CNN Demands Amazon Ban My Book

CNN reporter Randi Kaye visited my residence unannounced, then tracked me down as I bicycled round my residence city in August 2021. Her objective was to publish successful piece additional labeling me as a “super-spreader of COVID-19 misinformation,”1 based mostly totally on the opinions of international agent Imran Ahmed, founding CEO Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH),2 which is a not too long ago spun up entrance group funded by darkish cash.

After that story aired, she once more contacted me, this time through electronic mail, to request an interview relating to my newest guide, “The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal.” Interview questions had been supplied through electronic mail, as had been my responses. CNN ran this new story October 4, 2021.

In the curiosity of transparency, under I’ll publish the e-mail trade so you may learn my response to her questions firsthand. You can inform from the main questions that this “story” is not true journalism however relatively one other hit piece manipulated to suit a preformed agenda.

CNN Interview Request for My Latest Book

August 26, 2021, Kaye emailed, “Here are the questions we would like answered about Dr. Mercola’s new book. We would welcome responses by 5pm tomorrow, please.” The questions, that are clearly accusatory, are as follows:

“You say in your book that “A considerable amount of information strongly suggests the COVID – 19 vaccine could also be utterly pointless, which suggests the worldwide inhabitants is being bamboozled into taking part in a harmful and unprecedented experiment for no good cause in any way.” Can you please level us to that information that implies the covid vaccines are pointless or harmful?

You say in your guide that “vaccine trials are rigged.” What proof do you might have of that? Which trials? How many? Who rigged them and for what objective?

You say in your guide, “Common sense dictates that if the vaccines cannot prevent or reduce infection and transmission, hospitalization, or death, then they cannot possibly end the pandemic.” And that “There’s no telling whether they will ultimately prevent hospitalizations and deaths.”

Can you please present us with the supply and help in your statements because the CDC says vaccines are almost 100% efficient at stopping extreme illness and demise and vastly cut back an infection.

How do you clarify statements from hospitals and authorities officers that just about all those that are getting sick and dying now are the unvaccinated?

Do you are feeling chargeable for the unfold of misinformation by writing a guide stuffed with conspiracy theories and false claims?

What had been you paid for this guide deal by the writer?

Are you donating 100% of the earnings out of your guide?

If so, to which group? Are you involved this guide will value individuals their lives?”

My Response to CNN

Media organizations contact often, generally to problem us on the researched, fact-checked articles we publish for our readers. In CNN’s case, the information they had been searching for was immediately associated to my guide, which was the No. 1 greatest vendor in all classes for 4 straight days with hundreds of five-star scores.

Much just like the information on, the information in my guide is totally referenced, however Kaye, paradoxically, engaged within the dissemination of misinformation herself by describing my guide as being “full of conspiracy theories and false claims.” My response to her questions follows:

“Many research and different literature provide help for my place in answering a number of of your questions, that are mixed since they are often answered with the identical literature. Here are the details that drive my guide:

The vaccines are simply 39% efficient and waning, and the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has now suggested booster doses to the mRNA vaccines in immunocompromised individuals. CDC’s aim is to start providing booster doses to everybody else starting this fall.3,4,5,6

Additionally, breakthrough infections amongst absolutely vaccinated individuals have gotten increasingly prevalent world wide. Evidence is starting to mount that individuals with breakthrough infections can unfold the Delta variant extra simply.7,8,9,10,11,12,13

Most not too long ago, researchers in Israel report that absolutely vaccinated individuals are as much as 13 instances extra more likely to get contaminated than those that have had a pure COVID an infection.

As defined by ScienceMag: The examine “present in two analyses that individuals who had been vaccinated in January and February had been, in June, July and the primary half of August, six to 13 instances extra more likely to get contaminated than unvaccinated individuals who had been beforehand contaminated with the coronavirus.

In one evaluation, evaluating greater than 32,000 individuals within the well being system, the danger of creating symptomatic COVID-19 was 27 instances increased among the many vaccinated, and the danger of hospitalization eight instances increased.”14

The examine additionally mentioned that, whereas vaccinated individuals who additionally had pure an infection did seem to have further safety in opposition to the Delta variant, the vaccinated had been nonetheless at a higher danger for COVID-19-related-hospitalizations in comparison with these with out the vaccine, however who had been beforehand contaminated.

Vaccinees who hadn’t had a pure an infection additionally had a 5.96-fold elevated danger for breakthrough an infection and a 7.13-fold elevated danger for symptomatic illness.

“This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity,” examine authors mentioned.15

A majority of gravely sick sufferers in Israel are double vaccinated.16 A majority of deaths over 50 in England are additionally double vaccinated.17 Also, mass vaccination of the inhabitants with the extremely mutating coronavirus will solely evolve completely vaccine-resistant strains of the virus.”18

Injection Trials Included COVID-19 Infections as Successes

The subsequent a part of my response targeted extra particularly on the vaccine trials, which had been problematic from the beginning since they didn’t embody prevention of an infection as an endpoint. Instead, all examine endpoints required an infection with SARS-CoV-2, and “successes” included topics with confirmed COVID-19 circumstances. The distinction measured wasn’t whether or not or not the vaccines prevented COVID-19 however whether or not, and the way, they modified signs amongst these contaminated.19

Also problematic is the unblinding of the vaccine trials, which suggests the placebo teams had been eliminated. As medical investigative journalist Jeanne Lenzer wrote within the BMJ, “The data are now likely to be scanty and less reliable given that the trials are effectively being unblinded.”20 This is the subsequent part of my response to Kaye:

“Regarding the vaccine trials: The vaccine trials were designed specifically to succeed for profit. The public health authorities and media like CNN are utilizing fear of the virus to induce psychological stress that promotes obedience and servitude.21

Additionally, proof that the trials are “rigged” will be proven by advantage of the truth that they’ve achieved away with the management teams — who had been getting a placebo however who had been then provided the vaccine, which nearly does away with the flexibility to match hostile reactions together with deaths. Pfizer’s personal vaccine insert for Comirnaty admits that the management group hasn’t existed since December 2020:

Section 6.1 — “Upon issuance of the Emergency Use Authorization (December 11, 2020) for COMIRNATY, participants were unblinded to offer placebo participants COMIRNATY. Participants were unblinded in a phased manner over a period of months to offer placebo participants COMIRNATY.”22

NPR has famous that eradicating the placebo teams from vaccine trials will forestall correct information from long-term research from being recognized.23

Additionally, the CDC is being dishonest by using information from the start of this yr when the vaccine marketing campaign had simply been initiated to conflate their declare. They are utilizing information that had been scant early within the yr as a result of so few had been vaccinated, versus utilizing present information.24

Proceeding with the FDA approval of Comirnaty this week was unprecedented. No different vaccine has ever obtained approval this quick — and with out public remark being allowed by way of ACIP [the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices] or VRBPAC [the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee] earlier than approval was issued.

The approval is unconscionable as a result of over 600,000 hostile reactions and 6,000 deaths [now over 14,500 deaths25] have been reported within the U.S. to VAERS. A majority of those stories are filed by medical professionals.

This exhibits that the security of those vaccines isn’t confirmed. Besides, the experiments are persevering with by way of 2027 because the FDA APPROVAL requires Pfizer to submit examine outcomes analyzing danger of myocarditis and pericarditis, and danger to long-term toddler growth in pregnant ladies. Study outcomes can be submitted to the FDA for assessment on Oct 31, 2025 and May 31, 2027 respectively.”26

Lifesaving Information That CNN Won’t Share

CNN and different media retailers have the ability to share lifesaving information that might flip the pandemic round and save lives within the course of — however they will not. Instead, the media are ignoring the fundamentals of wholesome immune operate and the significance of early COVID-19 remedy to proceed to push the narrative that the one answer is to get an injection.

The final a part of my response to Kaye contains empowering steps that nearly everybody can take to help their well being and cut back their danger of infectious illness. This contains having provides from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC) I-MASK+ protocol available within the occasion you do get COVID-19.

FLCCC’s I-MASK+ protocol will be downloaded in full,27 providing you with step-by-step directions on the way to forestall and deal with the early signs of COVID-19. FLCCC additionally has protocols for at-home prevention and early remedy, known as I-MASS, which entails ivermectin, vitamin D3, a multivitamin and a digital thermometer to observe your physique temperature within the prevention part and ivermectin, melatonin, aspirin and antiseptic mouthwash for early at-home remedy.

I additionally suggest getting a nebulizer, and the second you are feeling a sniffle or one thing approaching, use nebulized hydrogen peroxide. Having a pulse oximeter available can also be smart, as it is a noninvasive option to measure the oxygen ranges in your blood, permitting you to observe your ranges and assist gauge whether or not a visit to the ER is really so as.

As I informed Kaye, taking management of your well being continues to be the “secret” that I try to share with the lots. The the rest of my response to CNN follows:

“I’m donating all proceeds to the National Vaccine Information Center. I encourage each individual to totally educate themselves to make particular person selections about medical risk-taking by speaking with their private doctor and evaluating the dangers and advantages to make an knowledgeable resolution that features all of the information on how these vaccines are working (or not working) and what all of the doable unintended effects could also be.

This pandemic is a direct reflection of the well being of our inhabitants: 95% of COVID deaths have a number of comorbidities. Obesity, vitamin D deficiency and metabolic dysfunction are on the core of this pandemic and will be resolved by taking management of your well being by following science-based dietary and way of life suggestions.

Since build up your well being cannot be achieved in a single day, what you are able to do starting proper now’s keep away from linoleic acid, test to make sure your vitamin D ranges are above 40ng/ml, train, get contemporary air and correct solar publicity, and limit your consuming window to a 6- to 8-hour time-frame every day.

If you do get COVID-19, early remedy is essential. Follow the Front Line Critical Care Alliance iMASK+ or MATH+ remedy protocols.”28


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