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Start With a Proper Foundation

It could seem apparent in relation to setting up a house, however having a stable basis is crucial. That’s no totally different in Valheim, the place flat, stable floor is vital to the longevity of your property.

To start constructing, you may must craft a Hammer from 3 wooden and 2 stone.

You’ll additionally want to position a Workbench which is able to will let you entry the constructing menu. Check out our information beneath when you need assistance with tips on how to craft and use the Workbench.

Find Flat Terrain

Since the world of Valheim is procedurally generated, no two video games are the identical. It might take some exploring to seek out some comparatively flat floor early on, however it will repay in the long term.

Once you craft the Hoe, you’ll stage and lift floor as wanted.


Place Floor Tiles

Start your property by inserting wood flooring tiles. This not solely seems good, it is also useful and ensures the bottom you are constructing on is stage, which impacts the structural assist of your property. While your first house is probably going not going to be your final in Valheim, it is nonetheless good to observe this behavior early on as it is going to make base constructing a lot simpler as you be taught extra.

Utilize Snap Building

While Valheim affords limitless mixtures for what you may construct, it could appear a bit overwhelming at first. Like many different survival video games, setting up properties requires piecing collectively particular person items. Thankfully, Valheim has a system that permits you to to simply join items by “snapping” the sides collectively.

This permits your construction to be extra uniform in its look with every thing lined up. It additionally ensures higher structural integrity, which means you’ll construct taller and wider with out the danger of items collapsing.

Note: If you like a extra “freeform” constructing possibility you may maintain the Shift key to toggle snapping off, permitting you to control items with out attaching them to a grid.

For items to snap collectively, you merely must rotate the meant piece with the scroll wheel to line it up and it ought to mechanically snap to the closest items because it will get shut.

Understanding the Structural Support System

Valheim makes use of a structural assist system which may be neglected at first look. However, understanding this technique is vital to correct base constructing.

When attaching items you could discover that some sections change colour previous to inserting the brand new piece. Most of the time, they need to be blue, indicating the construction has a stable basis to proceed constructing upon.

However, some items might develop into inexperienced, yellow, orange, or crimson, relying on how a lot structural integrity there may be.

When items are inexperienced, this means sturdy assist. You can safely construct.

Pieces which are yellow point out the construction is weakening. You can construct right here, however except you tackle the foundational problem, it could not be capable of assist a lot weight.

Pieces which are orange point out a really weak construction. Place items right here at your personal danger, as they could crumble if rather more weight is positioned upon them.

Pieces which are crimson point out structural failure and can’t be constructed upon. If you connect one thing to a crimson piece, it is going to instantly crumble.

As said above, a powerful basis is extraordinarily vital when constructing a house. This will guarantee you may construct your base with out the worry of it actually crumbling underneath its personal weight.

How to Level Terrain

One manner to make sure a steady basis is to start out constructing upon stage floor. Thankfully, Valheim gives a instrument to assist with simply that. You can craft a Hoe at your Workbench with 5 wooden and 2 stone.

The Hoe means that you can stage floor so long as you could have stamina accessible. It’s indicated by a collection of radiating yellow circles on floor that may be leveled.

When leveling floor, it brings the peak right down to your character’s toes. So, the best manner to make sure the bottom is completely stage is to look down on the floor and stage as you stroll ahead.

You may also increase floor which requires 4 stone and a Workbench close by every time you utilize it. This is nice if the bottom is simply too low and it’s good to deliver it as much as a sure top.

How to Repair Structures and Building Decay

Over time, your constructions will start to decay. This is accelerated by climate (like rain), which brings the general well being of every impacted piece right down to 50%. Enemies may also assault your base, inflicting harm to the person items, too.

You can view the general well being of every piece by equipping your Hammer and hovering over a given piece. This is indicated by a small vertical yellow heath bar.

As items decay or maintain harm, they start to tackle a weathered look. This might end in a matted look or discoloration.

Thankfully, you may restore objects simply (and totally free!) by equipping your Hammer and choosing the restore possibility within the prime left nook of any of the Hammer classes.

Once you’ve got chosen the restore possibility, merely left mouse click on on the affected merchandise. If it is in a position to be repaired you solely must click on it as soon as to deliver it again as much as full well being. If it may’t be repaired, nothing will occur.

It’s a fantastic concept to usually restore objects round your base to make sure they don’t seem to be destroyed.

How to Build and Ventilate Indoor Fires

Fire is crucial for holding heat and is required to sleep at evening. While it is easy to position a fireplace outdoors your property, generally it is simpler to have a fireplace burning indoors. This protects the fireplace from the climate and means that you can cook dinner indoors. To construct a fireplace indoors you may must take away a flooring tile. Fires can solely be constructed on the pure floor.However, with fireplace comes smoke. If there’s nowhere for it to go, finally your property will develop into crammed with smoke which obstructs your imaginative and prescient and may finally kill you.An straightforward treatment is to construct a chimney to information the smoke out of your property, or just depart a gap within the roof for the smoke to journey via.

How to Stack Chests

Inventory area is restricted in Valheim and since gamers cannot develop character storage, you may want someplace to position your onerous-earned objects. Thankfully, that is what chests are for.

The first chest you’ll construct can maintain 10 objects, whereas the Reinforced Chest can maintain as much as 18 objects. But, every chest takes up useful flooring area and you will rapidly discover that your property cannot sustain. But, earlier than you tear down your property and construct an even bigger one, there’s a solution to stack chests.

It’s not so simple as simply inserting the chest on prime of each other, although. Because chests can solely be positioned on floor or flooring tiles, you may must get a bit artistic.

Begin by inserting your chest on the ground. Then, open up your constructing menu and place a 1×1 flooring tile simply above the chest. You can maintain the left shift key to briefly disable snapping, which makes placement a bit simpler.

Next, place a chest on prime of the ground tile.

Rinse and repeat as many instances as wanted till your required quantity of stacked chests.

Enjoy all the additional area for actions you could have now!

Defending Your Base

It will not be lengthy till enemies start assaulting your base and attempting to destroy your entire onerous work. While no protection is ideal, most will delay enemies lengthy sufficient so that you can take all of them out earlier than they make it to your property.The best solution to safe your base is to construct a wall round it, both with the Stakewall early on or stone partitions later within the recreation.

Another easy base protection concept is to dig a trench across the perimeter of your base utilizing a Pickaxe. Some enemy AI aren’t good sufficient to navigate via these trenches, so make the most of this tip whilst you can!

How to Build With Stone

As you progress within the recreation and enemies get stronger, you may quickly want a extra fortified base. Once you receive iron and craft a Stonecutter you may have the flexibility to start out constructing with stone and craft some extra superior bases.

This contains varied stone partitions, stone pillars, stone archways, stone stairs, and stone flooring.

In order to unlock Stone, you will have to accumulate a Stone Cutter. Before you may construct a Stone Cutter although, we extremely suggest that you simply defeat the Valheim’s second boss, The Elder, who will be discovered inside the Swamp biome.

While it is not a requirement, defeating The Elder will reward you with a Swamp Key which can be utilized to unlock the gates to Sunken Crypts.Inside the Sunken Crypts, you’ll usually discover loads of Muddy Scrap Piles as they block the doorways all through the crypt. Don’t be shocked to seek out different random objects inside these piles, as you aren’t assured to seek out and obtain Scrap Iron each time.Sunken Crypts aren’t the one solution to discover Scrap Iron, so take a look at our full information to How to Find Copper, Iron, Tin, Silver, Obsidian, and Black Metal Scraps for much more information.

Once you could have sufficient Iron, return to your base and smelt two Iron Bars. Along with the 2 Iron bars, additionally, you will require x10 Wood and x4 Stone. With the required supplies, use your Hammer and craft the Stone Cutter.

The Stone Cutter will will let you construct stone partitions, stone flooring, stone pillars, stone arches, and even stone stairs. To craft much more stone associated objects, think about crafting a Sharpening Stone can be utilized to make Grinding Wheel to your Forge improve.

Important Crafting Stations

Building is not the one vital factor in Valheim, although. In order to progress to the endgame you may want highly effective gear and objects. This requires making particular crafting stations.

Some crafting stations will be upgraded to unlock extra recipes. Upgrades will be acquired in any order relying on which supplies you’ve got found.

Here are some guides that will help you unlock particular crafting stations:

Check out the desk beneath for information on every crafting station.

All Crafting Structures
ItemPrerequisitesCrafting RecipeAvailable UpgradesItem Spawn Code
WorkbenchNoneChopping Block
  • piece_workbench
  • piece_workbench_ext1
  • piece_workbench_ext2
  • piece_workbench_ext3
  • piece_workbench_ext4
Tanning Rack
  • 10 Wood
  • 15 Flint
  • 20 Leather scraps
  • 5 Deer disguise


Tool Shelf
  • 4 Iron
  • 10 Fine wooden
  • 4 Obsidian


  • 4 Stone
  • 4 Coal
  • 10 Wood
  • 6 Copper
Forge Cooler
  • forge
  • forge_ext1
  • forge_ext2
  • forge_ext3
  • forge_ext4
  • forge_ext5
  • forge_ext6
Forge Toolrack
Smith’s Anvil
Forge Bellows
  • 5 Wood
  • 5 Deer disguise
  • 4 Chain
Grinding Wheel


  • Sharpening Stone (requires Stonecutter)
Charcoal KilnWorkbenchN/A
Blast FurnaceArtisan Table
  • 20 Stone
  • 5 Surtling core
  • 10 Iron
  • 20 Fine wooden
  • 30 Fine wooden
  • 5 Bronze
  • 10 Resin
Artisan TableWorkbenchN/A
WindmillArtisan Table
  • 20 Stone
  • 30 Wood
  • 30 Iron nails
Spinning WheelArtisan Table
  • 20 Fine wooden
  • 10 Iron nails
  • 5 Leather scraps
Need assist getting began? Check out our information on How to Build a Shelter for extra information on setting up your first base.

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