11 Tips To Deal With A Narcissist Boyfriend Smartly

Narcissism is a sort of persona dysfunction the place an individual has an inflated opinion of himself. While self-love is an important trait to observe, a narcissist takes this to an excessive. If you might be courting a narcissist, you then may end up questioning on a number of events the way to cope with a narcissist boyfriend.

Narcissus had by no means beloved anybody till he noticed himself and fell in love along with his reflection. He died pinning for this love. While his self-obsession proved deadly for him, it’s far much less dire for many who are detected with this persona dysfunction. However, for many who have been in a relationship with a narcissist, it’s an entire completely different story.

Want to know if you’re courting one? Psychologist Juhi Pandey (M.A, psychology), who makes a speciality of courting, premarital and breakup counseling, will aid you perceive what are the traits of a narcissist, how their minds perform and what you are able to do to cope with them with out letting it take a toll on you.

We may assume an individual who takes selfies on a regular basis or checks himself out each time he goes previous a reflective floor is a narcissist. But that’s not true. Narcissism is a persona dysfunction the place an individual loves themselves essentially the most. It’s extra than simply admiring your self within the mirror.

“Initially, when you date a narcissist, you may confuse their narcissism for confidence or self-love. It is only after spending some time with them that you might begin to feel that he is just too into himself. He keeps talking about himself, keeps boasting, and wants all the appreciation for just himself. This is a major warning sign that you might be dating a narcissist,” says Juhi Pandey.

Does this ring a bell? Are you starting to marvel, “Am I dating a narcissist?” Then listed here are some traits of an individual with a narcissistic persona dysfunction to pay attention to and assess whether or not you’ll be able to affiliate them together with your accomplice:

1. Sense of superiority and entitlement

a narcissist can be very arrogant
A man being condescending and demanding

The most typical trait of an individual with NPD is his superiority advanced. A narcissist believes from the underside of his coronary heart that he’s above the remaining. If your boyfriend has a narcissistic persona dysfunction, then he’ll come off as being smug towards different folks. His excessive vanity makes him really feel he deserves one of the best and may act fairly demanding and entitled about it.

2. Needs fixed reward

You would assume that an individual with such excessive vanity wouldn’t want validation from others. But the very fact of the matter is a narcissist’s self-image depends on different folks’s opinions, and that’s why they want fixed approval. They feed off the admiration to really feel higher about themselves. Their ego is sort of fragile and it’s straightforward to make a narcissist miserable by not giving them the appreciation they so desperately crave.

3. Can’t deal with criticism

It comes as no shock that an individual with such a fragile ego is unable to take criticism. “Everyone wants love and attention, to be loved, cherished and understood. A narcissist doesn’t understand that,” explains Juhi Pandey, “A narcissist is more likely to react instead of responding when you tell him that you want to be admired and empathized with. And what we want is a response, not a reaction.”

While nobody actually likes to be criticized, most individuals can transfer previous it and even take it constructively. A narcissist, alternatively, abhors criticism. It brings out the worst in them. So, it may be an actual battle to cope with a susceptible narcissist boyfriend, while you inform him that his pasta lacks garlic or worse when you inform him you make higher pasta.

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4. Exaggerating and boastful

Does your boyfriend are inclined to brag quite a bit? Well, he can’t assist it. As I discussed earlier than, an individual with NPD validates himself via others. Due to his fragile self-esteem, he’ll do something to be seen as perfection personified. As a outcome, he’ll embroider a variety of issues simply to seem in a greater mild within the eyes of others.

5. Taking benefit of individuals

It might be fairly taxing to be in a relationship with a narcissist. While some issues it is possible for you to to cope with time beyond regulation, some behaviors, nevertheless, might be too poisonous to deal with. One such trait is, making the most of folks.

When you like a narcissist, there will likely be instances you will see your self bending over backward to accommodate his needs. He will allure you, twist your ideas or simply develop into downright scary to get what he needs.

A Narcissist will emotionally abuse you

6. Can’t acknowledge emotions and desires of others

It is essential to keep in mind that a narcissist’s past love is themselves, not you. While originally of the connection, it would really feel that he’s very charming and caring, it is important to keep in mind that all of it’s for his profit.

It’s not that individuals with NPD don’t have empathy. It’s simply that they prioritize their wants over anybody else’s, even when they trample throughout your emotions within the course of. As a outcome, a narcissist, normally, just isn’t in a position to maintain intimate relationships or maintain long-term friendships.

Now that you understand what are the traits of a narcissist, it’s equally (if no more) essential to know the way to cope with a narcissist boyfriend. No one actually is aware of what precisely causes narcissistic persona dysfunction. However, what we do know is that, regardless of there being no remedy for this situation, it’s potential to enhance the habits of a narcissist via remedy.

To love somebody, you have to settle for them the way in which they’re, warts and all. While all relationships have their issues, courting a narcissist is sort of a rollercoaster journey. When on a excessive they are often dashing and suave and may fully sweep you off your toes. On the opposite hand, it may be excruciatingly painful after they deal with you want a doormat. Here are some concepts that can aid you smoothen the highway and retain your sanity.

1. Praise him

Since he’s so hungry for appreciation, praising him appears to be a bit counterintuitive. But right here’s the factor, there may be nothing like criticism to make a narcissist depressing. And the second you begin disparaging, he is going to stonewall you. No matter how cheap your argument or well-meaning your intentions, he’ll simply not see it. And issues will go downhill actual quick.

I’m not asking you to reward him for the smallest issues and deeds. But when he does do one thing commendable, then recognize him for it. He will likely be extra open to strategies that method.

2. When in a relationship with a narcissist, be empathetic however name him out too

I do know, I do know. I simply requested you to reward him and now I’m asking you to name him out. And I wager you’re feeling confused as to what you must actually be doing. Let me clarify.

Like I mentioned earlier than, reward him when he does one thing good. When one thing goes unsuitable and he’s pissed off, then do empathize with him as properly. Validate his emotions. But if he begins performing unnecessarily smug or condescending due to it, then you have to name him out on it. You don’t must be harsh, as a substitute be well mannered and agency about it. It is essential to have healthy boundaries while you cope with a susceptible narcissist boyfriend.

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3. Don’t deal with him totally, break away

Dating a narcissist adjustments you. And there may be nothing worse than watching an individual lose their identification to accommodate the wants of one other individual. Yet that’s what precisely occurred to Julia.

Julia had fallen for Eric arduous. He was enjoyable, attention-grabbing, clever, and will make her snort. She couldn’t imagine she had landed such a tremendous man and puzzled how come nobody had already scooped him up. Eric had instructed her that he was recognized with a narcissistic persona dysfunction. But Julia felt she may simply deal with a narcissist. So what, if he likes to test himself out within the mirror each half hour? That just isn’t an enormous deal. However, three months into the connection, Julia couldn’t acknowledge herself anymore.

What had began as a want to assist him work via his issues had now became a snake strangling all her aspirations. It was as if he had modified proper in entrance of her eyes. The intelligence and humor that had so charmed her had now develop into a device to put her down in front of people in an try to glorify himself. Unable to take the humiliation any longer she stopped assembly up with folks altogether. In the blink of a watch, she had been remoted.

Julia tried to be supportive of him. She celebrated his highs and let him lean on her when he was down and out. She actually felt for him. Yet daily it turned extra about him and fewer about her, till in the future she realized, from the espresso she drank to the film they watched, to the mattress they shared, all had been his decisions. She realized she needed to break freed from this vicious circle or she would fully lose herself.

Juhi Pandey says “Narcissists can be so self-absorbed that they will just forget that you too need love, admiration and appreciation. You would want these things, and if your needs are consistently unmet, the relationship becomes unhealthy. In such situations, it’s better to part ways.”

When you like a narcissist, there’ll come a time you’ll notice that your complete life has develop into about catering to his wants. When that occurs, take a leaf from Julia’s e-book and break away.

Get out of the vicious circle
When you break poisonous bonds, it’s liberating

4. He received’t take issues mendacity down

If your boyfriend has a narcissistic persona dysfunction, then be ready to face resistance each step of the way in which. If you assume that you’ll name out his dangerous habits and he’ll see purpose and willingly settle for his flaws with maturity and charm, then boy are you in for an enormous shock.

He will combat you tooth and nail. Be ready to get your phrases used in opposition to you. He will level out flaws in your concept, be sarcastic if not downright imply to you. He may even block you out altogether. The essential factor to recollect is to not lose your calm and persevere. Behavior correction is a gradual course of. If you actually wish to assist him out, then you’ll have to maintain your floor.

5. Stand sturdy when he initiatives on to you

Juhi Pandey says “Being in a relationship with a narcissist can be very traumatic. A person who has narcissistic personality disorder will have a lot of mood fluctuations which impact the relationship.” And that is precisely what Myra skilled first-hand.

Myra and Han had been collectively for 2 years now and it was getting more and more troublesome for Myra to carry herself collectively. Han and Myra labored in the identical workplace. She met Han throughout a staff dinner and by the top of the day she was harboring an enormous crush on him. He appeared so charismatic and sensible. All eyes had been at all times on him. As a outcome, she was completely shocked when she realized Han had set his cap on her.

They dated, had enjoyable, and had been quickly in a relationship. A few months later he requested her to maneuver in with him, Myra was ecstatic. Yes, she felt things were going a bit too fast, however she instructed herself when an individual is best for you then time doesn’t matter. She moved in and for some time, every little thing was stunning, till in the future Han knowledgeable her that he had give up his job. That’s when every little thing went for a toss.

Han anticipated Myra to keep up their extravagant life-style although she was the one one incomes and he had no financial savings due to which Myra had taken up a second job. When she talked to Han about this, he mentioned he wanted it to keep up his picture in entrance of his friends and to get good job prospects.

Yet when it got here right down to getting a job, he barely obtained off the sofa. If Myra alternatively obtained a promotion, then he would accuse her of being unfortunate for him and taking away all his luck. If he ever obtained rejected within the few interviews he’d go to, then he would blame Myra for not working arduous sufficient to make him look good.

Fortunately, for Myra, she had a couple of good mates who understood her plight, did an intervention, and obtained her to interrupt up with Han. But not everyone seems to be that fortunate.

It is you and solely you who’s accountable for your actions, nobody else. If your boyfriend has a narcissistic persona dysfunction, then he’ll at one time or the opposite project his insecurities onto you. Stand as much as him and say “I don’t think so” or “I disagree.” He must know he simply can’t take you for a journey.

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6. Action speaks louder than phrases

The factor about narcissists is that they lay it on thick. They are clean talkers and can promise you the moon and the celebs, however when it comes right down to motion, you will see them significantly missing.

If your boyfriend tends to overstate or inflate conditions and you end up asking, “Am I dating a narcissist?”, you then likely are proper. Do your self a favor, and don’t fall for his phrases. Let him show it to you in motion.

7. Don’t let him get to you

Don't let him get under your skin
Stand your floor

It might be heart-breaking to be in a relationship with a narcissist. A narcissist will damage you in methods you by no means thought potential. Yet the largest mistake you may make is to indicate your damage. It’s not as if he’s devoid of empathy, however he’s extra probably to make use of your weak spot in opposition to you at a later day. In his spite, he’ll damage you extra, and there are some hurts there isn’t any going again from.

8. If your boyfriend has a narcissistic persona dysfunction, get him assist

A narcissistic persona dysfunction is a psychological dysfunction. And like every dysfunction, it shouldn’t be ignored. An undiagnosed narcissist can have sure self-sabotaging behaviors that find yourself harming these round him. And the worst half is, he received’t even notice it.

Encourage your boyfriend to hunt remedy. Even although NPD just isn’t curable, it’s treatable. It simply takes a variety of time and endurance to hold in there till he learns to handle his narcissistic tendencies. Therapy will assist him perceive himself higher and work on himself. And there may be nothing extra rewarding than that.

9. When you like a narcissist get assist your self

You are usually not a saint. You are a traditional human being. And it’s human to be at your wit’s finish while you cope with a susceptible narcissist boyfriend recurrently. Dating a narcissist adjustments you even with out you realizing it at instances. You may learn all of the books and do all the suitable issues however you may nonetheless snap.

Before you burn out and damage your self, it’s higher to hunt assist your self. After all, you might be preventing an extended battle, and also you deserve all the assistance you may get.

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10. Know when it’s time to get out

There are some battles in life you simply can’t win. It is a good suggestion to not even decide up these battles. And if you’re already in it, it is vitally essential to acknowledge when it’s time to leave a relationship.

Dating a narcissist is troublesome as it’s. They might be very hurtful at instances. However, some narcissists are inclined to get verbally and even bodily abusive. If you might be in such a relationship, then you have to get out of it. It’s time you took care of your self.

“It is possible to be in a relationship with a narcissist, but it’s extremely rare to be in a healthy relationship. A person who is in a relationship, will not find appreciation or understanding. You might love him a lot and are willing to overlook his traits, but you are a human being too and deserve to be loved as well,” says Juhi Pandey.

11. Know who you might be

Self confidence is your weapon.
Self-knowledge and self-love will make you sturdy

To be in a relationship with a narcissist you want a variety of endurance, understanding and self-control. If you’re a one that is mostly trusting in nature and a delicate soul, then courting a narcissist will destroy you.
I do know you like him quite a bit and are prepared to do what it takes. But he’ll simply flip you right into a doormat. And you don’t deserve that.

Juhi Pandey concludes “ When you love a narcissist there are a lot of upheavals, and it can affect your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and it is best to distance yourself from him. But if you love him to the point that you can’t give up on him, then accepting him for who he is without any expectation. Acceptance is the only way.”

It is alleged love can transfer mountains. I feel tectonic plate motion strikes mountains. But it doesn’t matter what we predict, we are able to’t deny that loving an individual with a narcissistic persona dysfunction is a herculean job. Yet, he too deserves love.

So, love him. Love him with all you bought. But greater than that, love yourself. Only your religion and love in your self will aid you cross this storm that’s your narcissist boyfriend.


1. How are you able to inform if a person is narcissistic?

A narcissistic man will exude confidence and be charismatic. He could have an assortment of individuals round him who he’ll name his mates, however their relationship will likely be superficial. A narcissist will encompass himself with individuals who feed his ego or make him look superior.
Narcissistic folks have an inflated sense of their very own significance, and a deep want for consideration and admiration and abhor something that may be remotely perceived as criticism. He will do no matter it takes to maintain the ‘idea of himself’ intact in his head in addition to in different folks’s eyes. Even if which means he has to depart a path of damaged hearts behind him. He could have little to no concern for anybody else however him.

2. What is it like courting a narcissist?

Dating a narcissist might be actually difficult and if you’re not cautious, the connection can develop into extremely poisonous very quick. A individual with NPD could have little or no thought to your needs and desires. Their sense of superiority can stem from an inferiority advanced. As a outcome, there could be instances when he’ll challenge his insecurities onto you. To date a narcissist, you have to have nerves of metal and the willpower of titanium.

3. Can a narcissist ever love you?

A narcissist is sweet at manipulating the folks round him to get them to meet his personal agenda and consequently, they’re additionally good at perceiving and expressing feelings they wish to. That being mentioned, it’s not that they’re devoid of feeling. They are able to loving you, it’s simply who they’re. They love themselves extra.

With remedy, he’ll be capable to establish his damaging traits and work on them to handle them higher. And ultimately, be able to having secure relationships.

In brief. A narcissist is not going to take a bullet for you, however he will certainly take you to the hospital and nurse you again to well being after being shot by the mentioned bullet. Unless there’s a fixed barrage of bullets, during which case, I’m sorry to say however, you might be by yourself.

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