must gamble their well being on an experimental gene remedy.

COVID Shots Are Clearly Riskier Than Advertised

As famous in a June 22, 2021, Wall Street Journal article,41 whereas VAERS can not inform us whether or not the photographs had been causative in any given facet impact report, once you see clusters of stories that kind a pattern, it is time to examine.

Four critical adversarial results which might be presently trending are thrombocytopenia (low platelet rely), noninfectious myocarditis (coronary heart irritation), particularly in these beneath 30, deep-vein thrombosis and death.42

In order for such results to be tolerable, even when uncommon, the vaccine (or drug) would have to be completely essential for survival. Think of a extremely infectious pandemic of Ebola, for instance — one thing the place dying is swift and nearly assured, and therapy, as soon as contaminated, is ineffective.

None of these standards apply to COVID-19, which has a lethality fee on par with the seasonal flu for all however the aged and these most frail. The vaccine would additionally have to be an precise vaccine — one thing that gives immunity. COVID-19 gene remedy injections do not do this both.

Overall, it is clear that deaths and accidents from these photographs are being swept beneath the rug, and we can not permit that to proceed. We should preserve pushing for transparency, honesty and accountability.

Remember, mark your calendar to view my groundbreaking interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko this Sunday, which is barely three days away. We will overview protocols you should use to guard you and your loved ones or those who you’re keen on who now remorse getting the COVID jab.


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