Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise DLC: Polishable Items – Every Polish Effect Full List

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You can be forgiven for considering that sprucing, one of many new options launched in Animal Crossing: New HorizonsHappy Home Paradise growth (which is kind of a mouthful), regarded a bit… duff. After all, why would you wish to make our furnishings sparkle?

We thought the identical factor too, after we first unlocked the flexibility to shine. For the primary few days (or home designs) the polish characteristic did precisely that: made issues sparkle. And we did not essentially need issues to glitter.

But after beginning the design of our twelfth home, we got a complete catalogue of polish results — and we put them to good use for this characteristic. Here are all of the polish results, plus a few concepts on use them!

How To Get, And Do, Polishing

How do I unlock sprucing?

After you’ve gotten accomplished your fourth home, you will get a bit of cutscene in Happy Home Paradise about how Wardell loves to shine issues. During your fifth residence design, Niko will educate you do it your self!

What does sprucing do?

It provides results to furnishings! Whether that is including sparkle to one thing shiny, or raindrops to one thing that you just wish to look drippy, you’ll be able to breathe life into your properties and your villagers’ properties with sprucing.

How do I polish?

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When you are inside a home — your individual, your villagers, or the holiday properties in Happy Home Paradise — you’ll be able to press the L shoulder button to modify into sprucing mode and don your sprucing gear.

From there, stroll as much as the merchandise you wish to apply the results to and press A, or maintain A to accentuate the impact. Sometimes this makes extra particles seem, and generally it simply makes them greater, or sooner.

How do I undo the polish impact?

Just stroll as much as the merchandise once more and press A or Y!

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While designing your twelfth residence design (you get a letter after your tenth one, so simply two extra after that), Niko will educate you all of the remaining 13 polish results for a complete of 14.

What are the results, and what do they do?

There are 14 results, and each provides completely different particles to an merchandise of furnishings of any dimension — something from a cup of espresso to the Moon. Here’s all of them, in addition to some solutions on make them give you the results you want!


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Adds small white sparkles to the merchandise, which glitter and glow like teeny tiny stars. Use this to make one thing look clear or magical, like a crystal ball or one thing gold.


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Image: Nintendo Life

Makes little hearts seem and float up from the merchandise. You may use this to make a complete room unbearably twee, when you wished to — or to shock a cherished one with a coronary heart-formed field of candies that has hearts popping out of it.


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Image: Nintendo Life

Makes spinning blue spirals rotate up and across the merchandise. We’re probably not certain what that is good for.


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Image: Nintendo Life

A type of Star Trekky “beam me up, Scotty” impact that makes issues seem like they’re both being vworped as much as a spaceship, or like they’re falling.


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Image: Nintendo Life

An impact that makes issues drip with water. Use it in your wet rooms, or to make laundry seem like it is drying.


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Image: Nintendo Life

This one provides a “bokeh” impact to issues, which has the results of simply making one thing look very, very fairly. Honestly, every thing appears good with a fuzzybubs impact.


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Image: Nintendo Life

A creepy, cursed impact that can be utilized to make one thing seem like a portal into someplace you positively do not wish to go.


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Image: Nintendo Life

Makes issues steam. A superb impact for lots of functions: make meals steam, make your sauna/spa/lavatory look toasty, or make your New York sewers authentically nasty.


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Image: Nintendo Life

Makes a chilly fog emanate from the item. Fantastic for haunted homes, fridges, and usually something chilly and/or spooky.


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Image: Nintendo Life

Adds a crackly lightning impact to an merchandise. Mad scientists and torturers alike will love this one.


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Image: Nintendo Life

A couple of purple rays buzz out of the merchandise, apparently indicating that it is confused. Are your gadgets confused? Let the world know with the stressbuzz impact.


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Image: Nintendo Life

The type of impact utilized in anime to point that somebody is nervous, freaked out, or scared, the bobbleshock impact could make your furnishings seem like it is afraid of you with daring, jagged blue strains.


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Image: Nintendo Life

Makes butterflies fly across the merchandise. Great for gardens, or simply making your own home look cute.


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Image: Nintendo Life

A speech bubble will seem above the merchandise as if it is speaking. The extra you polish, the bigger and extra “insistent” the bubble will seem. If you get lonely, why not have your furnishings speak to you?


The secret greatest impact: Press X with any of the above results highlighted to interchange the particle with a design of your alternative. Better but, make one particularly for no matter function you want, like this:

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Image: Nintendo Life

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Have you tried sprucing but? Let us know your ideas within the feedback.


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