A War on (Free) Natural Immunity

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As I’m typing this, we’re on the receiving finish of a top-down battle on the whole lot that’s pure, be it pure free expression, pure immunity, or pure capacity at massive.

Different points of right this moment’s weird actuality are linked like items of a puzzle. The fashionable political correctness, for instance, attracts from the identical logical root as vaccinating individuals with pure immunity.

How so? Well, political correctness exists to make sure that conversational areas are secure areas — and the necessity to make them secure is predicated on the premise that human beings should not able to navigating unregulated conversational areas with out being harmed. Those who’re able to doing so ought to act as if they aren’t.

The assumption right here is that the pure capacity to take care of unregulated conversations doesn’t exist, shouldn’t be essential to develop, and mentioning the necessity for it’s merciless. Similarly, forcing the well-known medical product on these with pure immunity is predicated on the premise that synthetic immunity is superior to pure immunity.

Furthermore, the robust push for the product, mixed with an assault on anybody who even squeaks about comparable advantages of something pure — be it a wholesome life model or precise pure immunity — presumes that synthetic instruments and mechanisms must be used to exchange the pure capacity of the physique to face as much as pathogens.

And equally, each an expectation of pure immunity in anybody and a refusal to supersede or substitute one’s pure immunity with a synthetic one are framed as merciless. I posit that in logical and industrial phrases, this battle on the pure world, pure immunity — and pure capacity at massive — could be defined with readability when it comes to what is named the “blue ocean strategy,” with an infusion of transhumanist ideology of human physique as a [product] platform.

The blue ocean strategy is a enterprise technique that proposes making a model new market out of skinny air and dominating it (a blue ocean) — versus making an attempt to compete in an present market (an ocean purple with blood).

Here’s the way it applies to pure immunity. A wholesome individual with a pure immunity could be a contented individual — however to a 2021 biotech entrepreneur, who views the human physique as a market to dominate, he’s a sheer insult. From the standpoint of that entrepreneur, changing the default pure immunity of the previous thousands and thousands years with a completely synthetic device that requires a “subscription” all through one’s whole lifetime (see “variants” and “boosters”) is fascinating.

Replacing the default pure immunity with a synthetic device is a really profitable case of making a model new market (“artificial immunity market”) out of air. A life-long subscription to synthetic immunity, with an ever-expanding vary of needed “upgrades,” is much more worthwhile than some rookie conventional store promoting nutritional vitamins. Even higher, if synthetic immunity destroys the pure immunity, buyer loyalty is assured. See how elegant?

Somewhat equally, the notion that folks can say what they assume, and everybody formally survives unscarred, doesn’t assist promote censorship or behavioral modification as a method of “protecting others.”

If, on the opposite hand, individuals are formally deemed as missing the power to speak over variations or to course of information and make cheap sense of it — or if individuals’s pure capacity to speak with others in a wholesome means is artificially impaired by means of social distancing, face wearables, and political correctness — a number of new wants are generated proper then and there.

Among different issues, it opens new market alternatives for mass scale “mental health management systems” and the behavioral modification instruments, together with behavioral modification software program, often known as “digital vaccines.” Now, let’s take a look at the opposite aspect of it. Let’s take a look at the economic system at massive from the psychological perspective of an especially rich individual, trillionaire-level rich.

A query: Who are we, common residents, to the individuals with near-unlimited monetary and political energy? Who are we to those that can make investments into their imaginative and prescient virtually infinitely, and thus form our society and notion?

It looks like to the individuals with probably the most monetary and political sources, we’re 4 issues: One, we’re clay from which they prefer to mould their play actuality, creating worlds and wars, experimenting, and testing out hypotheses. Two, we’re the labor, producers of products and companies.

Three, we’re the shoppers, shopping for stuff that their manufacturing services have produced and contributing to the appearance of a functioning market, regardless that they make most of their cash on extraction and hypothesis. And 4, we’re a pure useful resource, like land or water.

Historically, in the course of the occasions of feudalism, we had been largely one and two. Then, when the economic revolution occurred, quantity three was added to the listing as a result of sudden drop in manufacturing prices and a rise within the quantity of stuff that may very well be made on the conveyor.

And now, we’re approaching the phrase the place quantity 4 turns into very fascinating to probably the most highly effective individuals of our planet. Robotics is mighty, fewer individuals are wanted to make issues — and what to do with all of the ineffective eaters?

Well, see, in a synthetic world, the whole lot is feasible, and ineffective eaters should not so ineffective in a completely managed setting, so long as they’re seen as knowledge bundles, also called digital twins. As lengthy as they’ve “needs” (as outlined by the individuals searching for to revenue), the “improvement” of their situation could be plugged into varied influence funding fashions, after which our ineffective eaters they grow to be very helpful!

Here is how this financial system works: Let’s say, the “government” — in quotes, as a result of within the 4IR mannequin, the federal government may very well be theoretically a software program program — generates foreign money as wanted.

Our ineffective eaters, in fact, get common primary earnings on the situation of doing what they’re informed. But their most useful asset to the economic system is their “needs.” I don’t imply their precise human wants — however “needs,” as outlined by some sort of World Economic Forum-like set of formal parameters.

Perhaps they’re vulnerable to getting contaminated with a virus and wish v-s? Or perhaps their psychological well being doesn’t meet the numerically outlined markers? Or else they might probably be in want of behavioral modification, equivalent to getting handled for meat habit, as a result of local weather change? So many markets! So many alternatives! And who then steps in to enhance their situation?

The most nepotistic firms, in fact, by means of public-public partnerships. So first, the “government,” working with NGOs, funded by the very firms searching for to revenue, broadcasts an vital public “need.”

The most nepotistic firms then obtain piles of foreign money from the “government” to unravel these “needs,” from growing housing tasks to growing patented synthetic meals to creating gene therapies and behavioral modification packages. Those issues are then dumped onto the ineffective eaters, no matter what they consider it.

And so the ineffective eaters get stuff “for free” however they can’t select, and their our bodies are part-owned by firms. Which, if it actually goes this fashion, places us again into the Soviet Union with a dystopian twist (and that has nothing to do with isms).

And since human beings should not designed to reside like mechanical troopers or remote-controlled meatbags, and this may result in a really bleak society if we let it occur, we higher get up to the anatomy of how the New Normal actually works, and shortly. The finish.


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