Cape Cod family, hard hit by COVID-19 deaths, honors those they lost

A portrait of Enrique Valdovinos on the counter of his Hyannis, Massachusetts, restaurant Mi Pueblo. He died of COVID-19.

HYANNIS, Mass. – The Valdovinos family has been praying the rosary for months now.

They’ve all the time been religious Catholics however since final fall, the big, tight-knit household has been rocked by tragedy after tragedy, so they have leaned on prayer like by no means earlier than.

“It’s been like a whole storm on us,” mentioned Laura Valdovinos, 18.

The deaths — all attributed to COVID-19 — started in Mexico. In October, Laura’s aunt died, then, two months later, two of her nice uncles. 

The eye of the storm moved north. 

In January, Laura lost her grandfather to the virus that she calls a monster, and at last, her father, Enrique Valdovinos, founding father of a beloved restaurant in Hyannis, Massachusetts, referred to as Mi Pueblo. 

“It’s a tradition that for someone who passes away, we pray the rosary for nine days,” Laura mentioned as she sat subsequent to her uncle Osvaldo at a sales space in Mi Pueblo. 

“We call it the Novenario,” Osvaldo mentioned. 

“It felt like one rosary prayer would end and then the next one would start,” Laura mentioned. “It was one after another.”

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