Aircraft carrier traveled 99,000 miles

The Theodore Roosevelt and Nimitz Carrier Strike Groups steam in formation on scheduled deployments to South China Sea.

BREMERTON, Wash. — At lengthy final, the USS Nimitz returned home Sunday, near a 12 months after the plane carrier left Sinclair Inlet in Washington state.

The 100,000-ton warship, in finishing a deployment that included flying sorties in opposition to the Islamic State within the Middle East to navigating the disputed waters of the South China Sea, returns to Bremerton, Washington, having logged 99,000 miles. Navy leaders have known as it a record-long journey for a carrier in the years after World War II

Most of its 3,000-plus sailors, roughly half of which have been serving of their first-ever deployment, boarded the warship April 1, 2020 to quarantine for COVID-19. With its crew manning the rails, Nimitz squeezed by way of Rich Passage to Sinclair Inlet Sunday, simply 25 days shy of a full 12 months away from households.

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