Bill Gates Wants to Realize Global Vision in His Lifetime

“Bill Gates — What You Were Not Told,” a section of the Plandemic documentary,1 critiques the non-public {and professional} background of the Microsoft mogul, Bill Gates. Contrary to fashionable fable, many see Gates as extra of an opportunist than a genius inventor, and the video touches on a number of of the much less honorable moments of his profession.

After years of constructing a repute as a “ruthless tech monopolizer,” Bill Gates 2.0 was launched with the creation of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With this basis, he reinvented and rebranded himself as one of many world’s most beneficiant philanthropists.

Gates’ Charity Is Not What It Seems

Alas, as famous by AGRA Watch,2 Shiva Vandana, Ph.D., and others, Gates’ model of philanthropy creates a number of new issues for each it solves and may finest be described as “philanthrocapitalism.” As famous in the AGRA Watch article, “Philanthrocapitalism: The Gates Foundation’s African Programs Are Not Charity,” revealed in December 2017, advocates of philanthrocapitalism:3

“… often expect financial returns or secondary benefits over the long term from their investments in social programs. Philanthropy becomes another part of the engine of profit and corporate control. The Gates Foundation’s strategy for ‘development’ actually promotes neoliberal economic policies and corporate globalization.”

Indeed, over time, Gates has ended up in a place the place he monopolizes or wields disproportional affect over not solely the tech business, but additionally international well being and vaccines, agriculture and food policy (together with biopiracy and pretend meals), climate modification and different local weather applied sciences,4 surveillance, schooling and media.

Not surprisingly, he’s tied to online reality checker organizations that strangle free speech, and lately advised “60 Minutes” that to fight distrust in science, we want to discover methods to “slow down the crazy stuff.”5 What’s “crazy” and what’s not, nevertheless, is never as clear-cut because the mainstream media would really like you to imagine.

And, like a real philanthrocapitalist, Gates’ generosity finally ends up benefiting himself most of all. As mentioned in “Bill Gates — Most Dangerous Philanthropist in Modern History?” the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donates billions to the exact same firms and industries that the muse owns shares and bonds in.

As Gates himself reveals in the featured video, he discovered that vaccines are phenomenal revenue makers, saying they’re the most effective funding he’s ever made, with greater than a 20-to-1 return. The one factor that enables for that is the liability shield vaccine makers have been given by the federal government.

Gates, Global Climate Czar

As talked about in the featured video, Gates is financing an effort to divert photo voltaic rays from the Earth’s floor in an try to fight international warming — an irrational strategy at finest, contemplating the potential this has to devastate international agriculture.

His newest ebook additionally particulars his climate change suggestions, which simply so occur to embrace urging governments to assist the very firms he’s invested in and comparable sleight-of-hand gestures.

Meanwhile, as famous by The Nation, Gates himself is a critical polluter, with a 66,000 square-foot mansion, a non-public jet, 242,000 acres of farmland (which makes him the biggest farmland proprietor in the U.S.) and investments in fossil fuel-dependent industries akin to airways, heavy equipment and automobiles.

“According to a 2019 academic study6 looking at extreme carbon emissions from the jet-setting elite, Bill Gates’s extensive travel by private jet likely makes him one of the world’s top carbon contributors — a veritable super emitter,” The Nation writes.7

“In the list of 10 celebrities investigated — including Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and Oprah Winfrey — Gates was the source of the most emissions. ‘Affluent individuals can emit several ten thousand times the amount of greenhouse gases attributed to the global poor,’ the paper noted. ‘This raises the question as to whether celebrity climate advocacy is even desirable …’”

Gates Leads the Technocratic Takeover

Gates’ concentrate on local weather change makes good sense when you notice that he’s a part of the technocratic elite that, for many years, have been working to gobble up the world’s assets in anticipation for the Great Reset, beforehand often called the One World Order.

Over the previous 12 months, the necessity for the Great Reset has been introduced by authorities leaders around the globe, the clarion name being that we want to “reset” the worldwide economic system and the way in which we stay, work, journey and socialize in order to make the world extra truthful and sustainable. Addressing local weather change underneath the banner of a worldwide emergency is an element and parcel of that PR marketing campaign.

If you’ve paid consideration, you’ve in all probability seen the hints. During the preliminary lockdowns in the early a part of 2020, there have been a slew of articles speaking about how nature and wildlife have been thriving in the absence of human socialization and journey. At different occasions, the COVID-19 pandemic has been offered as a warning to us all as to what occurs if you get out of sync with nature.

No Real Food for You

Gates clearly feels stress to do his half to notice the technocratic dream. He advised “60 Minutes”8 he’s keen to see his numerous visions come to fruition inside his lifetime, and he guesses he may need 20 or 30 years left. As reported by ZeroHedge:9

“Gates is pushing drastic and ‘elementary’ modifications to the economic system in order to instantly halt the discharge of greenhouse gasses — primarily carbon dioxide— and ‘go to zero’ in order to save the planet from long-prognosticated (and persistently incorrect) environmental catastrophe. Changes we’ll want to make in order to notice Gates’ imaginative and prescient embrace:

  • Allocating $35 billion per 12 months on local weather and clear power analysis.
  • Electric every little thing.
  • Widespread consumption of pretend meat, since cows account for ‘4% of all greenhouse gases.’
  • Retooling the metal and cement industries, which Gates says account for 16% of all carbon dioxide emissions, to inject up to 30% of captured C02 into concrete, and create a distinct kind of metal.
  • Widespread adoption of subsequent era nuclear power to complement wind and photo voltaic.

And since producing vegetation to make pretend meat emits gases as nicely, Gates has backed an organization which makes use of fungus to make sausage and yogurt, which the billionaire calls ‘pretty amazing’ … ‘The microbe was discovered in the ground in a geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Without soil or fertilizer it can be grown to produce this nutritional protein — that can then be turned into a variety of foods with a small carbon footprint.’”

Indeed, Gates would really like rich Western nations to swap completely to artificial lab-grown beef, and rails towards legislative makes an attempt to ensure that pretend meats are correctly labeled as such, since that slows down public acceptance.10

Gates Again Proves Feudalism Is a Failed System

With his land possession, Gates clearly is in a monopoly place (but once more!) to drive agriculture and meals manufacturing in no matter course he needs, and he desires us all to eat as a lot pretend meals as potential. As famous in an extended and detailed article on Gates’ philanthrocapitalist endeavors by The Defender:11

“Thomas Jefferson believed that the success of America’s exemplary wrestle to supplant the yoke of European feudalism with a noble experiment in self-governance relied on the perpetual management of the nation’s land base by tens of hundreds of unbiased farmers, every with a stake in our democracy.

So at finest, Gates’ marketing campaign to scarf up America’s agricultural actual property is a sign that feudalism might once more be in vogue. At worst, his shopping for spree is a harbinger of one thing way more alarming — the management of world meals provides by a power-hungry megalomaniac with a Napoleon advanced.”

The article goes on to element Gates’ “long-term strategy of mastery over agriculture and food production globally,” beginning along with his assist of GMOs in 1994. Ever since then, Gates’ “philanthropic” approaches to starvation and meals manufacturing have been constructed round his know-how, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil business companions, thereby making certain that for each failed rescue enterprise, he will get richer nonetheless.

“As with Gates’ African vaccine enterprise, there was neither internal evaluation nor public accountability,” The Defender writes.12 “The 2020 examine ‘False Promises: The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)’ is the report card on the Gates’ cartel’s 14-year effort.

The investigation concludes that the variety of Africans struggling excessive starvation has elevated by 30 % in the 18 international locations that Gates focused. Rural poverty has metastasized dramatically …

Under Gates’ plantation system, Africa’s rural populations have change into slaves on their very own land to a tyrannical serfdom of high-tech inputs, mechanization, inflexible schedules, burdensome conditionalities, credit and subsidies … The solely entities benefiting from Gates’ program are his worldwide company companions …

His funding historical past means that the local weather disaster, for Gates and his cronies, is not more than an alibi for intrusive social management, ‘Great Reset’-scale surveillance, and large science fiction geoengineering boondoggles, together with his demented and terrifying vainness initiatives to spray the stratosphere with calcium chloride or seawater to gradual warming, to deploy large balloons to saturate our ambiance with reflective particles to blot out the solar, or his perilous gambit of releasing tens of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in South Florida.

When we place these nightmare schemes in context alongside the battery of experimental vaccines he forces on 161 million African kids yearly, it’s fairly clear that Gates regards us all as his lab rats.”

Gates Foundation Seeded Catastrophic COVID-19 Policies

Gates, after all, has additionally performed a number one function in the worldwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel who has a channel on Substack,13 Gates had a hand in the “criminally negligent coronavirus response policies” that killed an inordinate variety of senior residents in nursing houses in New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Schachtel factors out {that a} widespread thread in these situations is that they listened to the frightfully inaccurate modeling forecasts from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), which is funded and managed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He writes:14

“In March and early April, politicians have been knowledgeable by the modeling ‘experts’ at Gates-funded IHME that their hospitals have been about to be fully overrun by coronavirus sufferers.

Modelers from IHME claimed this large surge would trigger hospitals to run out of lifesaving tools in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Time was of the essence, and now was the time for fast resolution making, the modelers claimed.

On two separate April 1 and April 2 press conferences, Cuomo made clear that his coverage selections have been based mostly off of the IHME mannequin … In an April 9 briefing, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer referred to the IHME mannequin in order to mission deaths and the PPE assets wanted for the supposed surge. It was the identical story with the federal government of Pennsylvania.”

White House Coronavirus Task Force members Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, each of whom have substantial ties to Gates, additionally relied on the IHME forecast fashions. As famous by Schachtel:

“These models, and the policy decisions that were made by relying on them, set off a chain of events that led to indefinite lockdowns, complete business closures, statewide curfews, and most infamously, the nursing home death warrants.”

Delete That Which No Longer Serves

The Gates Foundation additionally co-sponsored Event 201, a scripted tabletop train held mere months earlier than the COVID-19 outbreak that ended up being remarkably prophetic.

Strangely sufficient, in an April 2020 BBC interview, Gates denied the simulation had occurred, saying that “We didn’t simulate this, we didn’t practice, so both the health policies and economic policies, we find ourselves in uncharted territory.”15 In an article for National Herald India, Norbert Häring highlights Gates’ obvious forgetfulness, stating:16

It is true that if rather less emphasis had been positioned on opinion manipulation, extra consideration might have been paid to well being and financial coverage. One of the 4 conferences was completely devoted to this. But well being and financial insurance policies did get mentioned. Gates can hardly have forgotten that.

The video on management of public opinion is probably the most fascinating one, because it helps to put in perspective the efforts in this regard, which we’re at present experiencing. One participant tells us that Bill Gates is financing work on algorithms which comb by means of the information on social media platforms to ensure that individuals can belief the information that they discover there.”

Gates has additionally erased different proof the place the reality is coming again to hang-out him. Case in level: Gates-funded reality checkers have vehemently denied claims that Gates ever stated we’ll want digital vaccine passports, passing it off as one more loopy conspiracy concept.

But Gates did say that in a June 2020 TED Talk. Someone simply edited that particular assertion out of his speech after the quote began making the rounds on social media. In a December 11, 2020, article, The Defender offered the proof.17

Fact checkers additionally dismiss claims that subdermal microchips or digital tattoos will finally be used to observe and hint us, but as famous by The Defender, Gates did fee MIT to develop an injectable quantum dot dye system to “tattoo” medical information in your physique, and has patented know-how that makes use of implanted biosensors that monitor physique and mind exercise and is tied to a crypto foreign money system.

He’s additionally invested tens of tens of millions into microchip units with remote-controlled drug-delivery techniques, army contractors that observe and hint pandemic infections and vaccine compliance, and has a better than $1 billion funding in 5G video surveillance satellites and 5G antennas. When you set all of this stuff collectively, Gates’ plans begin to tackle a fairly ominous really feel.

Gates Is the Most Visible Figurehead of Modern Technocracy

Whether preplanned or not, the COVID-19 pandemic is clearly getting used to usher in extremely controversial modifications which are unmistakably totalitarian-building, together with the non-public take-over of presidency by means of public-private partnerships.

Surveillance has change into the most important for-profit business on the planet, and your complete existence is now being focused for revenue. Among those that stand to revenue probably the most is Gates himself.

For a greater understanding of what you’re giving up by going together with the mainstream narrative that we want Big Tech to save us, see my article about social psychologist and Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff and her extraordinary book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.”

You additionally gained’t need to miss my interview with Patrick Wood, featured in “The Pressing Dangers of Technocracy.” He paints an image that may be arduous to swallow, particularly if you happen to’re simply coming round to listening to about all of this for the primary time, however it’s actually essential that everybody start to perceive what we’re going through.

Time is operating out. To have any likelihood of stopping it, we should perceive our trajectory, and unite to change the course Gates and others like him have set for us.


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